Lucinda Ireland

Lucinda Ireland

Melbourne, Victoria

I'm an Aussie author based in Melbourne.
I love writing for kids and have been writing books since 2003. When I'm not writing, I teach swimming and am a teachers' aide because I love being in water and reading - just not at the same time!
I have too many pets; I blame it on my kids. I have two chickens, two guinea pigs, and one cat.

I have a Diploma of Library and Information services and have been working in primary schools for 7 years. For the last ten years, I have been writing and teaching swimming to school aged students.

You can find my books on Amazon (most countries) and Fishpond - Australia.

Action & Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Police Procedurals, Private Investigators, Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

Mrs Bentley's Pod

Camp is meant to be a good thing, right? But when grade 5/6 camp is announced, not everyone is happy. Then the chaos begins and Michelle has to find out who is deliberately getting the class in trouble before Mrs Bentley won't let anybody in their pod go! But how can Michelle save camp when somebody starts a gooey gobstopper fight, insults the teacher, and sets up a boobytrapped bucket above the classroom door? It will take great detective work and good friends to save the chance to go on grade 5/6 camp! Pods draws the reader into a mystery that 8-11 year olds will want to solve while laughing at the hilarious antics of the class. It also touches on science, increasing interest in fun experiments and potential environmental problems of the future.

Searching for Home

Searching for Home is the amazing journey of Maddie who leaves home in search for the missing element in her life: her father. Soon joined by Leith, who has his own problems to escape, this touching tale is full of unexpected dangers, but most of all, she faces her own future by unlocking the past.

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