Cassian Brown

Cassian Brown

Sydney, New South Wales

I was born in London in 1957 and grew up on the Isle of Ischia off Naples and in New Zealand. I now live in a very multicultural part of Sydney, Australia, with my wife, Jie, and Bobo, a spirited Pomeranian-Chihuahua.

I am a newspaper and magazine sub-editor, and have also worked as a farmhand, roofer, dishwasher, wine waiter, armoured-van guard and cheese-truck driver.

While a lover of science fiction since my wonder years, I read a range of styles. With my own writing I find myself blending SF with other genres. I am the author of the SF horror-adventure novel "Baxter Mariah" and of the SF conspiracy thriller "Ave Judas". Both are 2011 publications.

My next project is an SF military mystery provisionally titled "The Peacekeepers".

Action & Adventure, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

Ave Judas

Ave Judas - An SF Conspiracy Thriller The Second Coming was never meant to be like this ... It is the year of our Lord 2449. The Pope believes he has just forty-four days to avert a galactic Armageddon by discrediting anew the most reviled man in history. Owen Stonehaven is leading the strangest of lives. As a child, his mother gives him to a huge and fierce rat kangaroo; as an adult, the Church has him shut into a derelict and lightless spaceship. Freed, he returns to his home planet, a surreal place that is roamed by lizards of barely imaginable size, towering thunderbirds and ferocious marsupial lions — for on New Yamba a master cloner has been at work re-creating the megafauna of Australia’s past. Owen’s plan is to find the mysterious coin his mother stole on the day she died, a well-worn piece of silver which he hopes will help reveal his true identity, and to await a visit by the brother he loves, Henry, a priest. Extremists detonate a bomb and Henry is hurt. Owen realises he is the subject of a conspiracy engineered by an all-powerful and ruthless man. As he begins to understand his origins, he finds he cannot shake the darkness at his core. Is betrayal in his genes?

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