Bronwyn Jameson

Bronwyn Jameson

Sydney, New South Wales

Bronwyn Jameson writes short contemporary romances, to date published by Harlequin’s Desire line and Tule Publishing Group. In 2006 she was a triple-finalist in Romance Writers of America’s RITA awards and short-listed for the Romantic Times Series Storyteller of the Year.
Bronwyn lives in the Australian heartland with her farmer husband, special-needs son, three dogs, nine horses and several thousand sheep. She is a champion armchair sportswoman and a reality TV tragic. Her stories reflect her love of good food and wine, five-star travel, four-legged companions and the opposites-attract trope.

Contemporary, Military, Romance

Quade: The Irresistible One

A seemingly strong, independent woman, Chantal Goodwin had always had an unsuspected weakness, a secret hunger, for one breathtaking man - and now that man was back in town. The merest glance from Cameron Quade still made her ache like the lovesick schoolgirl she'd once been. But Chantal was a woman now, a woman who could take what she wanted - and what she wanted was a single shattering night of passion with this man. Though their encounter shook her to the core, she told herself she could still watch him walk away forever. But that was before she learned about the new life their night of passion had created....

A Tempting Engagement

The last time he'd seen Emily Warner, she was crawling out of his bed, and then out of his life. Six months later, Mitch Goodwin luckily ran into lovely Emily and begged her to resume her job as his son's nanny. But he also had a question that had baffled him for far too long: what, exactly, happened that night…? Seeing Mitch and his little boy again reminded Emily how it felt to want what she couldn't have. But resisting the sexy single dad when it came to the welfare of his son was impossible. Now, as Emily tried to ignore thoughts of what could have—what should have—happened that night, there was only one solution: see if the fantasy lived up to the reality….

Addicted to Nick

Horse trainer Tamara Cole knew all about Nick Corelli, the gorgeous black sheep of the Corelli clan. Now here he was, creeping about the stables in the dead of night! The sexy city entrepreneur might not be armed, but he was plenty dangerous.... Nick had come to Australia to sell his family horse farm—only to be accosted by his new partner! But the co-owner of Yarra Park was a spirited, sensual woman who was as attracted to him as he was to her...and about to discover that for her loving Nick was a lifelong addiction....

Zane: The Wild One

Everything Julia Goodwin had ever wanted was right here in the quiet little town of Plenty. At least, that was what she thought, until wrong-side-of-the-tracks rebel Zane O'Sullivan came home—and rocked her peaceful world to its foundations… Yet this wasn't the same black-leather-and-denim bad boy who'd haunted a well-brought-up girl's dreams back in high school. This Zane O'Sullivan was very much a man, with a raw sensual power that tempted Julia's deepest desires—and an unsuspected vulnerability that touched her woman's heart… But what would become of their growing love when he learned about the child their out-of-control passion had brought into being…?

In Bed with the Boss's Daughter

Corporate tough-guy Jack Manning hadn't laid eyes on Paris Grantham since the night he'd rebuffed the eighteen-year-old's invitation to obliterate her virginity. He'd been more than a little tempted by the boss's daughter-and relieved the sweet seductress had retreated to London. Until now... In six years Paris had become every man's ultra-fantasy. But the former innocent now carried her pedigree like a shield-and was fighting her way into his world of billion-dollar deals. One scintillating kiss shredded her all-business demeanor-and Jack pulled up sharp on passion's reins! He'd sworn off loving this woman years ago...yet how badly he ached for her....

Tycoon's One-Night Revenge

Even amnesia could not rob millionaire Donovan Keane of the memory of the night with Susannah Horton, who staged an affair with him to ruin an important business deal, so when an opportunity arises for a night of revenge, Van takes it.

The Rugged Loner (Princes of the Outback)

She made the bold proposition to get under his skin. And by Tomas Carlisle's reaction, Angelina Mori succeeded. Angie knew that tragedy had turned her friend hard and the Australian outback he loved. Still, she was scandalized that after confessing her secret fantasies about him, after offering the bear the Carlisle heir his father's will demanded in one year's time, he'd dared to suggest they make a baby...without sharing his bed. Well, she'd wanted Tomas to imagine a better way. The way nature intended. Because being so intimate with Tomas might not simply save his family's fortune...but the man himself.

Outback Reunion

Nic has agreed to keep an eye on the Carlisle family's huge cattle station, but when he arrives, he's shocked at what he finds!

Beyond Control

The moment Kree O'Sullivan's and Sebastian Sinclair's fortunes crossed, she knew one undeniable truth: the man had power. The power to commandeer her apartment, which he did. And the power to destroy her business. But, to Kree's shock, the control that cloaked Sebastian like some impregnable armor had the unlikeliest weakness. Her. Every time he looked at her, she saw the want burning in his eyes, followed by some secret inner struggle. And though she knew to play with Sebastian was to play with fire, she couldn't resist tempting him, couldn't resist turning the tables…just a little bit. But a little was too far…

The Rich Stranger

When Rafe Carlisle, charmer, gambler, womaniser, falls out of the sky (literally) into her outback paddock, Catriona McConnell becomes his reluctant rescuer. But Rafe needs rescuing in more ways than one, and in Cat he finds the perfect savior and the perfect challenge. All he needs now is the perfect game of seduction.

The Ruthless Groom (Princes of the Outback)

Enter Zara Lovett. His ex-fiancée's best friend. Her hair was a spill of honeyed silk framing on whiskey eyes. Zara, who'd strode into Alex Carlisle's life on killer legs and lit up a powder keg in his gut. It was chemistry, the kind of powerful, explosive mix Alex made a habit of avoiding--until today. Because the fireworks between them changed nothing. He still needed to satisfy the terms of his father's will. That was his goal. That was his duty. That was what mattered. And he'd make sure Zara said yes.

The Bought-And-Paid-For Wife (Secret Lives of Society Wives)

The last person widow Vanessa Thorpe expected on her doorstep was Tristan Thorpe — her deceased husband's estranged son. Tristan stood between her and the inheritance she desperately needed. Despite the attraction simmering between them, she could not let him win.

Vows & a Vengeful Groom (Diamonds Down Under)

VOWS & A VENGEFUL GROOM is the first book in DIAMONDS DOWN UNDER, a new six-book continuity series from Silhouette Desire which is set against the billion-dollar backdrop of a glamorous, sometimes ruthless, diamond business. The stories focus on a family split asunder over ownership of a fabulous diamond known as the Heart of the Outback. The old feud is re-ignited when a new generation is forced to deal with secrets and scandals in the aftermath of a tragic plane crash. There's drama, deception and desire in this exciting new Dynasty-style series, with one book released each month from January through June 2008.

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