M.M. Rochford

M.M. Rochford

Sydney, New South Wales

M.M. Rochford lives in Sydney, Australia and has over 20 years experience working in marketing and communication. Her love of reading mysteries and crime fiction led her to take up writing with the objective of developing a book that other readers would find both engaging and compelling. Inspiration for Trinity came from her love of opera and gardening. She has a home in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, two hours west of Sydney, where she does most of her writing and research.

Trinity is the first in the Louise Keller PI series.

Crime, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Private Investigators, Thriller & Suspense

Trinity (Louise Keller PI #1)

“Rochford will soon find her place with some of the finest mystery writers of today.” Carol Piner, Kindle Book Review. When the treachery of a senior officer almost ruins her career in the police force, Louise Keller becomes a private investigator and turns her considerable talents for hunting down the bad guys to help people get the justice they deserve. Her first case is to find the killer of a renowned opera singer and a man who had it all - fame, fortune, movie star good looks and recently voted one of the sexiest men alive. As Louise digs into the victim’s life she uncovers a long list of possible suspects. And the deeper she digs the more Louise finds out about the complex and enigmatic man who was brutally murdered - smashed over the head with a crystal vase full of his favourite yellow roses. After her nemesis from her days in the force takes over the investigation Lou is once again confronted with a past she wants to forget. The search for the killer intensifies when one of the witnesses is shot dead and a woman’s body is discovered in a shallow grave. When her life is threatened and time running out, Lou needs to figure out if the three deaths are related and the work of the same killer. And if they will they kill again.

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