Leah Broadby

Leah Broadby

Hobart, Tasmania

My name is Leah Broadby. I am also Molly Billygoat, because having a second identity is fun (as long as you both get along). I spend much of my life imagining our world warped in ways beyond my imagining, which sort of defeats the purpose of imagining, doesn't it? For some reason, however, I persist with this impossible task. It could be that it prevents insanity.

It could be that it is what makes me a writer.

I personify objects (I am not delusional, simply a wishful thinker). I am an atheist and a fantasy fiend - go figure. I love fairies (both types). I lived in the Land of Kimchi for a time and speak some Korean. Asia left a long and eternal impression on who I am. I worship Monty Python, South Park, Frank Zappa, Arthur C. Clarke and other creators too numerous to list. I would worship that space spaghetti thing but I keep forgetting its name.

I come from Southern Tasmania (Australia). If you look at a map, you'll see that Tasmania is an island nestled in the nethers of the world. You'll see that, indeed, Tasmania somewhat resembles the nethers of a person. Fun facts are worth slipping into a bio, don't you think?

I've been called both "lovely" and "a freak" to my face, so take your pick. Or should you? Surely they are not mutually exclusive. If you got this far into my spiel, it is possible you'll enjoy my book. See the first page of this website for a more book-centric spiel, or click on "A Dreadful Daughter's Spells" to check it out on Amazon.

Fantasy, Humorous, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

A Dreadful Daughter's Spells

Bev’s fridge won't stop complaining, her vase has a death wish, and she suspects her daughter has ADD. Chloe knows she is “A Dreadful Daughter,” but the truth is more complicated than that. Chloe is magiken, meaning she can breathe life into objects…even if she can’t always control them. She will soon turn fourteen. Growing up means losing one’s powers. Even worse, she will lose all memories of those powers. Meanwhile, a painting is born on the wall of a dance studio. Feeling lonely and literally flat, he hops down from the wall and ventures into the dizzying, confounding world. The painting is close to starvation when he meets Chloe. Using her magic, she draws a pizza from rock, saving his life. He adopts the name “Timmy” and becomes her sidekick, of sorts. Events turn sinister when the Skizen, a creature of diabolical power, begins kidnapping young magiken. Chloe’s magic is already leaking. Before she is drained of magic, Chloe and Timmy must save the children. Also…is it ethical to fall for a painting? With a touch of Douglas Adams’ humour and a pinch of Pendleton Ward’s wackiness, this book is an unanticipated trip into the unknown.

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