Kate Loveday

Kate Loveday

Adelaide, South Australia

Kate Loveday grew up in the seaside suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia with a love of books, and always wanted to write. She received a Diploma of Media Studies from the Australian College of Journalism in 2002.Her career has included publication of travel articles and short stories, as well as popular fiction. She previously worked in real estate and building, as an office manager, and finally as a natural beauty therapist, running her own natural therapy business with husband Peter for many years.
In 1988 Kate and Peter moved to Sydney for business reasons, and after thirteen years in that city they spent three years caravanning around Australia. spending much time in far north Queensland and came to love the area’s beautiful tropical rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef.
When they finished travelling, they settled in the mid-north coast of NSW, but after years of being separated from her family, the pull of blood ties became too strong to resist and Kate and Peter returned to Adelaide.
When not writing, she enjoys reading, listening to music, good food and wine, and ‘hanging out’ with family and friends. She takes part in writing groups, as well as being the financial manager of a Community Association.
Kate says, “I just want to write good stories, stories you can lose yourself in, with real characters you can love – or hate – that will keep you engrossed to the end. And if I can manage to touch your heart along the way, I’m happy.”

Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Romance, Romantic Suspense

Black Mountain

Elly Cooper’s friend Jackson has gone missing — along with a journal that contains her dead father’s lifelong work and the recipe for a product he described as the ‘fountain of youth’, potentially worth millions. The catch is that the main ingredient is a rare plant found only in the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland. And only her father knew where to find it. Elly enlists the aid of ex-policeman Mitchell Beaumont to help her find Jackson, the journal and the plant. But someone else is on the trail of the precious plant, and it seems they’ll stop at nothing — even murder — to get what they want. It’s a race against time in the tropical heat as Elly and Mitchell battle the perils of the rainforest — and the feelings growing between them.

A Modern Woman: Book Three of the Redwood Trilogy

Joy Barron wants it wants it all – love, marriage and success, and she wants it NOW. She’s not about to let anything stand in the way of what she wants. Not even the risk of scandal. David Cavanagh doesn’t always agree with her but she refuses to take ‘No’ for an answer. Can their love overcome their differences ? When Josh Frazer comes to work at Redwoods it complicates Joy’s life further. Is the cost of success too great? What about love and happiness? This sequel to ‘An Independent Woman’ and ‘A Liberated Woman,’ continues the lives of Kitty Cavanagh and her daughter Joy as the years pass and the family expands.


An Australian rural romance about an unexpected inheritance that sends a city girl down deep into the country... When Cassie Taylor inherits Yallandoo, a cattle station near Cairns in Far North Queensland, she is shocked. What does she know about running cattle? But the property has been in her family for generations, and Cassie is not a quitter. She leaves behind her Sydney life and heads to the station, determined to make a go of it. But a long drought and falling prices mean challenges Cassie doesn’t expect. To save her heritage, she’s going to have to come up with some new ideas — and fast. Then the threatening letters start to arrive. Someone doesn’t want Cassie to succeed, and they’re willing to go to any lengths to stop her...

An Ambitious Woman (Redwoods Series Book 3)

Joy Barron is determined Redwoods will become a prominent thoroughbred stud, and dreams of breeding a champion racehorse. Although David Cavanagh doesn’t always agree with her ideas she refuses to take no for an answer, and schemes to get her way. After their marriage, she continues on her willful way until tragedy strikes, and fills her with remorse. Then Thunder, the big, black stallion enters their lives. When David goes to America, and Josh Frazer comes to work at Redwoods, Joy faces the biggest dilemma of her life. How can a woman love two men? She can't have them both.

In Search of Love (Redwoods Series Book 2)

They shared one night of love. When Kitty Barron and Rufe Cavanagh meet sixteen years later, Kitty wonders if they might have a second chance at happiness. Rufe is determined they will. Kitty’s teenage daughter, Joy, and Rufe’s daughter, Lily, are school friends. While Joy embraces the idea of uniting their families, Lily burns with jealousy at the thought of sharing her father’s affection, and schemes to keep them apart. When Joy and Lily go to London for a Season, they find that beneath the gaiety and excitement not everything or everybody is as it seems. Their romances bring problems that have far-reaching effects for Kitty and Rufe, and their happiness. Can Kitty and Rufe withstand Lily’s manipulative efforts to keep them apart? Is their love strong enough?

A Woman of Spirit (Redwoods Series Book 1)

It is often a spur-of-the-moment decision that can become a turning point in life. So it is for Kitty Morland, a young woman in London in 1878. When she yields to temptation one fateful day, the consequences of her action force her to flee to Australia, hoping to join her brother. On the other side of the world, she meets two men–William, an expatriate English aristocrat, and Rufe, a charismatic Colonial entrepreneur involved with trading in diamonds and in the goldfields. Beautiful and spirited, Kitty needs all her courage and determination to survive the ordeal of marriage to William, a bullying husband. When he is drowned it leaves her alone to give birth to a daughter and to run a timber-cutting business in a male-dominated era that considers a woman only as an obedient homemaker and bed-warmer. When she is offered a chance at love and happiness with Rufe, will she make the right decision?

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