Brigid George

Brigid George

Shire of East Gippsland, Victoria

My name is JB Rowley. There are lots of things about me I won't tell you but I will tell you that I grew up in a small Australian town in the state of Victoria called Orbost 'where the Snowy River meets the sea'. Although the river and the sea were part of my childhood, I actually grew up in the bush. I spent my childhood chasing snakes and lizards down hollow logs, playing Hansel and Gretel in the bush with my brothers, climbing trees,searching the local rubbish tip for books to read and generally behaving like a feral child. We didn't have horses but we had sheep so I used to ride on the back of a big old ram. These days I live in Melbourne (Australia) where,when I am not writing, I work as an English tutor and an oral storyteller.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who read my books and to those who generously take the time to post reviews of the books I write. I check the Amazon reviews of my books regularly and send a silent thank-you to each reviewer. I also write murder mysteries, such as Murder in Murloo, under the pen name Brigid George.

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Rippling Red (Dusty Kent Mysteries Book 3)

Another Dusty Kent mystery from Amazon Best Selling author JB Rowley (writing as Brigid George). This Australian murder mystery takes the reader behind the friendly laid-back facade of Darwin, Australia's northern capital, into a world where a crocodile roams the waterways in search of revenge and evil ripples in the hearts of humans. The suicide of Cody Bongiorno is devastating to those left behind. But was this gentle young man manipulated into taking his own life? Is there a link between Cody's death and the horrific crocodile attack on his comical friend, Jerry Lucas? Following on from her stunning success in solving the murder of a famous Byron Bay resident, amateur sleuth and investigative journalist Dusty Kent is once again determined to bring resolution to the families left behind in the wake of these tragedies. Rippling Red unfolds against a backdrop of spectacular sunsets as layers are stripped away to reveal twists, surprises, shocking truths and finally, the dark secrets that lie beneath still waters. This is Book 3 of the Dusty Kent murder mysteries following Murder in Murloo and A Devious Mind. **It is not necessary to read the Dusty Kent murder mysteries in sequence. Each one is a different stand-alone story with new characters except for Dusty and Sean: the two main characters who feature in all the stories. In other words, the books constitute a series of stories NOT a serial.

Murder in Murloo (Dusty Kent Mysteries Book 1)

Before he had a chance to blink, she flipped the youth over and tossed him onto the grass, pinning him there with her knee A Dusty Kent mystery by an Amazon Best Selling author! When a popular young woman is strangled in her home in the seaside village of Murloo, the residents are sure an itinerant surfer who disappeared after the murder is the killer. However, one year later the surfer is still missing and the killer’s identity remains a mystery. The victim’s family call in investigative journalist Dusty Kent who has an impeccable record in solving the cold cases she writes about. Dusty’s determination to investigate unresolved crime is fuelled by a personal connection through her own family tragedy. However, this case tests Dusty to the limit and she despairs of ever catching the callous killer who seems to be lurking nearby and yet... A gripping mystery imbued with the ambience of Australia—from the mysterious wood carving found with the body, the captivating characters of a small town, to the coastal splendour of the Southern Ocean. Murder in Murloo is the first book in this Australian murder mystery series introducing amateur sleuth Dusty Kent who returns to the beach town where she grew up. The novel is written by JB Rowley, author of Amazon best seller Whisper My Secret, under the pen name Brigid George.

A Devious Mind (Dusty Kent Mysteries Book 2)

A Dusty Kent Murder Mystery by an Amazon Best Selling Author! It was a silent death. One blow to her head was all it took. The killer struck Marcia Hamilton, a sixty-year-old grandmother of slim build, from behind. Marcia’s status as a distinguished author could not save her. The killer rolled her body, ‘like a piece of discarded junk’, down into a gully where it remained for almost two weeks. This murder is the most heinous crime imaginable: the crime of matricide. Dusty Kent is sure of that. But which of Marcia’s four offspring would be capable of such a deed? Dusty is determined to expose the murderer no matter who it is. Can she do it before the killer strikes again? Someone who’s already killed their mother would have no qualms about ‘bumping off’ a mere sibling in order to avoid exposure. A Devious Mind is an enthralling whodunit awash with mystery and atmosphere — from the message seemingly sent by the murder victim after her death, to the intrigue of family dynamics, to the ambling lifestyle of Byron Bay: Australia’s famous beach town. This is Book 2 of the Dusty Kent murder mysteries following Murder in Murloo. Brigid George is the pen name of JB Rowley, author of Amazon Best Sellers Whisper My Secret and Mother of Ten. *It is not necessary to read the Dusty Kent murder mysteries in sequence. Each one is a different stand-alone story with new characters except for Dusty and Sean: the two main characters who feature in all the stories. In other words, the books constitute a series NOT a serial.

A Charming Neighbour

When his wife left him for a graffiti artist she called him ‘vapid’, but John Hambleton-Smith did not accept her assessment. Then one day, through his neighbour’s open window, the word came back to haunt him. An award winning short story by JB Rowley - author of Whisper My Secret, and Murder in Murloo (under the pen name Brigid George).

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