Ann B. Harrison

Ann B. Harrison

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

#1 Best Selling Author, Ann B Harrison takes you to the places she loves the best. The wide open countryside of Montana where cowboys roam free and the ever changing Australian Outback where no two days are the same.
Ann lives in the beautiful Hunter Valley with her own handsome hero of many years. She has always loved the ups and downs of life in small communities and she shares this with readers in her novels.
Strong sexy heroines with a good dash of sass thrown in feature in her stories. Of course these women need an equally strong man to complete the story. Bring on the hero and watch the passion ignite.
When not writing Ann enjoys reading, gardening, walking her very large dog Hugo and making the most of having family close by.

Contemporary, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Paranormal & Urban, Romance, Romantic, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Sports, Thriller & Suspense, Western

Hidden (A Scarlett Hayes Mystery)

Detective Scarlett Hayes is on the trail of a major drug bust when things start to go wrong. That shouldn't have been a surprise to her because she has a knack for getting into trouble while solving the most difficult cases. This time her boss decides to bring in the big guns in the form of Casa Reeves to help her out. He is egotistical, dominating, and far too clever for her liking, with the directive to give him anything he wants, she has no choice but to play nice. He smugly solves the email trail and together they plan a major strike on the infamous ‘smack track’ coming into San Francisco. Casa is shot trying to protect Scarlett but he falls to pieces when she least expects it. He is hiding a deadly secret, one that he refuses to share. But they are both hiding important details from each other, details that will get both of them into trouble if they don’t join forces to solve the case that has them connected in a way they would never have imagined.

Irish Seduction

Jasper has fallen for the young woman that invades his dreams every night and seduces him. Little does he know she is the daughter of the gods that rule his part of the world. When he is called upon by them to teach their youngest daughter the elemental spells, he is horrified to find out who his mystery lover is. With the fate of his tenants and his own life at risk, Jasper must find a way to have her without bringing the gods wrath on them all.

Witchling (Curse of Kin)

From Best Selling author, Ann B Harrison comes a paranormal series for younger readers originally published under the pen name Ari Harper. Nera is a normal teenage girl living in Ireland, or so she thought until she discovers the family secret.. now her world is forever changed. Descended from a long line of witches, she discovers she is the one who has to stop the curse that has taken the life of every girl before her. And if that isn't enough, she must learn to use magic from the man called Bones. He is the son of Mari, Queen of the Witches...and a god. It is Bones who has been entrusted to teach her the skills she needs to stay alive, which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have an uncanny knack for pushing her buttons. Can Nera succeed and resist the charms of the man who gets under her skin at every opportunity?

Changling (Curse of Kin)

While Sully struggles to master his new-found abilities, Nera fights to keep him safe. To Nera's delight, her friend Sully has finally found his place in the group. Unfortunately, his new power comes with a price. She and Bones must fight to protect their friend from himself and an unknown hunter while her own powers are still growing and her best friend Brie is acting so strange. Can Nera keep not only herself, but her friends and family safe when you add the chaos of a new family moving in next door, her mother's obsession with finding her a boyfriend, and the constant sparks between herself and Bones?

Treason (Curse of Kin)

In the third installement of this young adult series, Nera has found her place and so has Sully. But with their best friend Brie acting weird, Nera must ask Bones for help. This is something she can't cope with on her own and none of them expect what they discover. It is the bond that finally brings the two of them together much to Sully's horror. He wanted to keep Nera to himself and he isn't pleased that Bones has laid claim to her heart. But at the end of all this, will any of that matter if what Brie is doing pulls them all apart? An unmissable ending you won't see coming.

Mistress for Magnus

Is Kate prepared to trade six months as Magnus' mistress to save the home and people she loves? The death of Kate's mother sends her father on a gambling spree that he keeps hidden from his family. When the will is read after his death she finds out how bad things are and can see no way out, except one. In a desperate attempt to save her home and the people she loves, Kate offers her neighbor water rights to the largest dam in the area that also happens to be on her land. What follows is an introduction to a world of passionate sex that she doesn't want to give up after the contract ends. Kate also didn't expect to fall in love with him. Magnus is intrigued with Kate after years of having women drop at his feet and granting him his every desire. On a whim, he adds an extra clause to the contract-she is to be his mistress for six months.

Taming the Outback

Libby is set on taming the outback as she takes over Quincy Station, but can she tame her rough neighbor, Nathan's, hardened heart as well? Nathan Miller rattles Libby's nerves more than she cares to admit. He is the one person that stands between her and the family home that has been left to her. So why then does the man stir her up to such an extent, her body pulses with the need to have him? They do nothing but clash and snap at one another, and he makes no bones about the fact she shouldn't be Quincy's Station's new owner, but back in the city where he thinks she belongs. Having had an unpleasant clash with a "city girl" once before, Nathan does not think Libby has it in her to stick it out. He refuses to give in to his urges. But when Mother Nature brings chaos to Quincy Station and threatens Libby's children, he'll either be proved right in his assumptions or find his barriers taken down by a stubborn woman and her kids.

Outback in Stilettos

The most popular soap on television hangs in the balance because Delilah Connors has lost her mojo. Her agent decides she needs a break. Delilah disagrees but when her agent says jump, she jumps! She heads for the outback on a bus tour from hell. The coach smells, her seating partner is an octopus and the road leads nowhere she wants to go. It’s all too much. She grabs her bags and hits the track. The trouble is the track leads to two small children and a widowed farmer. The kids are cute but not cute enough to compensate for an archaic kitchen and the filthy flies. Just when she’s getting the hang of the outback, the flies and that sexy farmer she’s summoned back to the big smoke. Blake makes a last ditch attempt to plead his case but amongst the glitter and glamour of the Sydney film elite, he is way out of his depth.

Christmas Glitter (The Moore Sisters of Montana Book 1)

After a rough year involving a serious car accident, painful recovery and broken engagement, Dakota Moore moves to Cherry Lake to rebuild her life. To embrace her new community, she volunteers to coordinate the annual Christmas tree gala. Adam Clements has come home to help his mother run the family business while his father recovers from a heart attack. For the last decade, he's been a high-flying soccer player, enjoying the life that comes with his popularity. But something is missing and he can't put his finger on it... until he returns to Cherry Lake and remembers the feeling of home. Adam tries to keep his distance because he knows he'll be leaving, but he can't deny his attraction to Dakota. With the countdown to Christmas on, can Dakota convince Adam that his home is right there in Cherry Lake, with her?

Outback Thunder

Zoe left home at the age of twenty when she found Jonas, the love of her life, in the arms of another woman. Ten years later she returns from London to help her brother keep their outback property in the family and out of the hands of the major shareholder—Jonas But they each hold a secret. Jonas has called her back under false pretences and Zoe’s secret has the potential to destroy their love for ever. Will their love survive?

Outback Gold

Stacey Peters is passionate about saving the old family pub and the unique outback from the voracious mining company. Morgan Taylor, owner of the mining company comes to town and is less than honest about his intentions...with the mine and with Stacey. Can they resolve their differences or will they be torn apart as the gold is mined??

Rhylee and Sassie (Outback Heritage Book 2)

The last thing Sassie O’Leary needs is a man in her life after the last disastrous affair. Deciding to concentrate on building herself a life, she buys a rundown home in the rural town of Deepwater Valley without looking at it first. Big mistake but the old place has good bones and will do up nicely. Rhylee Ryan thinks she's bitten off more than she can chew and goes out of his way to prove it to her. What neither of them expect is the chemistry that fires up between them. Sassie makes him a deal. Sex with no strings attached - she’s not looking for a forever relationship and neither is he. Too stubborn to give in and admit they are falling for each other, both Rhylee and Sassie almost lose the one thing they desperately want when her childhood best friend comes to visit. Finn gets more than one heart racing with his sexy Irish voice and charm but can he convince Sassie that they should be together as he’s always thought?

Grady (Outback Heritage Book 1)

Grady Ryan is happy doing the job he loves in the rural town of Deepwater Valley. His mother is more determined than ever to marry him off, but he has neither the time nor the inclination to look for wedded bliss. When Lara Williams moves into town with her daughter, to take up the veterinary practice, Beth sees her chance to hone her matchmaking skills. Fate keeps throwing Lara and Grady together when her wayward daughter needs the heavy hand of the law and more than ramps up the heat between them. But Grady knows Lara is hiding something and he intends to find out what it is before he gets in too deep.

Outback Cafe: An Australian Rural Suspense

Lena Hawkins has spent her every waking moment building her reputation as a top chef and when her money grubbing husband takes the credit and tosses her aside she calls it quits for the sake of her son and returns to the country town where she grew up thankful for the support of her close knit Italian family. Coerced by the local community she opens a restaurant in a disused dairy. Adam Chapman, one time Sydney lawyer now deer farmer, is more than happy to provide the premises and have an outlet for his produce. Little does he realize that they have unsavory connections that have nothing to do with the restaurant business. Old secrets are uncovered that rock the small town and drag them both into the world they thought they’d left behind them. When Lena discovers Adam was involved in her cousin’s court case, she sees red and tries to back out of the lease but her father convinces her to follow through. It wasn’t Adams fault - his father did a deal to keep him out of trouble. Now Adam feels responsible for Simon’s jail term and joins forces with the local police to set a trap for the people who were ultimately responsible for the money laundering. For it to work though, Simon has to die. Lena is rocked to the core when she discovers her ex-husband used her and love never was a part of their all too brief marriage. She was in the right place at the right time, nothing more. Can Lena be convinced to start again and conquer her demons?

Coming Home

Coming home—but is the price too high for the Williams siblings? Their father drove them away, now the conditions of his will are forcing them home and they may not like the rules he’s set. The city hasn’t been kind to Doctor Russ Williams and he can’t wait to leave his broken marriage behind him. Superstar rugby player Cade, his career threatened by a crippling injury, has to face the fact that his glory days might be over. Rooney, carrying a secret she won’t be able to hide if she returns but lured by the promise of owning a vet practice. Three very different siblings with their own dreams, forced to face reality on the family property, confronted at every turn by their past. Will there be time for love?

Her Favorite Cowboy (The Watson Brothers Book 4)

High powered Denver attorney Layla Cox gets more than she bargains for when she sets her sights on a sexy cowboy during her friend and client’s wedding. After a weekend of explosive and unforgettable sex, her tryst has consequences. She’s pregnant. Determined to provide a good life for her baby, she leaves her fast lane life to buy a practice in small town Marietta so her child can have some contact with his birth father. Tyson Watson doesn’t know what hit him. After his brother’s wedding and the best weekend of his life with the woman of his dreams, he doesn’t hear from the beautiful lawyer again–until she arrives at his ranch, announces she’s pregnant, and tells him that she doesn't need anything from him. Too bad. Layla may be independent, but Tyson is stubborn and has no intention of falling in line with Layla’s plan. Can two strong-willed people turn a weekend of passion into a lifelong love?

The Doctor's Husband (The Watson Brothers Book 3)

After being turned down for his dream job, Evan needs to reassess his future as he returns home for his brother's wedding. Taking a chance, he asks Dr. Denver Sinclair to accompany him as his date. He never expects her to say yes, so he is surprised when she agrees. After all, he's been trying to get her to go out with him for the last two years with no luck. But brilliant ambitious Denver has an agenda. Her main goal in life is to prove her father wrong–she is perfectly capable of running a hospital without his connections or assistance. But to take up the reins as the administrator of Marietta Hospital, she must have community roots or marry a local. When Evan lets slip he’s from Marietta, her goal is within reach. Seducing Evan is easy. She just didn’t anticipate marriage to the small town doctor would ever involve her heart. Will Denver and Evan find love in the most unexpected place–with each other?

The Sheriff's Mail-Order Bride (The Watson Brothers Book 2)

Laid off and down to her last few dollars, Gina Taylor is desperate to provide for her baby boy when she sees an advertisement for a mail order bride in Marietta, Montana. On just a photo of a serious but handsome man and the charm of his kind, deep voice on the phone, Gina packs up her few belongings and leaves the hardships of San Francisco behind. When widowed deputy sheriff Rory Watson buys a neglected ranch in desperate need of repairs and a homey touch, he realizes how much he misses the companionship marriage offers. His brother found a bride and happiness with an advertisement. Maybe he can too. But Rory gets more than he bargained for when Gina arrives, baby on her hip. Rory can forgive a lot, but Gina never mentioned a baby. His instinct is to send her home, but his uneasy conscience insists she stay–temporarily. Gradually, Rory discovers that Gina’s smile, love of country life, and can-do attitude wake up something he never knew was dormant, and the chubby baby reminds him of how much he once wanted a family. Can a down-on-her-luck woman find the home she’s always wanted with a man afraid to love again?

Chance for Love (The Watson Brothers Book 1)

Callie can't resist the advertisement for a ranch manager in Montana. Only thing is, it also stipulates marriage. Down on her luck with more debt than she can manage after the death of her parents in a vehicle accident, she takes the plunge and commits for twelve months. Chance is sick of the high life he's led for years as a top International Bull Rider. The glitz and glamour aren't what he wants. After an accident leaves him unable to return to the tour, he decides now is the time to do what his heart has been yearning for - marry a down to earth country girl and raise bulls on his ranch, with the hope of bringing his brothers back together. Little did he know that an advertisement would bring him a sassy talking Australian bride to turn his world up side down... Will Callie return home after her contract is up, or can Chance convince her to say I do forever?

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