Imogene Nix

Imogene Nix

North Burnett, Queensland

Imogene Nix is a multi-published author of both erotic romance and town histories. Imogene is published in a range of romance genres including Paranormal, Science Fiction and Contemporary. She is mainly published in the UK and USA due to the nature of her tales.
In 2011, Imogene Nix was born at the Bondi ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) Conference. Returning from the conference enthused, Imogene sat down and worked tirelessly for 3 months culminating in the books Starline. This book became the first in a trilogy titled, "Warriors of the Elector." In fact, she has completed six entire series. Imogene has successfully been contracted for twenty-five titles and self published three others, under this pseudonym. She has also completed another three and is, like many of her contemporaries, seeking homes for these books—with at least one likely to be self published once ready.
Sex, Love & Aliens Vol 1, written as part of a Beachwalk Press anthology, was an All Romance EBook bestseller, Amazon bestseller and topped a range of other charts. Starline, Imogene's first title also ranked third in "Show Me The Spark" competition for a USA Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Two of Imogene's titles have also featured in USA Today's magazine - The Blood Bride and Hesparia's Tears, while Starfire (second Warriors of the Elector Novel) garnered a review in the prestigious Romantic Times magazine (the industry magazine for romance readers, writers and booksellers.) A ranger of Imogene's titles have also topped variety of sales charts.
Imogene is a member of a range of professional organisations, including Romance Writers of Australia (where she holds a committee position as the Public Relations). She is also a member of Romance Writers of America, FFP (Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal) Chapter of RWA (US), (ARRA) Australian Romance Readers Association, Science Fiction Romance Brigade (SFRB), Dark Siders Down Under (the Australian Paranormal, Fantasy and Futuristic Chapter of RWA), Erotic Writers of Australia and Queensland Writers Centre and most recently Romance Writers of New Zealand.
Over the years, Imogene has mentored a number of beginning authors and continues to engage in these activities, with this work seeing her awarded Senior Cultural Award in 2014 for Gayndah. She still works with beginning and mid-career authors. Imogene has presented at a number of events including ARRA (Brisbane Conference), Bundaberg Library and ALGWA to name a few. She has also fronted panels at a range of gatherings.

Contemporary, Galactic Empire, Military, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

A Stranger's Embrace

Davis and Jane... Cupid is at it again with a little more divine intervention, but can love survive the danger ahead? Jane has been living a lie, with her daughter Frannie while on the run from her abusive husband. Davis Formosa, world famous science fiction author has been intrigued by the quiet and unassuming waitress at the diner he has taken to frequenting. But Cupid in the guise of Jake has his work cut out helping these two to find their happy ending, especially in the face of increasing danger.

The Sorcerer's Touch (Blood Secrets Book 3)

Since the Slaughterhouse Rout, Daniel has nursed his abilities, but the decision he faces will change his life and those of everyone around him. Whether the change is positive or not remains to be seen. Cressida fears that history will repeat itself. Once before she lost everything she held dear, but after centuries of hiding she must face her past in order to forge a new future. Has she waited too long and pushed Daniel away too well? The darkness draws closer…

The Illuminated Witch (Blood Secrets Book 2)

Celina has always been alone, until the new Master, Javed, draws her close. But danger and passion are never far away. After years of struggling alone, Celina—a witchling of immense power—must find her place in the world of vampires. But while Javed is building a new nest—the first new one in a century—and struggling to overcome his own demons, an ancient evil stirs. Now with Celina in danger, time running out and the demands of a fledgling nest, can their love possibly overcome every obstacle?

The Chocolate Affair

Deanna lives for her job. When Scheherazade Chocolates is bought out by an off-world consortium, her livelihood and her employees’ futures are jeopardized. Even worse, the consortium are sending one of their own to inspect the business. JD Ruan has been sent to assess the situation, but he has a great big secret. He’s a demon and not just any kind of demon. He’s a pleasure demon.

Executing Justice (The Reunion Trilogy Book 3)

The end game is looming, but whether the last of the Ito family will find his happily ever after is in the balance. Tomi Ito must deal with the knowledge that the woman he's loved forever, Gillian Edgemont, thinks he's abandoned her in her time of need. But when he's abducted, she's there to help save him. Gillian is running from the wreck of her life and the unrequited passion she holds for her former boss, Senator Tomi Ito. When he follows her to Vega II so does the danger that's been dogging the Ito family. As the finale looms, does it include a future for Tomi and Gillian? Or will it all turn to ashes?

The Assassin (The Reunion Trilogy Book 2)

Kumi Ito has her mission, as does Carmichael Snow, but are their objectives compatible? Kumi Ito is a woman with a problem. Since assuming the role of head of the Commerce Department, she's found discrepancies…the kind that could cause anarchy if the truth got out. When Carmichael Snow, the commander of the Emancipation, comes across intelligence that someone has placed a hit on Kumi, he has to save her. His plan? Hide her and find the assassin. As they dodge the killer, a passion ignites between them that runs from simmering all the way to steamy. But will the actions of one snatch away their happiness before they can accept what is growing between them?

Hesparia's Tears

What will happen when the past catches up? Galan is from Hesparia, a prince on a planet where the females are dying out his people need an alliance with the humans. Jessa has a past, one she hasn’t earned but cannot escape. What will happen when opportunity knocks? Galan travels to earth, hoping to plead the case for Hesparia. He doesn’t expect Jessa or The Quickening. Can he make the case for women to migrate to Hesparia? Can he get the humans to trust him enough to form an alliance? And is there hope for this couple to overcome the obstacles in their way?

Starburst (Warriors of the Elector Book 5)

Can Meredith and Chowd survive the politics and war, or will secrets tear them apart? Meredith Gentry is a woman with a mission. Her skills are vital in assisting in the defeat of the rogues who seek to annihilate the Federation. Her task, to decode all the files and communications found on the Alpha Star Colony, is made far more difficult by the proximity of the man who makes her yearn for love. Chowd knows he's different. He's an alien-human hybrid, one of very few. Those differences always kept him apart—except on the Elector. Until now he's accepted that…mostly. When Meredith is sent to work on the Elector, the differences that should keep them apart don't seem to matter—yet it's Chowd's heritage that threatens to destroy the fragile peace between the humans and Ru'Edan. With so much on the line, is there truly a way these two lovers can be together? Especially when Chowd's heritage is exposed.

The Blood Bride (Blood Secrets Book 1)

Book One in the Blood Secrets series. Hope and Xavier must fight for their lives and those of the innocents in a battle for good and evil. But will it be enough? Hope just wants to be an ordinary nestling. She went to college and escaped, but now she’s back and there’s a secret everyone is keeping from her. Xavier is the new master of the nest, ready to welcome home the daughter of the house who he has never met. He’s unprepared for the woman who steals his breath and enchants him. Now Hope and Xavier must fight for their lives and those of the innocents. After all, it is only by overcoming the rogues that they will have a chance of a timeless future together. But will it be in time?

Star of the Fleet (Warriors of the Elector Book 4)

When betrayal and loyalty collide, can love overcome all obstacles? Kera Aarens is strong, sexy, and focused on her new role as commander of security on Aenna, but she's recovering from injuries she suffered at the hand of Crick Sur Banden, the leader of the Ru'Edan Rogues. Offered the job of protecting the hidden Admiralty base, this driven warrior is desperate to regain her balance. Admiral Gustav Elphin is in charge of the base and was previously Kera's commander aboard the Star of Ishtar, the scene of his greatest regret. He vividly remembers—and regrets—not fulfilling the promise of one night of passion with this amazing woman. Now Kera's back in his life, and he'd do just about anything to close the emotional chasm between them. Facing a breach of station security, and multiple personal threats to each of them, Kera and Gustav must work together to neutralize the agent who's hidden among the workers of the station. And somewhere along the way, maybe, they will find a second chance at love. Content Warning: Space travel, violence, and evil aliens abound

Starfire (Warriors of the Elector Book 3)

Jemma and Raven find forever on the eve of war. Jemma Cardnew is hard-nosed and determined. Her life consisted of growing up in an orphanage, only to be kidnapped and dumped at the academy without choice by those in charge of the Elector. She deems anyone telling her how to live her life to be high-handed. That includes Raven, the ship's gorgeous engineer, no matter how much she feels emotionally drawn to him. Raven Fraser has a multitude of problems: the power matrix of the Elector is leaving the ship unprotected and afloat in space while Crick Sur Banden taunts the Empire, leaving them on the verge of war. And the woman he dreams of is avoiding him, playing havoc with his concentration. Thrust together under trying circumstances, the promise of explosive passion consumes them both as they attempt to save the Empire.

Starline (Warriors of the Elector Book 2)

One man, one woman, one psychotic alien. The race is on to save humanity. Past, present, and future. Mellissa Davis is your average bookstore owner and aspiring romance author until one day an electronic bookpad slides through the mail slot of her small store. Now all she has to worry about is a sexy, time-traveling stealth ship captain, staying out of the way of the bad guy, and saving the universe. Not much to ask… Duvall McCord, an up-and-coming space captain, travels to the past to stop the Ru'Edan leader's plans to destroy the Earth Empire before it can be formed. His mission? Retrieve the handbook for the Elector. He doesn't count on saving a woman who intrigues him or having to bring her back to his time in order to keep her safe. Time is running out. They must do whatever they can to stop the plot, but will it be enough?

The Star of Ishtar (Warriors of the Elector Book 1)

Can two damaged hearts overcome the past and find a love that's endless? The first time Elara laid eyes on Grayson was when he rescued her from the clutches of a madman and his scientists who were kidnapping humans and conducting horrific experiments on them. That was years ago. In spite of her attempts to deepen their relationship, they remained nothing more than close friends. Now Elara is a medic with the Admiralty, and she knows what she wants. It's been Grayson since the beginning. When Elara is stationed on the Star of Ishtar, she arrives with a plan to further her career. But this time her plan has an added bonus—to finally get her man. Grayson's spent years fighting the connection between himself and Elara. He's certain it only exist because he saved her life. But his will is failing, and he fears he just might give in to temptation.


Can a cyber-enhanced warrior and a ship's captain find love together? Levia Endrado never wanted to be a warrior, but at seventeen she was deemed suitable for battle. After intense training and multiple enhancements, which gave her superior strength and healing ability, she was sent off to defeat the enemy—a killing machine with a mission. When the war was over, she had to find a new life. At twenty-seven she's a washed-up veteran without a future. Or she was, until she met Sandon Daria. Serving as a pilot aboard Sandon's spaceship the Golden Echo makes Levia long for a different and gentler life. But old hurts and even older enemies aren't so easily forgotten. Particularly when they come back for her. Sandon is determined to show Levia that she's more than just a BioCybe…she's the woman who completes him. Getting close is just the first step, keeping her alive is an even bigger challenge, but one he's willing to take because the prize is their combined future.

Blame the Wine

Cara and Dillon, two clueless lovers are on their last chance get a little a little help…of the supernatural kind. Cara is stuck. A job going nowhere and a hankering for the sexy gorgeous boss who doesn’t even know she exists. Fate, in the guise of a temp position arrives…Where will it lead? Dillon is a geek. No other word could possibly describe him. He may be sexy and super brainy, but he’s totally clueless with women and especially the sexy plus size Cara. But when his PA takes emergency leave before her wedding, the luscious Cara is the best applicant for the position. It’s an opportunity he can’t pass up. What will happen when two clueless, wannabe lovers get a little divine intervention?

War's End (The Reunion Trilogy Book 1)

Forced apart by war five years ago, Renjiro and Selina have another chance at love. Can they make it work or does fate have other plans? Without the citizenship of the Federation, Indy pilot Selina Codecko is treated like a second-class citizen. When she gets caught up in a bar brawl she's arrested and finds herself in the hands of the Justice Officers. Renjiro Ito has dreamed of Selina for five long years. As the Commander of the Justice Officers, the plight of this one woman will turn his life upside down. But there's more going on than just the fate of one woman—there's a seething underbelly that wants to destroy their newly expanded Federation. The chances of a future together are slim, but they'll take any chances that come their way. Will it be enough?

The Star of Eternity: A Warriors of the Elector Novella

The war might be over, but there's still skirmishes to be fought. Ambassador for the Ru'Edan Jod S'van Er is on a mission. Find Olivia Sur Banden, the daughter of deceased Ru'Edan rogue Crick Sur Banden. Only when she's been found and swears fealty to the new Alliance can the last vestiges of the disaffected be controlled. Olivia knows the danger—it's why she ran away—but when Jod and her half brother Chowd come looking, she's not willing to lose her freedom. However, with rogues hunting for her, and wanting to use her for their cause, she must accept their assistance. But whether she can accept the intriguing connection between them is yet to be seen. One last battle could make or break the fragile understanding between Jod and Olivia.

A Bar in Paris

Turning 30? All alone? A commitment-free weekend in Paris should help…shouldn't it? What does a single woman do when she's turning thirty? She takes a weekend trip to Paris looking for commitment-free sex. Or that's what Davina Chandler does, anyway. Enter Johnathon, a tall, charming Englishman. How can she possibly resist his magnetism and that sexy dimple? What starts out as a lark quickly becomes so much more, but can one weekend turn into a lifetime? And will a lie of omission bring everything into jeopardy?

The Plan

Jonah Fielding is a man with a mission— to clean up the corruption in the Department of Authority on Centauri. Kadie Frost is an orphan and hapless illegal parts runner. Her luck ran out when Jonah Fielding caught her in his net, or so she thinks. Falling for him really isn't high on her priority list. Their meeting changes a lot of things... Including the course of their life. Caution: This book contains a super hot man, a woman who needs love and steamy passion. Hang on for the ride of your life!

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