Bill H. Robertson

Bill H. Robertson

Melbourne, Victoria

Bill Robertson is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police. He served thirty six years in the Force at metropolitan and country stations and, as an Assistant Commissioner, held the three portfolios of Research and Development, Personnel and Police Training. He attended the noted UK Senior Command Course at Bramshill and was Team Leader for an Ausaid review of police training in Fiji. After retirement he was commissioned to review the Police Witness Protection Program for the former Office of Police Integrity. He lives in Balwyn with his wife Jennifer and they have a country property near Bendigo. No Witness, No Case is his first novel and Bill is presently working on a prequel.

Crime, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

No Witness, No Case

'No Witness, No Case' is about dirty business and dirty politics, greed, corruption and a callous disregard for the environment, the law and the community. A black waste scam is concealed within a legitimate waste business; the business owner is in league with the Mafia; the owner's son is a corrupt and ruthless politician; and the Russians are trying to muscle their way in and oust the Mafia. It is a fast paced story with memorable characters; some you will love, some you will love to hate.

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