Andra Ashe

Andra Ashe

Melbourne, Victoria

A sensualist and a romantic, Andra loves creating sinfully sexy situations for her characters to indulge their lust, and fall in love. Her heroines are sexually adventurous women who want their men to love them enough to let them be themselves
Sending her Muse for spa days allows Andra to swap stilettos for work boots and turn her creativity to renovating houses. She sees it as a lot like writing. You start with something that's rough around the edges and pummel it into submission.
Andra lives in beautiful Melbourne (Australia) and hopes her adult children aren't too traumatized by having a mother who writes smutty stories.

Erotica, Romance

The Hothouse: Violet

Violet loves seducing her husband, and other men. Her short story is an introduction to the upcoming Hothouse series about women who know what they want in lust, and life- and the men who are strong enough to love them. She'd love you to join her.

Miss Blaine's Misconduct

Lily Blaine considers herself immune to the temptation of working with good-looking men. Her temporary position with Nick Gregory is just another job, until she is caught out discovering his secret fetish and Lily's transgression can't go unpunished.

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