Adam Browne

Adam Browne

Melbourne, Victoria

Adam Browne (born 1963) is an Australian speculative fiction writer. He lives in Melbourne, Australia. Browne illustrates his own work.
His stories have been published widely. He received the Aurealis award for best Australian short story in 2002, and the Chronos award for best Victorian short story in 2009. His story ‘Space Operetta’ was adapted as an animated film, Adjustable Cosmos, in 2010.

Alternate History, Anthologies, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Steampunk, Thriller & Suspense

The Tame Animals of Saturn

A sumptuously-illustrated surrealistic adventure inspired by the extraterrestrial menagerie of nineteenth-century Christian mystic Jakob Lorber

'Other Stories', and Other Stories

From the STINKING GENIUS responsible for Pryotechnicon: Being a True Account of Cyrano De Bergerac's Further Adventures Among The States and Empires of the Stars, by Himself (dec'd), comes a still-warm midden of fantastical short stories. The Author takes this opportunity to apologise for the feelings of inadequacy that will arise in those who encounter the exquisitudinal stories herein contained, or barely contained -- glittering, lacy, plangent with ideas and pungent with wordplay, all touching on -- sometimes delicately, sometimes with fists, sometimes with greasy intimacy -- diverse curious and amusing notions, such as an endeavour by British colonials to terraform Hell (contrast with the story dealing with the late Carl Linnaeus's attempts to classify the species of Paradise); a planet wrapped in fabric where pirates boom and roar in galleoned steam irons; a look at what it will mean to be disabled in the future ... etc., etc. -- a book to be handled with care, so close is its resemblance to a clutch of Faberge eggs, their Faberge chicks waiting to be hatched by the warmth of the Reader's startled regard.


Pyrotechnicon: Being a TRUE ACCOUNT of Cyrano de Bergerac's FURTHER ADVENTURES among the STATES and EMPIRES of the STARS Englished from the French by Adam Browne By his nose you may know him. Cyrano de Bergerac: lover, poet, inventor, swordsman - man of ferocious blade and pretty talent. Now it can be told: his final, most daring adventure - a fight to the death against the dread Master of Secrets, with the life of his beloved Roxane in the balance. 'A rich dessert of a novel, filled with finely crafted wit and adventure - Adam Browne has resurrected Cyrano in fine form. Delightful!' Greg Bear - Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction author 'The title does not mislead. PYROTECHNICON is a literary cabinet of curiosities filled with lush imagery and exotic notions. A delicious concoction of swashbucklery and delight. Highly recommended.' Jeff Vandermeer - World Fantasy Award-winning author of Finch

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