Dora Bramden

Dora Bramden

Melbourne, Victoria

Dora Bramden lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has a passion for writing contemporary sexy romances. Set in Exotic locations, her heroes and heroines have high profile lives and make high stakes decisions both in business and relationships. Living life in the public arena means scandal is an ever present risk but they are no strangers to risking all for what they desire.

In 2013 Dora won the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award (category section) and in 2015 became the Coordinator for the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild.

Holidays, Romance

A Wife for the Orange Farmer

David wants to convince his grandmother’s temporary Carer to stay on the farm because Ruth is so attached to her. When it becomes clear his Grandmother isn't the only one who'll miss free spirited Claire, he questions the wisdom of her being a permanent resident at the farm. His first wife never got used to the isolation and left him. But when David sees how perfectly Claire fits in he risks his heart one last time. Can he convince Claire she belongs with him. Claire finds her affection for her patient is crossing the professional line and can only lead to heart ache. But falling for Ruth's grandson is risking a double broken heart.

A Dance With The Laird (The Baxter Sisters Book 1)

Forbidden passion begins in a dance with the Laird. Australian, event coordinator, Natalie Baxter, is on assignment in the UK. She’s striving to build a new life after losing her husband and unborn child in a horrific car accident. Unable to conceive again she’s organizing fundraising events to help the world’s most vulnerable children. This is to be her future life’s work but her philanthropist client, Angus McLaren, stirs her heart once more in a dance which undermines her new life plan. Angus needs to keep his heart on ice. His last attempt at making a life with his brother's widow ended in divorce. This time around he'll marry for practical reasons and produce a blue blood heir for his family estate. The work of his Foundation with orphans in the third world must be secured for the future, but Natalie, the only woman he can think about spending his life with can’t give him a child of his own. Can he put aside a succession that goes back five hundred years and have his heart’s desire?

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