Anna Ceguerra

Anna Ceguerra

Sydney, New South Wales

Anna Ceguerra lives in Sydney, Australia with her beloved dog, Patchy.

Having spent many years building a career in science and software development, she loves weaving futuristic themes into unique and exciting stories.

Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction

Get Off My Lawn!

2090. Retired millennial Olivia has fallen into a familiar routine. Gardening. Painting. Keeping the stray cat off the grass. Until Dotty, her new seven-year-old neighbour, starts fiddling with her pristine front lawn. Olivia must now choose between the memories of her past, or the promise of companionship. A funny story of female friendship spanning generations.

Cupid's Kiss

Cupid, a 35 year old scientist, is unlucky in love but successful in his career. When the CEO of a multinational perfume corporation asks him to develop an aphrodisiac using his trained mosquitoes, he jumps at the chance. At the same time, the woman he's been chatting with on an online dating app has finally agreed to meet up. But what Cupid doesn't know is that he's about to go from bitten to smitten.

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