Elisabeth Rose

Elisabeth Rose

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Elisabeth Rose lives in Australia's capital, Canberra. She completed a performance degree on clarinet, travelled Europe with her musician husband and returned to Canberra to raise two children. Tai Chi, music and travel are major parts of her life. Reading has been a life long love, writing romance and now romantic suspense, a more recent delight.

Clean & Wholesome, Contemporary, Historical, Holidays, Inspirational, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense

Eve's Passion

Sell beloved Eden to a developer? Watch the apple trees bulldozed for hobby farms? 'You'll have to sell, it's inevitable,' states charming and persuasive Adam Henderson. 'I'll give you a good price.' 'Over my dead body,' cries owner, Eve McGregor. Eden was her father's dream and now, all she has in the world. Since his death Eve has struggled to keep the orchard going but the bank is threatening foreclosure and Adam, wealthy, determined and far too attractive, won't take no for an answer. Besieged on all sides how can Eve save Eden? Will Adam convince her the future is more important than the past?

Strings Attached

Hannah, a talented but disorganized violinist, is going on a concert tour of rural Australia. Jack, a famous wilderness photographer, agrees to accompany the musicians and provide photos of the trip, as a favour to his uncle Bernard, the tour leader. Another favour is collecting Hannah, but she isn't ready. The cat has had an accident, and any prospect of a leisurely trip alone in his car is shattered when the tour bus departs without her. Enforced confinement with a chattering, messy, infuriatingly cheerful woman is Jack's idea of hell. Their relationship deteriorates rapidly as even more areas of disagreement emerge. An added irritation on both sides is undeniable physical attraction. How will they survive a night in the car, stranded by floodwaters, on an isolated country road? And once back in Sydney, is there any future for the reluctant, fledgling couple?

Trouble in Nirvana

Betrayed by her fiance, freelance musician Primrose Pretty escapes to Nirvana, her brother Danny's rural Australian commune. Although determined to live the simple life, Primrose finds the primitive conditions and slack attitude of the "residents" stressful. Her awkward relationship with her brother creates even more problems and reopens family wounds she'd sought to heal. Danny, with secrets of his own, wishes interfering Primrose would leave. Tom Fairbrother, owner of the flourishing property next door, offers an attractive alternative to the commune. After a passionate night with him, Primrose is confused. Is he merely a distraction, or is what she feels real and everlasting? Primrose seems to reciprocate Tom's attraction but flirting is one thing and he knows a high maintenance, single minded, inflexible city woman is not a long term prospect as a hardworking farmer's wife. With no future to offer her, how can he ask her to stay?

Mango Kisses

A sweet, summery, beach-side romance from the author of E for England and The Ripple Effect. Sent to assess a deceased estate in a small coastal town, ambitious city girl Tiffany Holland is initially annoyed by the out-of-the-way assignment. But she soon discovers sleepy Birrigai hides a wealth of surprises: a cross-dressing motel manager, a Kissing College and her client Miles Frobisher, the laid back, surf-shop owning, real life sex fantasy. Tiffany's ambition is to become a junior partner in her financial firm, but small town life and the proximity of Miles gradually seduce her. But a shocking discovery in the estate papers leads to a dramatic change in Miles's circumstances. Emotionally inept, Tiffany is unable to help Miles through the transition, and drives him away. With misunderstandings and secrets creating frost between them, it seems that their summer romance is destined to go cold. Can they overcome their differences and learn to accept their feelings?

Love on the North Shore Line

It’s just one of those days for concert bassoonist Dimity Farr—she’s informed she needs to find a new home to make room for her landlady’s distraught daughter; she receives an invitation for inevitable belittling at her cousin’s wedding; and to top it all off, she loses her favorite pink scarf. When Marcus steps into her life through a classified ad for the missing scarf, the two begin a journey of near-misses and odd coincidences. They encounter mishap after mishap, with a ruined dress, a car accident, and what seems like fate all conspiring to keep the two apart. Is Marcus only interested in Dimity because of her family’s business connection? Is Dimity too focused on Marcus’s profession to see the man underneath? Love on the North Shore Line is a delightful tale about two kindred hearts, with entirely different upbringings, navigating life’s pitfalls and proving that love will always find a way.

Empty Heart

One honeymoon, one vanished husband, one desperate wife—and the cop who is tasked to help her, but can’t seem to keep his thoughts on the job. Honeymooner Nikki Spenser emerges from the surf at Surfers Paradise and can’t find her husband, her towel, or her clothes on the beach. Carlos has disappeared from her life as suddenly as he entered it. In despair, Nikki returns to Sydney where she is contacted by Detective Luke Emerson, a reminder from her past she thought never to see again. Luke informs her that the man she married so recklessly in Las Vegas three weeks prior doesn’t exist. Everything she knew about Carlos is a lie, and Nikki realises she knows nothing about her husband—not where he is, not even who he is. As Nikki and Luke chase down tenuous leads, they soon find themselves plunged into an ever-widening sea of international crime and violence, and Nikki is faced with the hard questions—how much of her love is based on lies, and how much is true?

Evidence Of Love

She survived years as a gangland wife, sacrificing everything to the family. But now they’re threatening the one thing that she will never, ever give up — her child. When Maja's abusive gang boss husband Tony is murdered, she takes the opportunity to flee, change her name, and leave her criminal family and her past behind. As Lara Moore, she and her toddler son Petey live quietly in suburban Sydney. Then, one act of kindness threatens to reveal her secrets and unravel the threads of her new life. But Detective Nick is dedicated and determined, the antithesis of everything she was brought up to believe about the police. Slowly, Maja finds herself drawn out of her shell and into his protective embrace. Investigating Detective Nick Lawson doesn’t know what it is about the prickly, reclusive young mother that attracts and intrigues him, but as the facts about her crime-steeped family emerge, Nick doubts whether his career would survive this relationship, even if she were interested. Then, to Lara’s horror, her past meets her present, and thoughts of love and a future are lost as the fight for her child begins.

The Ripple Effect

For lovers of Debbie Macomber, a powerfully emotional romance about one tragic event, and the family, community, and love that must face the consequences. Twenty-seven years ago, in the heat and chaos of raging bushfires, local police find a toddler and a newborn baby beside the body of a runaway teenage girl, and the course of two people’s lives is altered forever... When Shay Brookes and Joelle Paice meet again, they experience an instant, but immediately suppressed attraction. Together, seeking their birth parents, they traverse the emotional minefield of ruptured families — both old and new — discovering lies, mistakes, truths, guilt, and ultimately love, all rippling out from one tragic moment in the past.

E For England

From the author of The Ripple Effect comes a poignant novel about a mother who has given up everything for her kids, and her opportunity to take a risk on something for herself. Annie never thought to use underwear to meet a man, but the trick works on her downstairs neighbour, Hugh. Though he’s a handsome English doctor, Annie wants nothing more than friendship. Luckily, neither does Hugh. But their friendship is shaken and their resolve tested when Annie’s flatmate, sexy and voracious Leonie, meets Hugh. Annie has no claim on Hugh’s nights, but can she bear to lose him to Leonie? And when Annie’s husband suddenly reappears, will Hugh fight for the family he didn’t know he needed?

Coming Home

With her career as a cellist crippled by a repetitive stress injury, Libby is back in Sydney seeking employment and a home. When Libby meets Charles, memories stir -- of an obnoxious man in the apartment below thumping on the ceiling when she practiced cello, yelling in an English accent about 'selfish musicians' and 'cat's yowling.' But that was eight years ago, in Vienna. The son of famous musical parents, Charles had a lonely, bitter childhood, alleviated only by his great-aunt Gloria who, now in her frail old age, lives with him. He's never forgotten beautiful Libby but he could never let himself fall in love with such an obsessive musician. When Gloria hires Libby as her live-in companion, Charles is astounded. But without her cello, Libby's charms begin to beguile him, and Libby realizes that there may be more to life than music. Libby and Charles must deal with their personal struggles and resolve the discord between them if they can ever hope to live in harmony.

Find Her

A chance sighting leads to second chances – for hope, for family, and for love. Five years ago, teenager Antonia disappeared. With no compelling evidence, the police eventually called her a run-away, and dropped the case. Her teacher, Jax, has always regretted not speaking up about the rumours she heard circling the school that day, but a random sighting at a train station raises the possibility that Antonia is still alive – and not too far away. Antonia’s father, Connor has never given up hope that his daughter will be found and returned to her family. When her old teacher, Jax, calls him with a small spark of a lead, he seizes it with both hands, determined to chase it down. But there’s more at play than simple teenage rebellion and the path Jax and Connor travel rapidly becomes more dangerous than either could have imagined, and opens up new possibilities that neither could have expected.

Instant Family

At twenty-one, Chloe Gardiner put life on hold to raise her three orphaned step-siblings. Five years later, Chloe is shocked when teenage Sebastian gets into trouble with the police. A victim of Seb's vandalism, and initially reluctant to involve himself with his rehabilitation, divorced architect Alex Bergman is surprised by their friendship. He realizes that all Seb and his twin brother need is a good male role model. Pretty Chloe has not only neglected her own life, but begun to smother theirs. Determined not to be distracted by an attractive man whose motives she can't trust, Chloe daydreams of a life free from children where she can finish her music degree. Can Alex convince her that their dreams can coexist?

The Right Chord

Unceremoniously dumped by her latest boyfriend, violinist Grace Richmond is told she is too easygoing, a pushover. So she swaps her eclectic clothing for power suits, pins up her wayward curls and acts tough. Voila! New Grace is born. But the fine line between assertive and obnoxious eludes her. Her new persona seems to be generating greater problems---particularly in her relationship with her attractive new neighbor. Can she let down her guard long enough for him to see the true Grace---clumsy and soft though she may be? Recently divorced sci-fi writer Harry Birmingham just wants a quiet life in suburbia with his eight-year-old son, William, and their dog, Woof. He swiftly discovers two things---his new home is next door to a practicing musician, and Woof howls when he hears a violin. Intent on peaceful cohabitation, Harry is alarmed to meet a woman frighteningly reminiscent of his ex-wife. Grace is aggressive, prickly, and downright rude, even if she is gorgeous. But Harry wonders if he's missing something---William and Woof adore her. Is there more to Grace than meets the eye?

The Tangled Web

Tess Fuller's plan was simple -- take out a loan to buy the Mercedes convertible and find a boarder to cover the repayments. Tess' problem is: no boarder. That is, until handsome David Montgomery arrives to take up his position as Concert Master of the City symphony, of which Tess is a member. If she can convince David to rent the spare room in the house she inherited from her millionaire father, her problem is solved. The trouble is, serious minded David hates sharing, doesn't like dogs -- of which Tess has two -- and remembers her as an attractive but wild party girl from their Music school days. Tess remembers David as the frustratingly unsociable heartthrob she adored from afar. When Tess tries to prove to David that she has changed, her efforts create even more problems.

Outback Hero

Jonathan Knight can't believe his eyes when singer Stella Starr appears in his tiny outback town of Koologong. Stranded when her car breaks down, she is the answer to his prayers. If he can convince Stella to model the cotton clothing his company, Koolwear, produces, the struggling local industry will be saved. One problem. Stella is in disguise, calling herself Sue Starkey. After a humiliating divorce, Stella has fled the media spotlight. A celebrity since the age of fifteen, she is desperate to be liked for who she is, not what she is. Convinced no one in Koologong recognizes her, she enjoys the attention of the local hero, Jonathan. What could he want from ordinary Sue? Falling in love becomes a torment as both Stella and Jonathan find their deceptions looming like storm clouds over their future.

The Wedding Party

Phoebe Curtis is thrilled when asked to marry friends Lindy and Alex in her seaside hometown of Narooma. Lindy has arranged a pre-wedding holiday week, Phoebe included, as a reunion for Alex and his two Best Men. Phoebe loves weddings and hopes for her own happily ever after. Brady Winters reluctantly leaves his luxury charter yacht company in the Mediterranean for a flying trip to Australia to be Best Man. A week is all he can spare and, as a confirmed and cynical bachelor, spending time with an overexcited group of women preparing for a wedding is the last thing he wants. But as Lindy's meticulous plans go awry, Phoebe's sense of duty almost halts the wedding, and a dental crisis forces Brady to stay on long enough for him to discover a wedding of his own might not be too bad after all. But will Phoebe have him?


When Gina Tait and Brad Harding spend ninety minutes stuck in an elevator together, neither can deny an intense physical attraction. Neither can they deny that in the real world, their ambitions and life views are polar opposites. Despite a constant, nagging desire to stay in contact, both Brad and Gina agree nothing could ever come of a relationship between an ambitious, single, city girl and a laid-back, widowed father of two girls from a small country town. It's better not to start something that can never be. Fate, however, in the form of a raging storm and Brad's twelve-year-old daughter, has other plans.

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