Maurice Hardy

Maurice Hardy

Caboolture, Queensland

Maurice Hardy was born at Wynyard, Tasmania in 1953. He grew up on a dairy farm in Tasmania’s fertile North West region. From an early age Maurice developed a deep love for music, especially country music, and in his mid teens purchased his first guitar. This proved to be the beginning of a journey consisting of performing, traveling, meeting people and establishing himself in the industry. Hardy played in various bands and also became a prolific songwriter; winning many awards for his songs and vocal abilities. He was an invited guest to many country music events and a regular visitor to the Tamworth Festival.
Beginning his working life as a junior clerk at a fuel terminal, he advanced to become Terminal Manager. After twenty five years in the oil industry, Hardy was forced to change employment when a nation- wide merger meant all the dual facilities were either amalgamated or closed. During this period he had a range of differing, part time jobs until securing a position with a national wholesale distribution company.
However, after becoming the victim of sustained bullying and physiological abuse by a corrupt and manipulative overseer, Hardy decided to try music as a full time career.
Relocating to SE Queensland, and with the unyielding support of Vandra (his wife), he began to achieve acceptance in the highly competitive Queensland music scene. By now Hardy had recorded over twenty albums, and together with sales and live gigs, all the hard work and risk taking appeared to be paying off. Fate, however had a few more cards to deal and within twelve months of each other – (Vandra- Hodgkinson’s Lymphoma; Maurice- aggressive prostate cancer), realised the biggest battles were still to come.It was during these long sessions of treatment and recovery, Hardy’s other passion for reading novels come to the fore. Then, without really planning to do so, he sat at his laptop and began to write a story. 95 000 words later and after many months of editing; ‘Shadows of Perfection’ was born. Maurice has currently six completed novels.

Crime, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

Angels Of Tomorrow

It is the year 2093 and human civilisation has reached crisis point. Brutal wars rage across the Middle East, central Europe and through wide sections of Africa. Countries around the globe are experiencing a serious breakdown of law and order, and maintaining functioning societies has never been more challenging while cities and towns have become the domain of murderous street gangs and criminals. The more affluent members of society are forced to live within heavily fortified communities or ‘hubs’, while the less fortunate face a precarious, frightening existence beyond the hub gates. Here, at the mercy of violent, ruthless thugs, life is a continuous and terrifying struggle for survival. Police and defence forces are deployed to protect the production, transport, storage and distribution of food, medicine and basic goods. While many countries have successfully closed their borders, others are porous; allowing trade of drugs and weapons to go on unimpeded. This environment has spawned an unprecedented level of corruption and greed, further eroding the potential of reinstating orderly society. With growing discontent and mistrust of authorities, numerous action groups and movements have formed around the world, desperate to halt societies’ slide towards oblivion. ‘Angels of Tomorrow’; a secretive, global, all female group attracted scepticism and ridicule with their simple solution; rid the world of men. However a display of their powers sent shudders around the world; necessitating an urgent change of strategy. Amidst this background, a dedicated integration supervisor and a Special Forces agent become engrossed it a passionate love affair. Through circumstance and fate, they become key players in a deadly game; a game where the stakes could not be higher; an ultimate game to decide the future, or if there will be a future.

Ghosts Among the Flames (Shadows Of Perfection Book 3)

The third novel with the characters from Shadows of Perfection & Beyond the Comfort Zone. This time Sandra and her friends return to manage her father's huge rural property following a disaster. They must combat corruption, criminals, a severe drought, a strange clairvoyant and a bush fire on the way to sorting out the complicated aftermath. Their efforts are compounded by a serious illness to a child and a prowling deranged animal. Story summary;The small rural community of Moorlands is rocked when a tragedy strikes. For Sandra Quenilin, it means taking a heart wrenching journey back home to Lenavale, her father’s vast cattle property. Accompanied by husband Scott, their young family and two close friends, Sandra wants to get everything sorted and return to her city life as soon as she can. However what appears to have been a tragic accident becomes more sinister and confusing. As Sandra and her friends delve deeper into the disaster, ghosts from the past are woken. Things are further compounded by the presence of an obnoxious hermit, a mysterious clairvoyant, an out of control drug addict, an arrogant police chief and a recently released violent criminal. This web of factors, plus greed and ulterior motives, combine to create a complicated and dangerous situation where truth, loyalties and even survival are tested to the extreme.

Just Like Animals

Charismatic animal rights crusader Pamela Bree was much loved and admired around the world for her high profile and courageous exposure of the plight of many exotic and endangered wild animals. With best friend veterinarian Sally Keller, she travelled to some of the most dangerous areas of Africa and SE Asia, often foiling the activities of criminals and poachers. Pamela was based in the small Australian rural community of Mount Avon where she, Sally and troubled granddaughter Charlotte ran a wildlife rehabilitation centre. However when it became known their most famous resident was diagnosed with a terminal disease, the whole community rallied to organise a fund raising event. All the proceeds would go to Pamela for medical expenses and the daily operation of her complex. The event called ‘Back to Mount Avon’ would be run over a weekend and a committee was formed to oversee the planning. Local electrician and lovable larrikin Robbie Strang, had the task of contacting previous residents and celebrities who at some time had an association with the region. Robbie stunned the organisers when he was able to lure a Hollywood megastar to attend the festival, attracting national and world-wide focus on the tiny township. Visitors and celebrities flocked to Mount Avon, but at the height of celebrations Mother Nature intervened. Torrential rain brought major flooding, completely isolating the town To compound the situation an outbreak of a deadly, highly contagious virus was detected,forcing authorities to place the entire community under strict quarantine and establish an exclusion zone around the town perimeter. Tough military man Major-General Edward Plunkett was appointed to lead the task force. Given emergency powers, Plunkett quickly imposed martial law and curfews to contain the virus and discover its origin. Now trapped, the mood among the overcrowded, panic-stricken people rapidly changed from celebratory to anger and defiance as they tried to avoid the virus and escape the nightmare. Investigations inadvertently uncovered a network of criminal activity adding a dangerous twist to the already grave situation. Now locked in a desperate fight for survival, mob mentality took over and normally civilised human beings started behaving just like animals

Another Fork in the Road

Teenager Cathy Kirby grew up in a rough suburb where drug abuse, violence and street gangs were the norm. Striving for a better life, she takes an extreme and dangerous course to achieve her dreams. However when the ill fated plan fails, her world collapses around her, eventually leading to a period behind the walls of a women’s correctional facility. Here at the mercy of callous guards and hardened criminals Cathy fortunately, is befriended by a strong ally who protects her from the more unsavoury elements prevalent among the inmates. It is here she also meets a scary, unstable psychopath. Know as ‘Ghost Girl’ this woman is responsible for multiple horrific murders and is feared by both the residents and staff of the prison. When her friend is released, Cathy, fearing for her life, successfully attempts a daring escape. Now on the run she travels to some of the harshest and most remote regions of Australia. Jarrod Donaldson, an ambitious, hardworking young man had generated a successful carpentry/ house renovation business only to lose everything as a result of a bitter custody/settlement Court order instigated by his manipulative and greedy ex partner. Disillusioned and shattered, Jarrod seeks a new start in remote Western Australia. It is here Jarrod and Cathy meet and the chemistry is immediately obvious as they become an inseparable team. But Jarrod too, has skeletons in the cupboard and with Cathy’s past threatening to catch up with them; theirs is a precarious day by day existence. Adding to their fears, they hear of a series of murders where the victims are linked to them, plus the mysterious ‘Ghost Girl’ escaped custody of may be searching for Cathy. An incredible combination of coincidence and decisions had led them to this point, now the future would be determined by which forks in the road they chose.

The Meagan Phenomenon

When Weather Bureau scientists confirmed a massive ‘super storm’ was forming off Tasmania’s west coast, Bureau of Meteorology Field Operations Manager, Meagan McKenzie was sent to the far north western district to coordinate the event. As her parent’s farm was ideally situated in the area, Meagan decided to set up her base there. Conveniently, this coincided with a welcome home party organised for Brendon, on leave from the army.Arriving two days earlier than predicted, the storm proved to be the most destructive ever to have hit the region. Homes and buildings were torn apart and people were stranded and trapped as they desperately sought shelter. Meagan’s role became crucial as the centre of communications, and liaising between the emergency services. Family, friends and neighbours were caught in a deadly struggle of survival, while old feuds and rivalries were forgotten as the storm unleashed its fury. For Meagan’s sister Tara, it was time to confront her worst nightmare. To save her badly injured boyfriend she would have to seek the help of the Coleman’s. Living in an isolated bush shack, Old Ma Coleman was believed to be a witch, and her sons - deranged monsters. Could this strange family be her saviours, or was Tara walking into something far worse than any storm?

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Beyond the Comfort Zone Australian adventurer Leonie Pirelli and her partner, British film maker Julian Welsh had achieved international recognition and critical acclaim for their innovative and entertaining wildlife studies -however when tragedy strikes, Leonie turns to her three closest friends for comfort and support. When the opportunity arises for them to join the back-up crew of a scientific expedition, they consider it an excellent chance to combine adventure, a holiday and a bonding session; and be paid handsomely for the privilege. The voyage to a remote part of the South Pacific is shrouded in secrecy. Including the four girls, a team of eleven sets off aboard the luxury yacht Albatross Queen, owned by a beautiful but mysterious English woman called Lisa Darby. But as the journey progresses; the mistrust, deceit and secret agendas among the crew members leads to escalating conflict and threatens to jeopardise the entire project. The origin concept of an enjoyable time shared between friends rapidly degenerates into a dangerous nightmare and a fight for survival. However they were to discover the true horror was not on board the Albatross Queen but lurking in the gloomy depths, beneath the waves.

Shadows of Perfection

The daughter of a wealthy farmer and a beautiful actress/ model, Sandra grew up on a vast cattle and cropping property called ‘Lenavale’. journey from her insular childhood to an elite city boarding college. It is here she experiences some of the good and the ugly sides of society. However, after meeting a gifted and ambitious athlete, Sandra becomes hooked on middle distance running, leading her to the very highest level of track and field athletics. Her performances and incredible mental toughness are noticed by Dr. Ian Anderson, a brilliant but eccentric geneticist. Recognised and revered world wide as a genius, Anderson is attributed with some incredible breakthroughs in science and medicine. Now he is determined to discover the role genetics and heredity traits play giving people, like Sandra that elusive x factor. However, during one of his bizarre experiments, Anderson unwittingly releases an indescribable evil. This terrifying and powerful force has the potential to infiltrate every layer of society and wreak havoc and chaos on an unsuspecting public. With Anderson’s activities protected by red tape and corrupt bureaucrats, Sandra and her friends are left with no option; they must confront his hellish and deadly creation. In the desperate final battle; love, loyalty and friendships become blurred and confused, as they enter the realm of their darkest nightmares; a place from which there is no escape.

Cult Of Evolution

A brilliant scientist and university lecturer, Donna Hammond caught the attention of the scientific community after developing a concept known as evolutionary acceleration. In theory, the process would adapt plants and animals to keep pace with climatic and environmental changes, in the controlled conditions of a science lab. Recognising the enormous potential benefits this discovery may have on future sustainability and food production, scientists and institutions around the globe offered support, backing and input. It appeared Donna had the world at her feet, except her disastrous personal life threatened to destroy all she had achieved. With a history of abuse and failed relationships, Donna seemed cursed by a seemingly endless sequence of tragic events. Hoping her story would encourage other victims to come forward, Donna agrees to be part of a TV documentary on her life. The public response is phenomenal leading to the formation of a victims’ support movement, and raising a reluctant Donna to a cult-like icon. Now a powerful force, the movement begins to lobby Government for law changes including better protection and support for abuse victims, and tougher penalties from the Courts. For Donna however, her cruel run of luck continues until she is faced with the prospect of losing not only her career, but also the man she loves. This seems to be enough to push this fragile woman over the edge, and she decides on an extreme course of action with devastating and terrifying consequences.

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