Angela Verdenius

Angela Verdenius

Geradlton, Western Australia

I live in Australia where I am ruled by my cats, adore reading, and think a perfect day is writing and drinking Diet Coke, followed by reading or a good horror movie.
A love of animals has me involved in animal welfare, and certainly explains why the cats hog my bed and hot water bottle!
Reading has always been my escape, writing my dream. Horror, myths, legends, romance, fantasy and history - there are no limits to the wonders to be found.

Contemporary, Military, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Space Opera

Shattered Soul (Heart and Soul Book 18)

Dark Mysticism dragged the lost Reeka back from death. The Inner Sanctum of the Outlaw Sector is her new home, the mysterious Fredrico her guide, The Overlord her master, The Darknen her enemy. Demons and wraiths abound here, dark power and malevolence burn inside her. Life will never be the same again...

Love, Heart & Soul Moments (Heart and Soul Book 17)

Love – is one ever really prepared for all it entails? Marten thinks so! Heart – the pathway to true love was never meant to be easy. Davan knows all about that. Soul – finding love is part of it, trust is another, and Cam is intent on his soul mate cresting that last hurdle.

Soul of a Guardian (Heart and Soul Book 16)

Revolutions...broken loyalties, betrayal and death. The Guardians...only they hold the knowledge to take back what has been lost, but they’ve been hunted until only one remains standing. The Daamen trader...can he capture and keep the heart of the woman who is such a mystery? Or will the Soul of a Guardian be consumed in the final destruction?

Heart of a Smuggler (Heart and Soul Book 15)

Take one smart-mouthed smuggler and her crew, stick her in the path of one Daamen trader, add a ruthless slave lord, a group of determined Intergalactic Peace Ship security officers, and watch Hell fly. It’s going to take everything in Shamon’s power to keep the heart of his smuggler safe. No one said it was going to be easy.

Loves Winsome Warrior (Heart and Soul Book 14)

Twice the Heat…one resistant Reeka warrior woman, and one very sensual and determined Argon bodyguard... Twice the Obsession…a happening from the past that claws into the present…. Twice the Danger…where murder is just one of the goals…

Soul of a Predator (Heart and Soul Book 13)

When predator meets predator, they wipe each other out. Bounty hunter and ex-space pirate/part mutant. They have unfinished business…a fight to the death. But first Shaque and Elyse have to work together, going deep into the Outlaw Sector, each with their own agenda, both with one goal - life. But the consequences will be devastating…

Heart of a Peacekeeper (Heart and Soul Book 12)

Something is coming. . . Badtempered, badmouthed, toughasnails Head Peacekeeper, Desdemona, aka 'The Demon', keeps a tight grip on her settlement on the outskirts of the Outlaw Sector. A rising body count, attacks, escalating outlaw activity, and clashes with the dangerously handsome Daamen trader, Simon, can only culminate in two things, one hotly intimate, the other so very deadly. . .

Loves Beguiling Healer (Heart and Soul Book 11)

Take one Argon healer, add one maddening Felys male, a hefty pinch of sexual attraction, mix in some sass, a dash of dislike, stir well and watch the sparks and hisses fly. Now add Death and a deadly secret. Can Tera and Illam stop the fur flying long enough to save a whole species from extinction?

Soul of the Forgotten (Heart and Soul Book 10)

Imprisoned and forgotten, the Reeka warrior is finally freed into the care of Daamen traders. She needs to learn to live again, and Borga is more than happy to teach her. But past shadows haunt her…someone wants her dead. Treachery, murder, and greed…and the key to it all…the Forgotten Warrior.

Heart of a Traitor (Heart and Soul Book 9)

Military traitors are flogged, branded, and left for the outlaws…. Disgraced ex-sniper Oriel finds herself falling for her rescuer, the dangerously handsome Daamen trader, Jase. But no one is as they seem, a dark plot draws her ever inward, the law is closing in – and she’s neck-deep in treason.

Soul of a Witch (Heart and Soul Book 8)

In a bid to save a boy’s soul from powerful dark forces, a famous witch and a notorious pirate must unite. Now a powerful enemy is approaching, and he has no mercy. Together Beulah and Sinya will face the mysteries of the unknown, and an inheritance for powers untapped. But will it destroy their growing love?

Heart of the Forsaken (Heart and Soul Book 7)

The sins of the creator... The cold-blooded pirate high jacked his ship, but Red didn't expect Sonja to highjack his heart, too. Now she was in danger, he wouldn't let her go. A legacy of evil explodes in violence and blood...who will live, who will die...who will love the Forsaken?

Loves Bewitching Thief (Heart and Soul Book 6)

All Lysie did was steal the handsome Argon's jewels twice. She hadn't bargained on being trapped on his ship. Marten had her now, a Felys female with tortoiseshell hair, a purr to curl a man's toes and coming dangerously into heat. The cyborg just wants to kill her.

Soul of a Hunter (Heart and Soul Book 5)

One savage night, and the rest of Sabra’s life was spent with vengeance burning in her soul. She knew the killer, but who were the extra players in a growing mystery? One cold, bloody night, and he’d found her again. Given a second chance, could Cam convince her to exchange vengeance for love?

Loves Sweet Assassin (Heart and Soul Book 4)

To discover the identity of his enemy, Kiile first had to loosen the tongue of the assassin – a short, sassy and most outrageous wench. At an Argon’s mercy she might be, but Katina had a surprise for this golden-haired sex god and it was all bad.

Heart of the Betrayed (Heart and Soul Book 3)

Betrayed by the one man who should have protected her, the Reeka warrior will entrust her heart to no man. Garret will risk everything to win her love. Loyalty makes Dana follow her betrayer into a country split by hate. Love will make the Daamen trader follow her – even into chains.

Soul of a Mercenary (Heart and Soul Book 2)

Warrior, mercenary – danger and death follow her, but insanity is Reya’s most threatening companion, for a dark secret consumes her soul. Love will make the Daamen trader, Maverk, follow her to the Outlaw Sector and into the growing nightmare reaching out for her from the blood-drenched past.

Heart of an Outlaw (Heart & Soul Book 1)

Passion, betrayal, bloody legends, and a shocking secret in a galaxy of enemies and friends… Wanted dead or alive, the notorious Reeka Warrior Women have been hunted almost to extinction. When an act of compassion results in a wounded Reeka leader being in his possession, the Daamen trading captain and his crew are plunged into a dangerous vortex of treachery, hate and passion. Soldiers, bounty hunters, space-pirates, traders…the chase is on for the brutal, shocking truth behind the bloody legends…

Second Chance (Gully's Fall Book 6)

The terror of his year 4 schooldays was in town, and his knee-jerk reaction had not made a good impression. Drawn to this spirited rubenesque beauty, can Grant convince her to give him another chance? After a less than warm welcome, Tam was suspicious of the handsome vet’s motives. Already burned twice, she isn’t ready for another round. Then there’s Gully’s Fall’s own mystery...the Stealth Thief…

The Virgin Sex Queen

Two weeks of lust and laughter… Sophie Willow - erotic romance writer, experienced, the ultimate Sex Queen. Unfortunately, it’s all in her head - the experienced part, that is. Alan Cooper - this cute cop has discovered her secret, and he reckons he’s just the man to give her the experience she needs. Will two weeks be enough, or will it leave them wanting more?

The Wells Brothers: Aaron

Being a whistleblower takes guts. It can also leave you scarred. Whistleblower Shea Winters bore the consequences of an act of honesty, now she makes a living running a scam with her brother’s help. Security expert Aaron Wells investigated her, is intrigued by her, and can’t deny the attraction he feels for the pretty scammer. But being a whistleblower can also have dangerous consequences. Very dangerous…

The Goodbye Girl

Serving in Afghanistan, Aussie soldier Sergeant Nick Mason had enjoyed getting letters from The Goodbye Girl, but now he was going home, her usual goodbye letter had arrived. She was meant to be passed to the next lonely soldier, but Nick had other plans. What he wasn’t prepared for was what he’d discover when he met her face-to-face. His Goodbye Girl was the town’s resident UFO weirdo…

The Wells Brothers: Luke

A week at a dilapidated mansion planning the restoration of Victorian era gardens was a prime contract for landscaper Luke Wells. Finding his employer and her irritating, curvy niece already overseeing the packing of moldering antiques and planning some ghost hunting was disconcerting. The heat of desire, the emergence of a scandalous secret from the past… Talk about unexpected…

Seducing Sam

A lot of women have tried to seduce sweet, sexy Sam Willow. Even his absent-mindedness hasn’t put them off. The only woman who doesn’t seem interested in a relationship with him is the voluptuous Carly Miller. So why can’t he get her off his mind? Is seduction in the air, and if so, who is seducing whom?


Brought up by an abusive father, he left his old life a long time ago. He’s worked hard to be a decent man, to be in control, to make a good life for himself. Then he meets his neighbour who has her own past, and suddenly he’s very much afraid that he isn’t in as much control as he believed. Can he promise her forever…or will his fears get in the way?


He’d loved her then left for a deadly career that resulted in Ryan skimming the edge of being a killer. Now working for an elite security company, the echoes of Ella are locked safely away until she surfaces as an anonymous AFP informer to bring down an underage sex ring. Now he’s determined to be her protector...and lover. For good or bad, the rules are changing and every echo is becoming reality.

The Lawson Boys: Alex

The secret… On leave from the Australian Army, Alex Lawson has arrived in the little country town seeking answers from generously-curved Harly Bentley. She’s kept a secret from him for years, but he’s here now, he’s furious, and nothing is going to stop him from getting the truth. But will the results be what he expected?

The Lawson Boys: Marty

Crashing her cheating boyfriend’s wedding in a fit of rage was not voluptuous Belle Broune’s best plan. Now she’s been branded by the gossips as ‘The Other Woman’. Oh, the shame of it! Wedding guest Marty Lawson finds it all very funny, but when family connections result in him trying to comfort her in his usual jovial way, the sparks start to fly between them. Can he convince this luscious woman that he’s serious and not just simply amusing himself?

You're the One (Gully's Fall Book 5)

Something bad is happening around Gully’s Fall, and RSPCA Inspector Moz Baylon is concerned about Del, the fiercely independent clothes shop owner. She’s seeing more than is safe for her. One concerned warning, however, leads unexpectedly to a whole new level of awareness between them. Between two people, one spark can lead to a fire. When darkness falls, seeing too much can lead to danger.

Lie to Me (Gully's Fall Book 3)

Ryder Montague and Dee Miller have been striking sparks off each other for years. They’ve blown hot and cold, argued, laughed, and clashed. Half the townsfolk wonder if they’ll kill each other, the other half if it will turn to romance. Dee knows what she wants, it’s the local playboy Paramedic who drives her nuts during the day and invades her dreams at night. No woman was ever going to pin bad boy Ryder down, but something is happening, something that will make him look at the curvy blonde with new eyes…but will it be too late?

Fall for You (Gully's Fall Book 2)

Finding a curvy cutie hanging out of a kitchen window at three in the morning wasn’t what Kirk expected on a routine check. Amusing - yes, expected - no, exasperating - definitely. Having sworn off all dominant men after a very painful experience, Molly was determined to keep the local cop at arm’s length. He was quietly, intensely alpha, and that made him off-limits. Good intentions aside…

Burn for You (Gully's Fall Book 1)

One horrendous encounter with bikies left Ash shattered. Arriving in Gully’s Fall in search of a new life, she didn’t count on falling for the hunky, bikie-riding fireman who rescued her when her car broke down. Scott’s drawn to the rubenesque beauty, his desire for her steadily growing to an erotic burn. Can he discover the cause of her wariness and convince her to give him a chance?

Lean on Me (The Mackay Sisters Book 2)

Sweet, shy, rubenesque Lori Mackay, she’s lived all her life in the small country town. No one knows her secret desires. Still waters run deep, and local paramedic Matt Winters suspects the sexy, curvaceous beauty has hidden depths he just aches to explore. In a town where gossip is rife and secrets abound, can Matt convince Lori that they're meant to be together?

Call On Me (The Mackay Sisters Book 1)

Ali Mackay wants a nice man, it’s a shame she’s dated some real losers in her search for a man who will love her for herself, plus-size and all. Ty ‘Ghost’ Sinclair regularly rides to her rescue, he always has done ever since school. But after one unexpectedly hot encounter between the two best friends, can Ghost convince Ali to give their relationship a go, or will her fear of changes ruin everything?

Vet's Desire (Big Girls Lovin' Book 3)

Tim Clarke, the handsome and rich playboy vet, doesn’t believe in happily ever-afters. Women are to date, bed and leave - in that order. Then along comes plus-sized party girl Cindy Lawson, with her devil-may-care attitude, wicked humour and tender heart, and suddenly Tim’s chosen path, while not very smooth to start with, has become a whole lot rockier.

Cop's Passion (Big Girls Lovin' Book 2)

Independent, plus-sized nurse Maddy Lovett considered herself pretty easy-going, until she met the Neanderthal living next door…then the trouble started. Hulking cop Mike Carson was old-fashioned in his regard to the ladies, until he started to have a couple of run-ins with the curvy cutie next door…then the trouble started. And then there was the stray kitten…

Doctor's Delight (Big Girls Lovin' Book 1)

What does a 35 year old, plus-sized virgin do when she decides to lose her virginity and experience just one night of being desirable? She lets herself get talked into hiring a male escort. Unfortunately, mistaken identity lands her in the bed of a hunky doctor, and now things are spiralling out of control!

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