Katie Mineeff

Katie Mineeff

Wollongong, New South Wales

Katie Mineeff is a first time writer, primary school teacher and a mother of three. She lives by a stunning lake in Wollongong, NSW Australia where she spends her time in imaginative play with her three daughters or planning engaging lessons for her students. After reading the fantastical, out-of-this-world stories of her pre-teen students for six years Katie was inspired to write one of her own.

Cargo, the first book in The Cargo Trilogy is soon to be followed by Ruin (Book 2) and Refuge (Book 3).

Action & Adventure, Adventure, Dystopian, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Cargo: KATIE MINEEFF (Cargo Trilogy Book 1)

In a world of orphans one girl holds the secret that could break the age barrier... At nine, Pia cut the ropes her parents swung from. Left alone with her three year old brother, she becomes fiercely protective and self-sufficient to a fault. Eight years on, Pia is summoned to 'volunteer' as one of a ten person crew to seek out The Refuge, a rumoured sanctuary free of Age Sickness. The volunteers embark on a sea voyage and soon realize they are not the only cargo on board. Early in the journey the vicious murder of one volunteer ignites suspicions among the crew and sparks a series of events that leads Pia to unravel dangerous truths. Unsure of who to trust and fighting her feelings for fellow 'volunteer' Tomas, Pia walks a fine line between truth and lie. One shocking discovery changes everything leaving Pia questioning her past and hiding from her future. This new edition of Cargo also includes an excerpt from Ruin, Book Two in the Cargo Trilogy.

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