Emily Madden

Emily Madden

Sydney, New South Wales

I am a book nerd, coffee lover and love anything 80’s (except the fashion, okay, I admit – I like some of it).

My love of books started at a young age when I would often go shopping with my mum just so I could score yet another novel. Nothing has changed – I rarely leave a bookstore without a book.

I read anything and everything, but stories that touch the heart and uplift the soul are what I love the most.

I have an unnatural obsession with needing to be close to the ocean, but am terrified of deep water.

Contemporary, Romance

Summers With Juliette

No matter where, no matter when, no matter what. Almost twenty years ago, on a beautiful coastal cliff, Juliette Cole, Anna Kendall and Sera Di Maggio linked pinkies and made a vow to be there for each other no matter what might happen in their lives. Now Juliette is calling in the promise – terminally ill, she wants her two friends to come back to Ellesmere to help her through her last summer. The trouble is Anna and Sera haven't spoken in years, and Anna hasn't returned home since she and her mother were run out of town in disgrace. But Anna and Sera do have one thing in common: they want Juliette to fight her cancer by any means possible. When they realise the only way may be to find a man called Noah, they reluctantly agree to put aside their differences and search for him. But, as Anna and Sera discover, sometimes facing the past is the best way to face the future, and perhaps the only way they will find the strength for their last summer with Juliette.

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