Isabella Hargreaves

Isabella Hargreaves

Brisbane, Queensland

Isabella Hargreaves writes Romance through the Ages. From the Anglo-Saxon and Danish frontier in tenth century England, to the English Civil Wars, to the Regency era and outback Australia in the 1920s, Isabella has a story to tell.
Her love of history surfaced in childhood when she subscribed to a history magazine for children. Now she works as a historian.
Isabella lives in Brisbane, Australia with her family and a house full of pets. When she's not reading and writing, Isabella loves horse-riding and walking. She dreams of an around-the world trip to indulge these passions.

Anthologies, Historical, Holidays, Romance

The Persuasion of Miss Jane Brody (The Brody Series Book 1)

Jonathan Everslie, Marquis of Dalton knows he must marry soon to provide an heir. His Aunt has already written a list of suitable ladies for Jonathan’s attention. Miss Jane Brody, daughter of a clergyman, is not on that list. Though she will never be society wife, Jonathan is captivated by Jane Brody, the only woman who doesn't bore him. As a ‘bluestocking’ who advocates the rights of women, Jane struggles to retain her principles as she finds herself falling for Jonathan.

Snowed in for Christmas: A Regency romance

Can a carriage accident and a blizzard create a Christmas miracle? After the death of his brother, Robert not only becomes Viscount Landers, but also gives up his army career and agrees to marry his brother’s beautiful fiancé to ensure the succession. When he’s snowed in for Christmas with his shrewish betrothed and her attractive but practical cousin, Eleanor Carlisle, Robert realises he’s engaged to the wrong woman. Eleanor, the impoverished daughter of a disgraced army captain, has loved her cousin’s handsome and dashing fiancé from afar, until all three are stranded together. As the temperature plunges, the heat is on Viscount Landers to untangle the ties of duty and the wishes of the heart.

Wanton Widows: Three Short Regency Romps

Three Regency-era widows seek new partners in unconventional ways. 'What a Widow Wants': The young Dowager Lady Caroline Newberry sets out to snare a lover. 'The Widow's Wedding Night': Arabella Linfield dreams of a wedding night to remember - the reality is a surprise. 'Wooing the Wealthy Widow': Can Sir Hercules Standfast pass the wealthy widow's twelve tests for suitors?

Forbidden Valentines: Three Short Regency Romances

Three spicy, heart-warming Regency stories of forbidden love that breaks the rules.

Regency Rescues: Three Short Sweet Romances

Saving the women they love from perils of Regency life. ‘Gentleman to the Rescue’: Clarissa Lanstone has been dragged to the altar by her cousin to marry old Squire Barns. Will Captain Tom Whittlesea, the love of her life, arrive in time to save her? ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’: Marianne Chaseley receives the worst news a mother can hear. Can Major Oliver Hurst convince her to let him help her one last time? ‘A True Gentleman’: Lady Emma Blanche is trapped in a situation no woman should endure. Her husband’s valet, John Wright, knows he must help her, but can they escape Sir Henry Blanche?

Journey's End on the Western Plains (Western Plains series Book 2)

Coming home can be harder than leaving. Outback Australia, 1924: Matron Marion Henderson of Idavale Private Hospital wants romance in her life and promises she’ll go out with the first man who asks. That man is Bill Carter, ex-pastoralist, ex-soldier, wanderer, whose guilt about leaving home for war has kept him from returning ever since. Marion wants someone reliable with whom to share her life, but Bill’s behaviour rekindles Marion’s memories of her war-damaged first husband. Can they face their ghosts and create a future together?

All Quiet on the Western Plains (Western Plains Series Book 1)

English nurse, Fleur Armitage, moves to outback Queensland to escape all reminders of the Great War. Jack Edgarson, pastoralist and war hero, is a damaged man living in isolation, fearful he may harm someone. Through a chance meeting their lives become entangled, but dare they love each other?

Enthralled: A Viking Romance (Divided Isles Series Book 2)

He made her his thrall, but she enthralled him. The newly-widowed Lady Eadlin of Mercia yearns for an independent life in control of her own destiny, but King Edward of Wessex has other plans. When he commands her to marry again to forge another political alliance, she flees to a convent in Kent. During a Viking raid, Eadlin is captured and taken to the English Danelaw where she is out of the king’s reach, but her life is again controlled by a powerful man. After one last Viking raid, Jarl Thorolf plans to put down his sword and farm his lands, which he realizes is the only way to achieve long-term peace in England. However, the young defiant novice whom he enslaves is King Edward's runaway goddaughter and worth a large ransom. If Eadlin escapes her captor, she risks falling into King Edward’s hands. If she stays, she risks falling in love with the enemy. Captivated by Lady Eadlin, Thorolf must decide whether to protect her or return her to King Edward and prevent war with the Anglo-Saxons. Will he choose peace or love?

Charity's Cavalier (Divided Isles series Book 1)

“In a nation divided, two enemies are united.” Sir Edward Lovelace, a Royalist, gravely wounded in Battle of Worcester, wants to live to serve his king again. Widowed during the same battle , Puritan woman Charity Goodwyn, dares to dream of an independent life, living with her aunt, unbeholden to men. Charity’s only way to safely reach her aunt is to take the Cavalier with her, disguised as her husband, and helping him escape the Parliamentarian forces. What happens when Sir Edward unexpectedly recovers, surprises and endangers them both.

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