Maggie Anderson

Maggie Anderson

Brisbane, Queensland

Maggie Anderson has always had a passion for writing and reading and loves to connect with her readers in this way.
She writes contemporary and paranormal romance as well as paranormal/urban fantasy.
She is a true romantic at heart.

Contemporary, Fantasy, Gothic, Paranormal, Paranormal & Urban, Romance, Romantic, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Wolf Blood: A Moon Grove Paranormal Romance Thriller - Book One

An isolated town, a near death escape, and a man she should stay away from… When psychologist Paige O’Connell learns of her uncle’s untimely death, and discovers she’s his sole beneficiary, she moves back to the rural country township of Moon Grove where she was born to begin a new phase in her life. But it’s not the new beginning she is hoping for. The picturesque town is rife with sinister secrets and the unwelcoming residents want no part of her. Soon after settling in, a series of bizarre events puts Paige’s life in jeopardy and when the police are called in she is drawn to tall, dark and handsome Eli Blackwood, the local Sheriff. The attraction between them is undeniable, but what she doesn’t know is he possesses dark secrets of his own. Secrets can come at a costly price. Will Paige follow her instincts and keep her distance or will temptation pull her into the nightmare world she’s stepped into and seal her fate?

Driving Me Crazy

Peggy Anton is a chauffeur to the stars and loves her job. That is until she meets American actor Kent Reynolds… The limousine company offers something none of their competitors do – twenty four hour driver service. Peggy is staying in sexy heart throb Kent Reynolds’s suite at the Palazzo Versace Hotel. Any other woman in her position would think she’d won the romantic sweepstakes, but not her. The handsome, arrogant celebrity thinks he can have whatever he wants – including her, and she wants nothing to do with him. As the week progresses and they spend more and more time together, Peggy begins to fall for the smooth talking actor. She decides she wants him, arrogant or not, and plans to do everything she can to make the actor fall in love with her, until she meets charming British journalist, Jeff Birmingham. He shows her just how a woman should be treated, and she realizes Kent could be the wrong man for her. Will she figure out her true feelings before she loses both men? And will she finally win the heart of the man she truly wants to spend the rest of her life with?

Love's Twist of Fate

When Lydia wished for a man in her life, she never dreamed she'd have two! On her way home from work, Lydia Taylor is caught in a downpour and dashes into the doorway of a bookstore she doesn’t remember seeing before. Little does she know, when she enters the store, that her life is about to change forever. The owner offers her a rare book as a gift, but there is more to the book than first meets the eye. Soon after reading it, an attractive stranger appears at her door setting in motion a series of bizarre events. Seeking answers, Lydia returns to the bookstore, only to find it empty. When she meets handsome businessman, Luke Pentecost, she is instantly attracted to him. After telling him her unusual story Luke is sceptical and, if only to prove her wrong, offers to join forces to get to the bottom of her mystery. Lydia accepts his offer, not knowing what fate has in store for them. Where did the handsome stranger come from? Will Lydia and Luke discover the truth about the book? Will they uncover the reason that has brought them together?

A Night of Passion: Clean Romance Edition

Prue Granger’s new life in New York City is just what the doctor ordered… EIGHT YEARS BEFORE – PITTSBURGH, PA After the tragic loss of her childhood sweetheart, Prue has no idea how she’ll make it through the heartache. Connor Bennett was the only man she had ever loved and she vows never to risk her heart again. Three years after that fateful day, with her life back intact, Prue finds herself sitting in a bar waiting for… someone. She needs to feel desired again, held in strong arms, made love to, even if it is only for one night. No names, no emotional strings. But when a gorgeous businessman joins her and offers to buy her a drink, little does Prue know the implications one night with this seductive man will have on her life. Their night together isn’t just about sex. There is far more to it than that. More than either of them could possibly imagine.

Soul Chaser (Book 3 in the Dark Legacy urban fantasy series 4)

Bodies of young men are turning up all over Sin City. It's the way they died that can't be explained. When Charlotte is kidnapped, Reece and his team are sent on a scavenger hunt across Las Vegas in search of her location. But are they already too late? Is the unidentified body of a Jane Doe lying in the County Coroner's Office her? Sheriff Lozano enlists Reece's help when a series of unusual deaths forces him to believe his department is out of its depth. He's heard rumors about the PI and wants to find out if they're true. Can they work together to solve the mystery, and will Reece let the sheriff in on what has happened to his fiancée? As the two cases collide, Reece ventures into the subterranean world beneath the city alone. What has he discovered that he's not sharing? And what ancient evil is he hunting?

Once Bitten (Book 2 in the Dark Legacy urban fantasy series 3)

When several teens are snatched off the streets of LA without a trace, something in Reece's gut tells him these are no ordinary abductions. The PI has been monitoring the intensified werewolf activity in the city, and he has a bad feeling it's linked to the disappearances. If his instincts are correct, time is running out for the missing teens. The next full moon is only days away. After weeks without any leads on the kidnappings, Detective Charlotte Delaney enlists Reece's help.Charlotte is unaware of his extracurricular, paranormal activities and he wants to keep it that way until there's no other choice. But could he be putting her in danger? When someone close to them disappears, Reece has to make the choice whether to let her into his nightmare world or not. Will he?

Dark Legacy (Book 1 in the Dark Legacy urban fantasy series 2)

How do you tell your best friend you're a vampire? And how do tell him you think you're a serial killer? Andre Delacroix lives a relatively normal existence. He's a respected doctor, friend to one of LA's finest detectives,Reece Daniels, and has the ability to walk in the daylight. And he's about to ask the woman he loves on a first date. Everything seems perfect... Until a series of mysterious deaths leads him to believe he's a vicious killer. Someone is stalking and draining teenagers across the city. Could the bloodlust Andre has kept locked deep inside him finally have broken free, leaving him with no memory of the attacks? While heading up the investigation, Reece is drawn into a dangerous game of hunter and prey with no idea of what he's pursuing. And the hunt soon becomes personal when evidence points to his friend. Is Andre the cold-blooded killer Reece has been chasing?

REECE (Prequel in the Dark Legacy series Book 1)

You know that old saying: What you can’t see can’t hurt you? Don’t believe it! I’m Reece Daniels a homicide detective with the LAPD. I’ve always believed we’ll get the bad guy. And we usually do. That is until recently. When a young woman’s body is found in an alley downtown things take a dramatic turn for the worse. A body in an alley? Nothing unusual about that. Happens regularly in LA. Unfortunately. What is unusual is the way she died. Me and my partner, Dave Colson, are hunting a gruesome maniac. And without any suspects we’re chasing our tails. Our investigation leads us to a well-known hospital and to Doctor Andre Delacroix. He’s worked with the victim before. There’s something about him I can’t put my finger on. But I’ll figure it out, eventually. There’s more to him than what you see. I know he has information crucial to the case. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do. Will his conscience get the better of him or will he continue to hide what he knows? Can Dave and I track down the killer before it’s too late or is he already right under our noses?

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