Christina A. Larmer

Christina A. Larmer

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Christina (C.A.) Larmer is the author of eleven books, including six in the popular Ghostwriter Mystery Series featuring sassy 'ghost' Roxy Parker (Killer Twist, A Plot to Die For, Last Writes, Dying Words, Words Can Kill and her latest: A Note Before Dying).

Christina is also the author of The Agatha Christie Book Club and the follow-up release Murder on the Orient (SS) as well as the novel An Island Lost and a non-fiction book about pioneering surveyors of PNG: A Measure of Papua New Guinea (Focus, 2008).

Her latest book is Do Not Go Gentle, a posthumous mystery and stand-alone novel.

Born and bred in tropical Papua New Guinea, Christina was educated in Australia and has lived and worked around the world including New York, Los Angeles and London. A journalist, editor, teacher and writer, she now lives and works from her home in the hinterland behind Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia, which she shares with her musician husband, two boys, an enormous goanna, passing koalas and countless snakes.

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An Island Lost

When Vilia Lea’s estranged mother dies she leaves her an intriguing inheritance—a remote island on the tip of Papua New Guinea, and a series of tantalising clues to the disappearance of her father 30 years ago. Thus begins an enthralling family mystery that sweeps Vilia from the streets of Manhattan to the wilds of the Pacific. Along the journey she discovers what true love and family really mean... Sipping latté in a NY café, Vilia is not surprised to hear that her mother has drowned herself back home in Australia, but she is shocked to learn she has now inherited a tropical island on the tip of Papua New Guinea, and it’s from this remote region that her father disappeared mysteriously when she was just three. Suddenly, reluctantly, Vilia is swept out of her fastidious Manhattan lifestyle and into the wild unpredictability of the Pacific. From the crowded streets of New York city to the remote Tubu Island and beyond, Vilia follows a series of clues to uncover the truth about her father’s vanishing. Did he run off with the missing hausgirl? Fall foul to a tragic accident? Or was there something darker, more sinister at play? Along her journey of discovery, Vilia encounters the ancestors of proud headhunters, eccentric expatriates and an elusive witchdoctor with a story to tell. But is it a story she is willing to hear? In this spellbinding tale of discovery, Christina Larmer shows how searching for the truth far outweighs burying your head in the sand and hiding safely away.

Killer Twist (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 1)

More cutting edge than your average 'cozy', more contemporary than the likes of Sue Grafton, KILLER TWIST is the first mystery featuring amateur sleuth Roxy Parker. With her witty one-liners and penchant for cheap plonk, Roxy Parker is a hip new detective, except she’s not strictly a detective. She's a ghostwriter with a taste for the morbid—and this time her little sideline has got her in way over her head… In the first of six stand-alone mysteries, Roxy is hired to ghostwrite the life story of department store heiress Beatrice Musgrave. Beattie has promised Roxy a secret worth writing about, but before she gets the chance to 'tell all', the socialite is found ripped to shreds at the bottom of a cliff. The police suspect suicide but Roxy knows better—there's far too many people looking far too relieved. Besides, Beattie would never destroy a perfectly good twinset and pearls! So what was the heiress really hiding beneath her cashmere cardi…? From the posh suburbs of Sydney to remote outback Australia, Roxy finds herself lured into a web of deceit where time has healed no wounds and the bandages are unravelling fast. With a menacing stranger at her heels and a handsome friend hiding a secret of his own, Roxy knows she has to act fast, if only to stop her mother from driving her ballistic. A thoroughly modern murder mystery, Killer Twist is a humorous, light read with a killer twist at the end. From the author of the Amazon best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club and Murder on The Orient (SS). A WARNING FROM C.A. LARMER: "This book is set in Australia so it contains some adult language and Australian slang—both part of the richness of the Aussie lexicon. No offence is intended."

Words Can Kill (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 5)

Pack your designer luggage, we're heading to Europe for the fifth, fast-paced adventure in the popular Ghostwriter Mystery Series, WORDS CAN KILL! This time we're on a missing person's case, and it ain't no holiday. Hunky photographer Max Farrell has vanished into thin air, last seen in the arms of a blonde floozy at a Swiss mountain resort, and his best mate, Roxy Parker, is feigning nonchalance. But when Max's flatmate shows up murdered, followed soon after by the floozy, Roxy realises Max’s life is hanging in the balance, and she is his only hope. Where is Max? Who killed his Berlin flatmate? And what the hell was he doing with that blonde floozy in the first place?! In the latest Ghostwriter Mystery (each one a stand-alone story in itself), Roxy heads to Europe with Max's self-absorbed sister, Caroline. Together, they follow a series of tantalising clues that take them from the heights of Mt Pilatus to the azure Mediterranean Sea encountering brash German police, secretive Swiss soldiers, and an Italian Lothario with evil in his heart. Move over Sue Grafton, C.A. Larmer's latest mystery proves yet again why she is one of the most exciting cozy mystery authors writing for contemporary women today. WARNING: Contains some adult language and Australian slang.

Dying Words (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 4)

DYING WORDS is the fourth stand-alone mystery in the popular amateur detective series starring feisty Ghostwriter Roxy Parker. When a dying man utters Roxy's name with his final, gasping breath, our merlot-swilling ghostwriter is thrown into the middle of her most baffling—and brutal—cozy mystery yet. Why would someone Roxy barely knows call out HER name on his deathbed? What did he give her that holds the key to his murder? And is it linked to a ghoulish burglar who looks strangely like Bugs Bunny? Thus begins the fourth stand-alone adventure in the Ghostwriter Mystery series by top-selling cozy author C.A. Larmer. In this instalment, Roxy is hired by the dead man’s daughter to find a missing photograph that's more than just a happy snap—it hides a secret so chilling, it will leave you gasping until the very end. In Roxy’s most confounding mystery to date, it’s not just about murder, it’s about greed, betrayal and cold-blooded revenge. But don't despair! There are plenty of laughs along the way as we reunite with Roxy's motley mates, including cool cop Gilda and hunky boyfriend Max. He's trying hard to support Roxy's death fetish but has a bombshell of his own to drop. Buckle your seatbelts for another gripping Ghostwriter Mystery ride by the author of the best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club. WARNING: Contains some Australian slang and adult language.

Last Writes (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 3)

In the third instalment of the popular Ghostwriter Mystery Series, LAST WRITES, Roxy Parker is back, and this time it's personal. Someone is killing best-selling authors—a science-fiction writer has been violently slashed with an ‘X’, a gardening guru bludgeoned with his own shears, and an erotic novelist poisoned by a juicy, red apple. All the evidence points firmly at Roxy's beloved agent, Oliver, and she's determined to prove his innocence. With the help of a seductive newcomer, Roxy must hunt down the killer before another author meets his final sentence... Little does she know, a ghostwriter is next on the hit list! Will this be Roxy Parker's last writes? The third mystery for our amateur sleuth sees the return of meddling mother Lorraine, supercop Gilda Maltin, and brooding photographer Max—how will he handle Roxy’s new love interest? Tag along and find out as Roxy embarks on a nail-biting road trip up the east coast of Australia, the killer hot on her trail! In C.A. Larmer's third stand-alone mystery, you'll find enough humour, fashion and suspense to keep you on the edge of your manicured toes. A Word of Caution About the Language This story is set in Australia so contains some slang and strong adult language. Both are an everyday part of the Aussie vernacular but the author apologises for any confusion or offence. It is not intended.

Do Not Go Gentle

Lulu Gold has just been stabbed and is hovering above the crime scene, feeling pretty pissed off. Her dead grandmother is beckoning furiously from the tunnel but Lulu's not going anywhere, thanks very much. Not until she uncovers who killed her and why... So begins the extraordinary story of one woman's quest to uncover the truth before she is dragged, kicking and screaming, to eternity fearing her beloved boy is a killer. In this lightly written yet deeply moving DIY mystery, readers are given all the clues to solve a baffling crime. Why did Lulu see her 13-year-old's sneakers just seconds before she died? What has chocolate cake got to do with anything? And who—or what—is behind that evil presence lingering in the shadows? From the best-selling author of The Agatha Christie Book Club, C.A. Larmer takes us on a drone's-eye view of the crime scene and a journey back through conflicting memories to uncover what really happened. Will the truth set Lulu's spirit free or destroy everything she ever knew about herself and her loved ones? Sometimes hilarious, sometimes break-out-the-tissues sad, this story of love and loss shows us what it really means to love and how important it is to let go. This stand-alone novel contains some Australian colloquialisms and a little adult language. No graphic violence or horror.

A Plot to Die For (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 2)

In the second mystery for ghostwriter Roxy Parker, A PLOT TO DIE FOR, C.A. Larmer pays homage to the Queen of 'Cozy' Crime Agatha Christie's Evil Under The Sun. When Roxy accepts a ghostwriting gig at a luxury island resort she expects little more than a good story and a touch of sunstroke. What she gets is her hotelier client buried in the sand, her head protruding ghoulishly for the crabs to devour, and an ensemble cast of cocktail-sipping characters who are all hiding something behind their Gucci sunglasses. In this modern homage to a Christie classic, Roxy must solve the mystery of her client's murder while stuck on an island with the prime suspects. Along the way, the amateur sleuth encounters machete-wielding locals, shifty fellow guests, and an island paradise where the ghosts of past mistakes still linger behind every coconut. With a cracking pace and plenty of humour, this baffling mystery will have you scratching your head until the final, Hercule Poirot-style conclusion. If the 'Big Reveal' doesn't leave you gasping into your gin and tonic, it just might make you reconsider your next island holiday. Funnier and more contemporary than your typical 'cozy', A PLOT TO DIE FOR is the second, stand-alone mystery for ghostwriter Roxy Parker. A WARNING FROM THE AUTHOR: "This book contains some adult language and Australian slang—all part of the richness of the Aussie lexicon. No offence is intended."

A Note Before Dying (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 6)

More cutting edge than your average 'cozy', more contemporary than Agatha Christie, A NOTE BEFORE DYING is the latest, stand-alone mystery starring gutsy ghostwriter Roxy Parker. With a crush on her next client, Roxy heads to world-famous Byron Bay to ghostwrite the life story of rock legend Jed Moody (think Mick Jagger meets Michael Hutchence). She may be his biggest fan, but the uber sexy rock star has more than his share of enemies, so when he is electrocuted on stage, the amateur sleuth can’t help looking at his so-called admirers. Was Jed murdered by a jilted lover? His jealous wife? An embittered band member? Or a publicist with plenty to hide? Or is it worse than that? Is it the sexy newcomer who’s caught Roxy’s eye, the one with the chip on his shoulder and the cute Border Collie cross? In the sixth Ghostwriter Mystery, Roxy is back with a sizzling murder and a soft spot for a country boy with big doe eyes. Determined to prove his innocence, she enlists the help of best friend Detective Gilda Maltin. The problem is, the more she digs, the more Gilda is convinced that Roxy has fallen for a cold-blooded killer. Author of the best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club, C.A. Larmer produces yet another fun, fast-paced adventure for those looking for a thoroughly modern murder mystery. WARNING FROM THE AUTHOR: "This book is set in Australia so it contains some adult language and Australian slang—both a popular part of the Aussie lexicon. No offence is intended."

Murder on the Orient (SS): The Agatha Christie Book Club 2

IN her best-selling whodunnit THE AGATHA CHRISTIE BOOK CLUB, C.A. Larmer introduced the motley collection of crime buffs who channel their inner Miss Marple to help solve real-life mysteries. Now the good friends are back in the much-anticipated sequel… WHEN the Agatha Christie Book Club takes a short cruise on a replica steamship, the SS Orient—a real ship that once sailed between London and the colonies—they expect little more than a glamorous voyage back in time. What they get has eerie echoes of the original Orient Express, including a passenger dead in their bed, a threatening note and more clues than you can poke a blood-soaked dagger at. When a second passenger vanishes overboard in the dead of night soon after, the team suspect they have a madman on their hands and abandon their shuffleboard to investigate. The problem is, just like Hercule Poirot, they have very little time, no CCTV, and enough red herrings to fill a seafood buffet. It doesn't help that the entire ship is rallying behind the leading suspect Captain Van Tussi, a man with friends in high places who may—or may not—be taking everyone for a ride. Jump aboard for the latest adventure of the Agatha Christie Book Club, a beloved group of friends who include devoted sisters Alicia and Lynette, poisons expert Dr Anders, ditzy librarian Missy, paleontologist Perry and vintage queen Claire. This time there's a new member lurking in the wings—can you guess who it will be? Ship ahoy for another fun, fast-paced mystery by Aussie author C.A. Larmer. This book follows British English spelling and usage, and contains some Australian slang. Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language. Genre: humorous, cozy mystery series, amateur sleuths, international mystery

The Agatha Christie Book Club

A contemporary cozy mystery for those looking for fun and adventure at their next book club! When Alicia Finlay walks out on her boring old book club and decides to start a new one—one devoted to her favorite mystery writer Agatha Christie—little does she know her new club is about to stumble into a mystery of their own. It's a mystery so baffling it would leave even the Queen of Crime scratching her head... After gathering seven crime buffs together—including young librarian Missy (as ditzy as Miss Marple and as sharp), fashionista Claire, paleontologist Perry (both stylish and fastidious like Poirot), dashing Dr Anders, a poisons expert, and socialite Barbara Parlour—Alicia grows suspicious when one of them fails to show for the next book club. Barbara has disappeared from the face of the earth and her arrogant husband, Arthur, seems coldly unconcerned. The group suspects him of foul play until he suddenly shows up dead. With two baffling mysteries and time fast running out, the book club decides to do as the meddling Miss Marple would do and investigate! So begins the first exciting instalment of the Agatha Christie Book Club (ACBC), a motley collection of amateur sleuths who use Christie as their guide to help solve a range of mysteries that fall into their lap. Following in the footsteps of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, the group must sort the clues from the red herrings to solve the murder of Arthur Parlour and determine what happened to his missing wife. Has she been brutally murdered or is she somehow, somewhere still alive? Like Poirot before them, the ACBC uncover a stream of shifty suspects along the way including flirtatious housekeeper Rosa, sleazy tennis coach Jake, traitorous BFF Wanda, and impoverished brother Niles. They must also face each other because, as Alicia discovers, each of the book club members is hiding a secret of their own. Their secrets could jeopardize the case, or crack it wide open. Returning to Agatha Christie's books time and again for inspiration and advice, the ACBC quickly unravel a baffling mystery that will leave readers guessing right until the end. C.A. Larmer, author of the popular Ghostwriter Mystery novels, shines again in this exciting new series that is fun and easy to read with eclectic characters and a plot you simply can't put down. Can you work the mystery out before the Agatha Christie Book club do?

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