Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark

Adelaide, South Australia

Lucy Clark was born in England in the Lake District, but at the age of two, her parents decided to move to Australia and thankfully took her with them. Lucy loves the sunburst country, the land of sweeping plains, with its rugged mountain ranges and droughts and flooding rains! She recalls only happiness during her childhood, even when her two older sisters and older brother used to tease and manipulate her (like all older siblings).
She first discovered a passion for the written word when receiving excellent grades in her comprehension and English lessons and rather appalling grades for everything else. A "late bloomer" in the reading department, she would sit up until all ours of the night (or early morning) devouring one romance novel after the other. At the age of seventeen, she decided she could write one, and immediately knew she'd found her calling in life. She wrote her first manuscript, sent it over the wide, blue ocean to the offices of Mills & Boon in London and received a very nice rejection letter. The devastation set in. Dreams of becoming a well-known romance writer, of travelling the world, of book-signing tours, of international recognition…were blown away with the wind.
After meeting Peter, the man of her dreams and marrying him, Lucy decided to once more try her hand at writing a romance. While working full time in a teaching hospital as a medical secretary for two busy orthopaedic surgeons, she typed up a fresh story and submitted it for publication. Rejection again. Although by this time, she'd called for reinforcements—her romance writing group. They provided counselling (lunches) and support (dinners). Then one day she had an idea! Lucy decided to try and write a Medical Romance book in collaboration with her husband. This she did and broke through the barriers into the publishing world. Elation! Excitement! Euphoria! When she floated down from the clouds, she now realized the enormous task that lay ahead in producing further work. Planning books is now a necessity, editing is an appalling process that unfortunately must be done. Ideas, medical research, characters, situations and settings now fill most of her time…along with her family, of course.
Lucy and Peter currently live in Adelaide, Australia, and have the desire to travel the world with their children. Lucy largely credits her writing success to the support of her husband, family and friends. She looks forward to a long and happy association with her characters, her editors and her readers with only one eternal wish. That the dry sense of humor she and her husband share doesn't get her into trouble, as it often has in the past!

Contemporary, Historical, Holidays, Military, Romance

The Doctor's Society Sweetheart

Society wedding announcement hits the headlines! Dr Dartagnan Freeman isn't thrilled to have to show new doctor Emmy the ropes—and is even less pleased to discover that he's looking after socialite Emerson-Rose Jofille! Emmy has been groomed for high society, but is determined to show her chisel-jawed boss that she's more dedicated to triage than tiaras! Before long Dart discovers that It-Girl Emmy is also a warm and compassionate doctor…could Australia's sweetheart be bringing his heart back to life? And when their first kiss makes tabloid headlines Dart decides it's time to announce Sydney's most eagerly awaited engagement…

English Rose In The Outback (Outback Surgeons, Book 1)

The lady and the surgeon! Lady Daisy Forsythe-York left the army hoping for a new adventure as a doctor in the Outback. She never expected to find it by fainting into the arms of handsome surgeon Oscar Price on her first day! Oscar isn’t looking for love, but there’s something about Daisy! And when they spend an unexpected night together, the Outback surgeon ignites all her desires…Could Oscar’s re-awakening of buttoned-up Daisy lead to more than these two guarded hearts ever expected?

A Baby for the Flying Doctor

When you wish upon a star… Outback Flying Doctor Phemie Grainger prides herself on being cool, calm and capable—until a chance encounter with her professional idol, renowned emergency doctor Gil Fitzwilliam, throws her into turmoil! As a Down's Syndrome carrier, Phemie's always known that her dreams of love, marriage and children are impossible. But as she starts falling for Gil's English charm, the sweetness of his kisses, even the sadness she sees in his eyes, Phemie can't help wondering if, with Gil at her side, her dreams of holding her very own baby might one day come true…

City Surgeon, Outback Bride

An Outback wedding—for the single mum! A highly successful, happily married Sydney surgeon, Henry Harcourt once had everything—until he lost his wife. Two years on, he's about to have his first taste of Outback life—and an unforgettable encounter with the local GP: beautiful, bubbly Rayne Hudson! Henry sees the generosity in Rayne as she cares for the close-knit community and raises a little orphaned girl. But there is a secret vulnerability hidden away in her heart. Together they could find what they've both been longing for—if the city surgeon can convince Rayne that she should be his bride.

Diamond Ring for the Ice Queen

Mixing doctors' rounds with off-duty dates is the last thing on Dr Ben Goldmark's relationship-phobic mind…but his new boss, Darla "Ice Fairy" Fairlie, is the most fascinating woman he's ever met! If only she would let him in. But Ben knows it will take more than sweet words and soft kisses to melt this maiden's frozen heart…

The Emergency Doctor's Daughter

A&E Medical Director Harrison Stapleton is determined to stay single. His gorgeous little girls needs more support than most children, and he's determined to focus on her. But their lives are transformed by Amelia-Jane Watson, and English doctor working temporarily in Australia. Amelia's dreams of having a family died long ago. And, although she finds herself becoming more and more involved with this family, she knows she's unable to offer them the future Harrison hopes for. Somehow Harrison must convince Amelia that whatever she's running from, they can face it together…

Dare She Dream of Forever?

Ebony Matthews hasn't seen neurosurgeon Bartholomew Goldmark since high school...and when they meet again a shared grief sparks an unexpected attraction. Ebony's learnt the hard way that nothing lasts for ever, but suddenly Bart is showing Ebony that there's hope for the future. And a second chance at happiness might be closer than she thinks...

Children's Doctor, Christmas Bride

Enter into the world of high-flying Doctors as they navigate the pressures of modern medicine and find escape, passion, comfort and love – in each other’s arms! A Christmas Wedding Christmas has arrived in the small town of Ballarat – along with paediatrician Summer Hoyts and her young son! Summer left the city for a fresh start, so she’s not about to act on her unexpected attraction to her handsome new colleague Jason Daniels… Jason’s ex-wife never wanted children, so he gave up on his hopes for a family. But Summer and little Tommy have stolen his heart. He soon finds himself wanting a very special gift this year – and vows to make this single mum his bride by Christmas!

In His Special Care

Despite being Mt. Black Hospital's only full-time GP, Dr. Claire Neilson always finds time for her patients. But Claire doesn't let anybody care for her. That is until the new specialist—incredibly handsome, enigmatic Dr. Declan Silvermark—arrives in the small Australian town and turns her carefully ordered world upside down. Declan has an exceptional IQ, and has always been treated differently. He, more than anyone, understands Claire's loneliness. If she'll let him, he can show her what it mean to accept love herself…

Her Very Special Baby

The baby he needs His skill, charm and caring nature make gorgeous doctor Nathan Young a wonderful addition to the practice. He lavishes attention on his patients, but after the loss of his wife and newborn child he can’t face treating young children—preferring instead to leave that to his colleague, beautiful single mum Morena Camden. Morena can see that the memory of his family is affecting him both professionally and personally, and she desperately wants Nathan to overcome his hurt. Perhaps having Morena and her adorable son by his side could be just what Nathan needs…

A Knight To Hold On To

Ryan Cooper is the gorgeous, sexy, charming man Beth hasn't been able to forget in six months. Sir Ryan Cooper, on the other hand, isn't only a knight but also a demanding orthopaedic surgeon—and Beth's boss! Beth and Ryan have both been burned by love. They don't date colleagues. Beth has a checklist for her prospective suitors, and so far no one has matched up, but there is something about Sir Ryan that she cannot resist… however hard she tries!

Falling for Dr. Fearless

Dr Ruby Valentine is horrified when she discovers her new colleague is adventurer—and embarrassing teenage crush!—Hamilton Goldmark. Homebody Ruby tries to convince herself that this handsome daredevil is off-limits, but she's torn. Giving in to temptation is terrifying, but letting Hamilton slip through her fingers could be even worse…

A Socialite's Christmas Wish

When socialite Dr Clover Farraday swaps the Sydney spotlight for a job in the Outback, working with gorgeous but guarded Dr Brandon Goldmark is an unexpected Yuletide treat! But Clover's true identity threatens their future together. If Brandon wants to make all Clover's Christmas wishes come true, he'll need to start by accepting her for who she really is…

Crisis at Katoomba Hospital

The doctor’s new beginning After his challenging time as a doctor on the front line, Dr. Stephen Brooks needs somewhere to unwind, to forget the suffering he witnessed and to make a fresh start. What better place than the tranquil retreat of the Blue Mountains? Yet after meeting his stunning new colleague, Dr. Nicolette Bourgeois, Stephen finds relaxing a little difficult! Nicolette herself canot help but be drawn to the enigmatic doctor, even though Stephen has made it clear that romance is the last thing on his mind. But could Nicolette be the one? The one to restore Stephen’s faith in love—and to offer him a new beginning…?

The Boss She Can't Resist

The Boss She Can't Resist Dreamy drifter Dr Honey Huntington-Smythe never stays put for long…she's committed to a year in the Outback but that's it. However, new boss Edward "Eye-candy" Goldmark is an unexpected attraction the guide book didn't mention...and infuriatingly, it's making her think twice about staying…

The Visiting Surgeon

Surgeon Susie Monahan has no intention of acting on the high-voltage, instant attraction between her and gorgeous visiting orthopedic professor Jackson Myers. For one, she’s been badly hurt before.Two, he’s only in Brisbane for one week. And three, he’s supposed to be married! But then Susie discovers the truth about Jackson’s marriage, and despite her own fears she longs to hold him in her arms and never let him go—if she dares….

Wedding on the Baby Ward

Determined to deliver her best friend's precious twins safely, Dr Janessa Austen calls on neonatal specialist Miles Trevellion's expertise. These tiny baby girls must be Miles' only priority—the compassionate and compellingly beautiful Janessa can be nothing more than his colleague. For now… Special Care Baby Miracle New mum Sheena's newborn girls are fighting for their lives, and paediatric surgeon Will Beckman is the man to save them—the same Will who was once the love of Sheena's life! Sheena's hoping for two little miracles—but perhaps an unexpected third dream might also come true…

Englishman at Dingo Creek

Dr. Dannyella Thompson certainly needed help with her Outback practice, but an English doctor at Dingo Creek? She was expecting more amusement than assistance! Dr. Sebastian MacKenzie proved Dannyella wrong at every turn. By the time his two-week stay was up he’d won her over—in every way! But Sebastian had commitments in England. He had to return and he begged Dannyella to come with him. For once in her life Dannyella couldn’t make a decision—her soul belonged in Dingo Creek, but her heart was with Sebastian on the other side of the world….

The Outback Doctor

Broken Hill’s doctor and general surgeon Dave Dunbar has no time for sophisticated city girls, and when he encounters his new anasthetist from Sydney he knows there’s going to be trouble. They meet at the site of a medical emergency, and even covered in the dust of the Australian outback, Rose Partridge is gorgeous. She’s also fiercely independent and touchingly vulnerable. It’s a compelling combination, and although their relationship is tense, Dave finds himself wanting more than her medical expertise. But can this rough diamond break down the barriers of a woman who has locked her heart away?

The Doctor's Gift

When redhead Dr. Kelly O’Shea roars into the small Australian village, Dr. Matt Bentley’s heart flips. But he knows what it is to be burned by love and he intends to keep away. Yet their sizzling attraction culminates in one earth-shattering kiss. And Kelly has to admit her secret—she’s pregnant with her now-ex-husband’s child. Kelly retreats to sort out her life. But Matt can’t help feeling protective of this fiercely independent woman and her unborn child. Then Kelly realizes she loves Matt, though there’s only one way she can have him—she has to swallow her pride!

Christmas-Day Fiancee

The doctor’s Christmas proposal! Dr. Marty Williams, the new pediatric registrar, is causing quite a stir amongst the female staff at St. Gregory’s. Not only is he an excellent doctor, he is gorgeous, funny and single—and he intends to stay that way! That is until Dr. Natalie Fox reenters his life. They’ve known each other forever. Since school, he has made Natalie feel alive. Marty knows her better than anyone, and he also knows why she has never allowed herself to fall in love. Can this bachelor doctor finally win her heart and make this a Christmas to remember?

Diagnosis: Amnesia

When family practitioner Logan Hargraves is called out to an unconscious patient, he’s amazed to see medical researcher Dr. Charlotte Summerfield. Why is the beautiful American alone in the Outback? Did she come to see him, after their electric first meeting? Logan’s hoping for answers—but Charli wakes with amnesia. Charli has no idea why she’s here, what’s happened to her—or if she’s even single! All she can be sure of is that the attraction between her and Logan gets stronger, deeper and harder to resist every day….

Taming the Lone Doc's Heart

Since her philandering husband's death, Dr Lorelai Rainbow has devoted herself to her tiny daughter. Then gorgeous Dr Woody—who held her through her darkest hour—saunters back into her life, flipping it upside down! Yet behind Woody's roguish charm lies a man as wary of love as Lorelai—unlocking his heart might be her greatest challenge yet…

The Secret Between Them

Only one thing stands in the way of a bright new future… Dr. Sunainah Carrington has fought hard to build her successful career, and no one would ever know her dreams of love have been shattered. Then a chance encounter with a gorgeous doctor and his adorable children makes Sunainah long for the impossible…. Pediatrician Elliot Jones has uprooted his children to start afresh on the Sunshine Coast—a new home, a new job, a new life. Romance is certainly not on his agenda. Only, when he meets his new colleague Sunainah—her stunning beauty is impossible to resist! But what is the painful secret shadowing those exotic eyes?

A Baby To Care For

Orphaned newborn baby—stand-in mum needed: how can Outback paediatrician Iris Tennant refuse? And when local playboy Dr Dex Crawford offers help, Iris finds herself falling for his devilish gaze—which makes her feel beautiful once more. As they both come to adore their tiny bundle of joy Iris wonders if she dares hope that their temporary family can become full-time bliss.

Dr. Cusack's Secret Son

The father of her child. Dr. Rachael Cusack never expected to see her one and only true love again. He broke her heart and unknowingly left her pregnant. Now she has a wonderful son, an independent life, and the gorgeous Joe Silvermark is the last thing on her mind…. On her first day in a new practice, Rachael finds herself face-to-face with the father of her child. Joe didn’t want commitment, never mind children. How can she even begin to explain about Declan, their son?

Still Married to Her Ex!

To have and to hold—all over again? Dr. Molly Wilton's life is turned upside down when her ex-husband reappears and drops a bombshell—they're still married! Molly never expected to see Dr. Fletcher Thompson again, but that's not the only reason she's going weak at the knees…Fletcher is more gorgeous than ever! Now that he's back, Molly is remembering just how special Fletcher is. Despite all that's come between them, could the first man Molly fell in love with be the man she needs forever?

A Mother for His Twins (Bachelor Dads)

Day one in Paramatta's E.R. and surgical director Jennifer Thorngate's head is spinning—she's just met gorgeous surgeon Jasper Edwards! Simply being near him makes her sizzle. But Jennifer is determined not to allow her personal and professional worlds to collide. Her resolve is tested to the limit when she meets Jasper's little girls! Watching the loving single dad with his twins puts the smile back on Jennifer's face…a smile that brings Jasper's heart back to life. Jasper is left with only one option: he must convince Jennifer that together they can all have the most wonderful life.

The Surgeon's Secret

A forbidden desire... Dr. Alex Page wasn’t quite sure how to handle gorgeous live wire Jordanne McElroy. The beautiful researcher was everything he had ever wanted in a woman, but he knew he couldn’t risk getting involved. Jordanne, however, was determined to break down his resolve, and as she got closer to his heart, Alex realized she was also getting closer to the truth. To the secret he was convinced would lose him Jordanne....

Her Mistletoe Wish

Of all the hospitals, why did he have to walk into hers? Bubbly Dr. Reggie Smith can't believe her eyes when gorgeous Dr. Flynn Jamieson walks back into her life and her E.R. He's the man who broke her heart, and Reggie is horrified to realize she still finds the charismatic surgeon oh-so-irresistible! Maybe it's because Flynn seems different—has he finally managed to throw off the shackles that once came between them? If so, maybe this Christmas Reggie will get what she's always wished for….

One Life Changing Moment

The bond they share… Orthopedic surgeon and struggling single mom Dr. Mackenzie Fawles can't believe her eyes when she sees John Watson—the man who saved her and her tiny daughter—again. He might have vanished before she had a chance to thank him, but she's never forgotten how safe she felt in his arms…. John stopped doing emotion a long time ago, after the death of his wife and child. But an unexpected connection was formed the day he saved Mackenzie, and how she's slipping past all his well-guarded defenses….

The Family He Needs

The surgeon’s risk Successful Australian surgeons Zac Carmichael and Julia Bolton are reunited after 10 years apart, and it seems their relationship is about to be rekindled. But when Zac meets Julia’s adorable three-year-old son, Edward, the painful memories the little boy evokes in him are almost too much to bear. Zac has never truly come to terms with his hidden traumatic past, and his instincts are to keep Julia and Edward at a distance.Try as he might, however, Zac knows that he can’t just walk away from the family he needs....

Reunited with His Runaway Doc (The Lewis Doctors)

Can his love free her from her past? After years in witness protection, Dr. Maybelle Freebourne has come home—under a different identity. But, on her first day at Victory Hospital, she walks right into the boy she left behind, now director of Emergency and more gorgeous than ever! Arthur Lewis can't shake the feeling he knows the beautiful new doctor, and a stolen kiss reveals she really is the girl he's never forgotten. But can he convince Maybelle she is finally safe—in his arms?

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