Louisa Loder

Louisa Loder

Mandurah, Western Australia

Louisa lives in Mandurah, Western Australia, and drinks more coffee than is good for her. When she’s not writing or researching products, she enjoys spending time with her family. Hobbies include playing video games, watching copious amounts of tv, and various craft-related initiatives. Her fantasy novella Stormfate was released in March.
She strongly believes that the truth is still out there.

Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy


Under the endless spread of trees in the infamous Fallow Wood, the remaining forces of the Royal Guard feel the tension of the gathering storm and begin to question their leadership. Even with his best friend Valnor by his side, King Hadrian is on edge and feels helpless to protect the land of Padallia. High above the city of Dunarran, Queen Ardea maintains a worried vigil over the dark stain of the Wood from her tower window and watches for her husband's return. Wylden, a Fae Ranger, is also caught in the storm as he searches for the answers that his Elders are unwilling to give him. The storm breaks with an unparalleled ferocity, and rages through the night. No one escapes unscathed, and Padallia will be changed forever.

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