Noel Osualdini

Noel Osualdini

Cranbourne, Victoria

A visionary, fantasist, poet and painter, Clive Barker has expanded the reaches of human imagination as a novelist, director, screenwriter and dramatist who generally describes himself as "an Imaginer." Stephen King once described Barker as "The future of horror." Clive Barker's Books of Blood were quickly followed by a string of successful novellas and novels and several movie adaptations including the Hellraiser series, Nightbreed and The Midnight Meat Train, which is considered among the best adaptations from his short stories. Others inspired by his seminal collection of short stories include The Book of Blood; Dread; Rawhead Rex; Lord of Illusions; and the Candyman series. Clive's most recent work includes The Scarlet Gospels, and a series of illustrated novels ostensibly aimed at children, the Abarat series, three of which have been published and a further two he has been working on in visual and written form for several years. In 2012, Barker was given a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Horror Writer's Association, for his outstanding contribution to the genre.

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100 Doors To Madness

From one hundred of the world's finest storytellers of the macabre comes an epic anthology of short form terror fiction that will frighten, disturb and delight the reader. With stories from award-winning writers and emerging stars, including Eric J Guignard, Marge Simon, Michael Bailey, T Fox Dunham, Shaun Meeks, Adam Millard, James S Dorr, SJI Holliday, Ken Goldman, Christina Murphy, Michael Thomas-Knight, Carl Barker, Pete Aldin, Tim Jeffreys, Michael R Colangelo, Tim Tobin, Kerry GS Lipp, Matthew Wilson, Matthew Antonio, Bosley Gravel, Dave Dormer, Shaun Avery, Ivan Ewert, JJ Steinfeld, Noel Osualdini, Megan Dorei, NM Haupt, Ed Ahern, William van Winkle, Orion D Hegre, Carly Berg, Patrick Meegan, Rayna Bright, TC Bennett, Janelle A Belle, Ranee Stemann, Timothy McGivney, Olivia Arieti, Gary Hewitt, Bruce Harris, Victoria Dalpe, Amy Severson, Mark Antoni Rossi, Matthew R Davis, Sean May, James Croal Jackson, Glen Damien Campbell, Terence Kuch, Helen Mihajlovic, Carrie Martin, Scathe meic Beorh, David Perlmutter, Matt Hlinak, Ray Yanek, John Haas, J Whitworth Hazzard, Greg Burch, Chris White, Christine Verstraete, Greg McWhorter, Douglas Vance Castagna, Layla Cummins, Jenean McBrearty, Wednesday Silverwood, Joseph J Patchen, Steven Grassie, Lewis R Humphries, Jennifer Jones, Trevor Firetog, Mari Wells, Merideth Grue, Kathy Ferrell, Emilia Murther, Miranda Kate, CC Adams, Dirky Henkel, John Kujawski, Lisa Finch, Godfrey Dupond, Amy Langevin, Joseph Rubas, DL Smith-Lee, Francesca Muller, Rebecca Morne, Jay Long, Mathias Jansson, HH Munro, Guy de Maupassant, and more.


"Mutation is my favorite word these days. There is no other word to describe what I have become..." They aren't human anymore, something has happened to them. Their DNA has changed leaving them something much more sinister. Do you dare find out what in Mutate? The anthology featuring the following stories and authors: Empath by Matias Andres Bravo Jara Squirm by Kevin S. Hall Driven by Jonny Graham Under the Bed by Alex Winck Blood Pool by Katie Jaarsveld Sticks and Stones by Mckenzie Richardson Formula 831 Dave J. Suscheck Nostradamus by Kally Jo Surbeck Mutation by Rae Desmond Jones Mutatis Mutandis by Rick Eddy Outback Attack by Noel Osualdini A Christmas Miracle by Andy Lockwood The Stoat by Anthony V. Pugliese Gruesome Green Ghost etc by Debbie Johnson Black Roses by Max E. Stone Claire’s House Excerpt by Linda Heavner Gerald The Darkness of Light Places by Andrew Darlington The Regular by Rob Shepherd Zoey Meets A Cresent Witch by Linda Jenkinson The Path Of The Warrior by Cecilia H. Doldan Gluttony by Samie Sands

Below the Stairs: Tales from the Cellar

This, the second in our 'Things in the Well*' series of anthologies, contains 21 short, scary tales from below the stairs. A common theme, each story is longer than the preceding one, adding to the effect of being drawn down the stairs into a gloomy cellar. to present the best tales we could find, we've included a few reprints from some of the world's best horror writers (Ramsey Campbell, Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft, Paul Kane) plus new tales from modern masters and stories by some (as yet) lesser known writers. The Thing in the Cellar by David H. Keller The Root Cellar by Toby Bennett The Basement Apartment by Mark Allan Gunnells Trapped by Theresa Derwin Purgatory in Perpetuity by David Turnbull The Cellars by Ramsey Campbell Breeding Black by Chad Lutzke The Memory Man by Steve Dillon Bloodworms by Noel Osualdini Below Deck by K.N. Johnson An Endless Echo in Every Empty Space by Matthew R Davis The Vaults by Katherine Wielechowski Creakers by Paul Kane The Bone Vine by Erin Cole The Stairwell by Chris Mason Below Ground by Charlie Walls Hell's Event by Clive Barker The Watchman by Brian Craddock Eyes of Glass by Stephen Herczeg Under the Pyramids by H.P. Lovecraft with Harry Houdini Warding by Kev Harrison 70 *The first 'Things in the Well' anthology is "Between the Tracks - Tales from the Ghost Train" and is available separately.

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