Bree Verity

Bree Verity

Perth, Western Australia

Bree Verity was raised on a diet of tea and crumpets, romance novels, old movies and musicals, it's no wonder she spends her days writing love stories.
Some say she must have been a gypsy in another life, her thirst for travel is so deep.
But her wanderlust extends to other times as well - she'd love to visit the past. Or the future.
Since she is stuck here, she finds solace in reading novels that explore time slip and time travel.
She shares her life with her teenage son, her long-suffering partner, and her two rescue dogs, Millie and Boofie. She keeps it very quiet from them that she is equally as much a cat person.
When someone invents a way to inject tea directly into the veins, Bree will be the first in line to sign up.
Bree hopes you like what you read, but if not, then read what you like. Life is too short for crappy books.

Anthologies, Contemporary, Historical, Romance, Romantic Comedy

For Business and Pleasure (Perth Girls Book 1)

Beautiful business consultant Lydia del Castro has everything a Perth girl needs - great friends, good times and a top job at a boutique consultancy. But she finds herself head over heels in love when she literally stumbles into the arms of gorgeous painter Tad Milford at an art gallery exhibition. Tad falls for Lydia, but he is working through his own demons following his divorce and the death of his father. He has been promoted to CEO of the family business, but Tad wonders whether he is the right person for the job, and whether he should follow his dreams and be a contemporary artist instead. Can their romance survive the maneuvers of his overbearing mother and his bitchy art dealer? Will a secret stalker take away everything Lydia has come to love? It’s times like these you can rely on your friends to help you through. Or can you?

The Hidden Duchess

Can a headstrong Parisian duchess find love in the arms of a lowly peasant farmer? Celeste, duchesse de Saint Tours is forced into hiding with her peasant cousins to avoid arrest. She doesn't expect to be put to work as a peasant farmer. Neither does she expect to enjoy it. And she certainly doesn't expect to fall in love with her handsome cousin, Marcel. To her surprise, she discovers a feeling of purpose and belonging that she never felt before. But when her identity is revealed, Celeste and Marcel will need to fight, not only for their love, but for Celeste's very life.

The Unwilling Smuggler

Jean de Lacey is a jaded French émigré who reluctantly decides the only way to revive his fortunes is by marrying a wealthy wife. But before he proposes to anyone, he must free himself of the smuggling gang he has been involved with since his arrival in England. He woos young, beautiful Eugenie Ponnette, a fellow émigré, however de Lacey resists agreeing to the love match she insists on, even though his passion for Eugenie is different to anything he has experienced before. Before he can offer marriage, they are both caught up in danger – he from the smugglers he once called friends, and she from de Lacey’s deranged ex-lover. But Eugenie is no damsel in distress – except from her suppressed memories of the horrors she experienced in Paris, and her own discoveries of de Lacey’s deceptions. Can de Lacey convince Eugenie that he is truly in love with her? Can they settle their differences and find true happiness together?

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