A.B. Shepherd

A.B. Shepherd

Adelaide, South Australia

"Never stop dreaming or reading." - A.B. Shepherd

A.B. Shepherd grew up in Lansing, Michigan, but moved to Australia in 2009. She now lives in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia, with her husband and their imaginary friends. She can usually be found seaside at Port MacDonnell, or lost in a fantasy world.

Lifeboat is her debut novel.

Her second book, is a novella titled The Beacon.

Adventure, Alien Invasion, Fantasy, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Psychological Thrillers, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Thriller & Suspense


This book contains discussion questions making it ideal for book clubs. A science fiction/suspense story that will touch your heart. Climb aboard the Lifeboat. You will be swept away. Cass has lost everything; her husband, her son, and her will to live. She walks in the dark when sleep eludes her. One sleepless summer night she spies a UFO and discovers a new obsession. It gives much-needed focus to her empty life. When natural disasters destroy the Earth, Cass and other survivors are rescued and taken to a new world where the human race can begin anew. But something is wrong here. This may not be the paradise they’ve been promised. Survivors are vanishing without a trace. Can Cass unravel the riddle in time to save herself?

The Beacon

This novella contains discussion questions making it ideal for book clubs. Safe harbour is not guaranteed. Shipwrecked on an isolated island... How far would you go to help a new friend? Would you kill someone? How do you know what is and isn't real? When The Beacon beckons safe harbour isn't guaranteed.

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