Colin Falconer

Colin Falconer

Sydney, New South Wales

Colin Falconer is an internationally best-selling author. Born in London, he was a freelance journalist and advertising copywriter for many years. But writing novels was his passion and led him to write his first book, Venom, based on his own experiences in South East Asia.
He has now published over 50 books that have been translated into 23 languages. He travels widely for research; it has led him to chasing tornadoes in Texas, diving with sharks in South Africa and running with the bulls in Spain.

Historical, International Mystery & Crime, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

The Certainty Of Doing Evil

Book II in the brand new crime series by International Bestselling Author Colin Falconer ‘The unique and supreme pleasure of love lies in the certainty of doing evil’ She is naked. She is spreadeagled on a torture rack in a basement. She is dead. Well, this is what happens when you don’t vet your clients properly. Madeleine Fox supposes she shouldn’t yawn over a naked, dead woman but it is four in the morning and she’s tired. Perhaps she has seen too many dead bodies. These toms should really be more careful, especially if they’re going to specialise in BDSM. It’s not all 50 Shades of Grey and shopping. It’s seems like just another murder, and they find their prime suspect within twenty four hours. He insists he is innocent - but then they all do, don’t they? Fox is the only detective in the Area Major Incident Team who believes him. She decides to dig a little deeper. By the time the case file is closed everyone from the Commissioner down to Fox herself wish she hadn’t. Day by day they all come undone; the detectives, the victims and the one man who never meant for so many people to get hurt. You can peel away as many layers as you want; but never think you know everything about any human heart. Tough, funny and shocking, THE CERTAINTY OF DOING EVIL IN HELL adds to the legend of DI Madeleine Fox. But will it is also be the end of her?

Rough Justice

From International Bestselling Author Colin Falconer comes a new Crime Series: The London Babylon Series. "They’ve enforced the law. Now they want Justice." Rough Justice by Colin Falconer Catching the scrotes who shoot other drug dealers in the head in the front seat of their Corvettes in Camden at three in the morning - that’s one thing. When little girls are murdered, and you know who did it - and clever lawyers keep them out of stir - well, that’s something else. And when one of your own, fresh out of the Academy, gets kicked to death in some back alley and a guy who did it grins at you as he gets a Not Guilty verdict form an apathetic jury - well, patience starts to wear thin. Madeleine Fox is the only woman working on the Area Major Incident Team so she has developed a thick skin. Her boss is a sexist pig, and a good cop. But even he’s showing signs of wear and tear. Perhaps in a normal year they would all have got through it, just like every year before it. But this is no ordinary year. Marenko always told her it was not her job to worry about the bigger picture. You did your job and you closed case files, because you can’t change the world and you’ll go crazy trying. But that’s before the Candy Man; that’s before Michel de Bruin puts one of Marenko’s own family into a permanent vegetative state. Then certain people start to wonder about the laws they are supposed to serve. And if they ought to lend justice a hand. Tough, by turns bitterly funny and achingly poignant, ROUGH JUSTICE is the story of a London major crime squad in the year when justice is finally served - outside the courts.

The William Shakespeare Detective Agency: The Dark Lady (The Willaim Shakespeare Detective Agency) (Volume 2)

It is not easy having the same name as one of London’s darlings. People make comparisons, and you are then forever known as the loafer, the idiot cousin, the burden. He had come to London to make something of himself, like his cousin THE William Shakespeare, but instead of fame and fortune there is just the humiliation of living penniless in Will’s loft and having his heart broken by a titled and sophisticated lady. His only talents seem to brawling and bumping into the right people in disreputable taverns. Will’s Black Lady hires him to help a rich patron recover a letter. It seems like easy money; but in no time at all he finds himself tied hand and foot in a bear pit, with only an enraged bear and two of the Queen’s cut-throat secret agents for company. And from there things can only get worse. Lady Elizabeth Walsall returns from the country to break his heart yet again, and before long he finds himself rubbing shoulders with the Queen’s favourite, Essex, and somehow embroiled in a plot to poison the Queen. The second in the William Shakespeare Detective Agency series charts the underworld career of the less well known of Stratford upon Avon’s most famous family. “For I have sworn thee fair and thought thee bright, Who art as black as hell, as dark as night.”

The School of Night: The William Shakespeare Detective Agency (Volume 1)

“My name is William Shakespeare. No, not that Shakespeare; and no jests please, I’ve heard them all. I’m the other one, the ne’er do well cousin, the loafer, known to family and friends as the dunce, the one who could not recite Cicero or Horace, who could never be as good as his clever cuz, the one who has just come to Bishopsgate from Stratford with silly dreams in his head and a longing to make something more of himself than just a glover’s handyman.” What he finds in London is Lady Elizabeth Talbot, who is willing to pass a few shillings to this blundering brawler if he will help her find her husband. Poor William does not realize the trail will lead to the truth behind the death of Shakespeare’s great rival, Christopher Marlowe - or to a lifelong love affair with a woman far above his station. Each book tells the story of William’s adventures as England’s first gumshoe, set against turbulent Elizabethan politics; of his romantic pursuit of the impossible Elizabeth Talbot; while charting the career of his up and coming dramatist cousin, the bard of Stratford, but just Will to his family.

Pearls: a novel of dreams, ambition and star-crossed lovers.

' ... a rollicking historical tale of love and revenge rendered in rich detail by a master of the genre.' - Booklover ‘The truth was he had made the biggest mistake of his life. He had come here with nothing; he was sailing away with much less. If only he could take back that afternoon on Bitter Moon Lane ...’ Broome, 1913. Cameron McKenzie has come halfway around the world to find the pearl that will make his fortune. Instead, his destiny leads him to Kate Flynn, older than her years and out of her time, dreaming of horizons broader than this Chinatown in the middle of nowhere. Fiery and passionate, they are fated to collide. But the man who brings them together is the same man Cameron has sworn to tear apart - but he’s Kate's father. There are pearls that lie in the Deeps for every man. Some he never finds; some he loses through no fault of his own. But there are some he never knows he has until the moment he tosses them away... Pearls is a timeless story of dreams, ambition and star-crossed lovers.

The Good Daughter

Santa Maria, the Solomon Islands, 1941. According to Father Goode, the worst thing Corrigan ever did was impregnate his housekeeper during the Sunday service. Well, almost the worst thing. Later, while she is on a rescue mission to save a native chief on an outlying island, he also raped and murdered his niece, Rachel. At least that’s what he tells the British District Officer, Ian Manning. But the next day Rachel returns safe and sound; and besides, Manning has problems enough of his own. The Japanese have captured Singapore and the islands will soon fall into their hands. The Americans are making a vital stand on Guadalcanal. And they need someone to stay behind wehen everyone else is evacuated, and man the radio, to spy on the Japanese. The archetypal hard-drinking self destructive remittance man, Corrigan has no intention of leaving his life of depravity; after he’s Irish and neutral. And Father Goode will not abandon his flock. But when the Japanese arrive, and Father Goode is arrested, the situation becomes more complicated. And when Rachel comes to Patrick Corrigan for his help, it gets more complicated still. As the battle for nearby Guadalcanal reaches its climax, the fate of the Marines stationed there, and perhaps the fate of the whole Pacific, rests on the daily reports of one Englishman with a radio. But when he is injured, who is going to take over? And finally Patrick Corrigan must make the choice; whether he will keep running away, as he has all his life; or stay and fight for the first cause he has come to believe in - a missionary’s niece called Rachel Goode. Colin Falconer is the best selling author of ANASTASIA and the OPIUM series and fifteen other best selling novels. His books have been translated into eighteen languages.


A Hong Kong-based tale about heroin and the Mafia.

Opium: a haunting novel of love, ambition and destiny

“If you sell your soul to the devil, make sure you get a good price.” Laos 1961: Noelle Bonaventure is young, beautiful, spoiled – and lonely. When she meets a handsome and barnstorming pilot called Crocé, it seems to be everything she is looking for. She will do anything to keep him. But as Indochina descends into chaos around her, she finds that love can lead to dark places she thought she’d never go. But Noelle is a woman to be reckoned with, and her affair with affair with Crocé, played out against the looming mountains of Indochina and its blazing poppy fields, change all their lives forever. Haunting, passionate, beautifully written, OPIUM is an epic story of love, ambition and destiny spanning four turbulent decades.

Chasing the Dragon: a story of love, redemption and the Chinese triads

There was no God, no justice. But there was such a thing as hell, and he was living in it. You should have taken the money. He couldn't breathe. He slid down the wall and started to sob. Why didn't you take the money? Hong Kong, in the last days before the British handover. Sian Lacey is one of the few young women working in the Serious Crime Squad in Wanchai. She has enough to handle without the interference of an arrogant American DEA agent haunted by a terrible secret in his past. But as all of Hong Kong counts down to the takeover, they are forced to work together to unravel the truth about the mysterious Ruby Wen. Ruby owes money all over town to the worst kind of people, including the enforcer of one of Hong Kong's most notorious triads. Will she help Sian and Keelan take down one of South East Asia’s biggest drug rings? Or is she playing them, like she plays everyone else? Evocative, brilliantly researched and emotionally complex, Chasing the Dragon is the sequel to the best-selling OPIUM, an unforgettable romantic thriller about loss, love and redemption. COLIN FALCONER is the internationally bestselling author of over two dozen novels of romance and adventure that have been translated into 23 languages.

Disappeared: a novel about secrets, redemption and the power of love

ARE THERE SOME SECRETS IT'S BETTER NOT TO KNOW? Buenos Aires, 1976. The generals take control and for rich Jewish financiers like Reuben Altman the world is coming to an end, just as it should be beginning. He has a beautiful wife who has just given him two twin baby daughters, Diana and Simone. But the night the death squads come to his apartment, he is not there, he is with his mistress. It is a sin he will pay for, over and over again. The man who tortures and murders his wife also takes one of his baby daughters as his own. But what happened to Diana? Many years later, after the junta are overthrown, Reuben Altman returns to Argentine to try and unravel the secrets. A deeply religious country with a dark and violent past, Argentine has always treated its generals with as much reverence as its priests. So it does not surprise him when his search leads him to Rome and the headquarters of the Catholic Church. In uncovering the truth he threatens men with powerful links to the international arms business and the Vatican bank itself. But Reuben is a man looking for redemption and will stop at nothing to bring his daughters back together and uncover the most terrible secret any father can ever keep. Colin Falconer is the international best selling author of ANASTASIA and VENOM and over two dozen other best selling novels. His books have been translated into 23 languages.

Venom: an edge of the seat thriller about murder, passion and revenge

Fall in love with the wrong man and you could get burned ‘I will survive,’ he promised the black silence. ‘I will survive and I will come back to haunt you. All of you ...’ It began like a page from the Kama Sutra; a beautiful French girl and her Indian lover locked in the white heat of illicit passion. But Michel, the child of this illicit union is not wanted by anyone. Thrown out into the dangerous streets, he grows into a ferocious manhood in the alleys of wartime Saigon. He remembers every beating, and every betrayal. Possessed of a raw sexuality and the flair of a master criminal, he learns not only to survive, but to thrive in his pitiless world. His journey leads him along the hippie trails of Asia in the seventies, in a series of horrific but seemingly unconnected murders. In the Interpol headquarters in Paris, Captain Rene Budjinski tries to make sense of the bloody trail that stretches from the neon streets of Bangkok to the ancient banks of the Ganges. Eventually he gets his man. But as the judge’s gavel cracks across a Delhi courtroom he cannot imagine how justice will hang on one last ironic twist of fate. An unputdownable thriller with an ending that will leave you stunned

My Beautiful Spy: an unforgettable WW2 love story of passion and intrigue

WHEN YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYONE, WHY WOULD YOU TRUST THE WOMAN YOU LOVE? ‘Nick Davis first saw Daniela Simonici in the American Bar of the Athenee Palace Hotel in Bucharest in June of 1940. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. The city was full of beautiful women, penniless countesses and fox-furred demi-mondaines looking to be rescued, and until that moment he had spared them only an appreciative glance. But this woman was different . . .’ 1940. Europe is at war and British diplomat Nick Davis is posted to Bucharest. Known as ‘little Paris’ and graced with beautiful boulevards, even an Arc de Triomphe, Bucharest was once a centre of fashion, art and culture. But the Nazis have recently arrived, and terror has overtaken the city. But Nick Davis is not a diplomat; he is a spy. When he rescues the beautiful but mysterious Daniela Simonici, mistress to a German businessman, his life is changed forever. They fall for each other, hard, and soon she is spying for Nick. But who is Daniela Simonici? Who does she really love? And who is she really spying for? In the tradition of Alan Furst and CJ Sansom, ISTANBUL is an unforgettable love story set against a backdrop of breath-taking romance and byzantine intrigue.

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