Claire Baxter

Claire Baxter

Adelaide, South Australia

Claire Baxter writes contemporary romantic fiction of all lengths. Her short stories have been published in commercial women's magazines around the world, while her novels have been translated into 20 languages and have been nominated in the Romance Writers of Australia's Romantic Book of the Year Award, the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Awards, and the Cataromance Reviewers' Choice Awards (Winner, Best Harlequin Romance).
Before following her passion to write full-time, Claire was an award-winning corporate communications manager. Earlier, she worked as a translator and a PA.
Claire grew up in Warwickshire, England, but for more than 20 years has called Australia home. She considers herself lucky to live near one of Adelaide's beautiful metropolitan beaches where she loves to walk and think up stories.

Anthologies, Contemporary, Inspirational, Romance, Romantic Comedy

Action Man Meets Miss Adventure

A collection of five romantic short stories that were previously published in women's magazines in the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Falling For The Frenchman

Under summer skies...with the Frenchman of her dreams! It has taken Beth a long time to get over Pierre Laroche, and now--just as she starts the fight of her life to stay in control of her beloved Barossa Valley winery--he's back. This time it's all business! Beth knows she should hate Pierre--after all, he has come to take away her winery. But there are tantalizing glimpses of the man she'd once loved.... As the sun sets on the beautiful Barossa Valley, Beth and Pierre begin a journey of discovery into the past...and as the sun rises they glimpse the future they could share....

Her Mediterranean Makeover

I'm forty, in France, on a first date: HELP! I can't believe I'm on the Cote d'Azur and being taught an amazing man! Jacques is making me feel young, sexy and special again - taking me all over the coast from Nice to Monaco. I feel like a superstar, not a tired old mum, and I wouldn't swap this feeling for the world. Now I just have to decide what to wear on our first proper date! Wow - maybe life can begin at forty?

The Single Dad's Patchwork Family

Chase Mattner has come to tranquil, secluded Leo Bay to raise his daughter. In their house by the ocean, he plans a simple life. Regan Jantz isn't looking for distractions, either. With a tuna farm to run and two young sons to bring up alone, she's got her hands full. But as single parents, Regan and Chase form a special bond. For so long their lives have been like jigsaws without the final pieces. Could a proposal from this gorgeous single dad make them whole again?

Anybody But Him (Random Romance)

A deliciously funny rom com from Random Romance. What happens when you fall in love with the man you hate? Nicola Doyle’s dating record is a disaster, and it doesn’t improve when she returns to Redgum Valley, after an absence of twelve years, to look after her increasingly eccentric parents. There, she’s thrown into regular contact with Blair Morrissey – the very reason she couldn’t wait to leave town in the first place. The decade-old scars are still raw from that humiliating day in high school – when Blair went from the boy she loved to the boy she hated.Except Blair doesn’t seem to be a ‘bad boy’ any more – in fact, he’s charming, infuriatingly helpful and extremely attractive. If only Nicola could forgive and forget . .

Love on Location (Random Romance)

A deliciously fun rom com about a girl who has big dreams and just can't stop herself from falling in love. Shayna is this close to getting her dream job as a location manager for a new TV soap, she just needs to find the right house to film it in, and the job is hers. Luckily, she's found the perfect place. Unluckily, the owner - who is tall, blond and more handsome than is fair - is stubbornly refusing to let her use it unless she goes to dinner with him. No harm in that, right? Lachlan swore he'd never go back into show business - not after his heart was broken - and the last thing he wants is a film crew traipsing through his house, but there's something about Shayna that's making it hard to say no . . . He won't let anyone near his heart, and she's not looking for love - what could possibly go wrong?

More Than Just Pretend (The Selwood Sisters Novellas Book 2)

After a bitter divorce, Gwen desperately wants to create a stable home for her teenage daughter. Returning to her hometown, Gwen finds that her parents’ old house needs work, and builder Tyler, a man who knows how to wear a tool belt, is just the man to do it. But Gwen and Tyler have a history, and when her daughter convinces them to pose as a couple at a family function, some very real feelings resurface. When the fake relationship ends, will they break their own rules and take a risk on one that’s more than just pretend?

More Than Just One Night (The Selwood Sisters Novellas Book 1)

Cora, the oldest of the Selwood sisters, has been keeping the family business going since her husband died six years ago. She doesn’t need the distraction of secretly seeing a man who is too young for her, nor the gossip that will result if their relationship is discovered. But what was supposed to be a one-night stand turns into so much more, and uptight, meticulous, conservative Cora finds herself unable to resist Alex, the laidback lawyer. Can he dismantle the barricades she’s built around her heart and help her see that she’s only living half a life? A sweet contemporary romance and the first novella in the Selwood Sisters series.

Pregnant: Father Wanted (Baby on Board)

Australian travel writer Lyssa Belperio may be pregnant and alone, but she can't wait to be a mum. A job offer on the Amalfi Coast of Italy gives her the chance to make a fresh start and hopefully settle down once her baby is born. But her plans go awry once she meets Ric - a professional footballer with a celebrity lifestyle. There is more beneath the surface than Italian playboy Ric lets the world see. And once they meet, Lyssa begins to wonder if he could be the perfect father for her baby.

Best Friend...Future Wife

Della has always been in love with her childhood friend Luke, with his charming smile and his gorgeous gray eyes. Trouble is, Luke's only ever wanted to befriends. And when he moved overseas she lost even that. Then Luke unexpectedly returns home, and lights up Della's world all over again. Della must make an agonizing decision reveal her true feelings to Luke and risk rejection, or keep them hidden forever, never knowing what they could have had. What would you do?

Flirting with Danger: A Firefighters of Adelaide Novel

To be together is dangerous. To stay apart is impossible. Firefighter Jasmine Mackinnon has always just been one of the guys. So no one’s more shocked than she is to find herself kissing fellow firefighter and all-around sinfully handsome playboy Aaron Parkes after a friend’s wedding. Jasmine knows she can’t risk an emotional connection with a colleague—a potentially dangerous entanglement when fighting fires together—and nothing's more important to her than her job. Aaron never noticed how beautiful Jasmine was until he saw her out of her firefighter duds, but there’s something about the fiery woman that tempts him. Though he knows pursuing a real relationship is out of the question for a serial dater like him, when their casual flirtation builds into something more serious, it's not just their jobs or their safety on the line. It's their hearts.

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