Paul Kidd

Paul Kidd

Perth, Western Australia

Paul Kidd is a hard working and deeply cracked author currently working from Perth, Western Australia. He particularly delights in Fantasy, Historical and Science fiction.

In addition to his prolific work as a writer of novels, Paul also creates role playing games, RPG supplements, comics and games. His major efforts over the past decade have been focussed on screenwriting.

He owns an awful lot of lead soldiers, and has far more kilts than he has trousers...

Paul Kidd has been releasing his books through his self publishing company "Kitsune Press" since 2008.

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Myths & Legends, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

White Plume Mountain (Greyhawk)

A remorseless ranger. A sentient hell hound pelt with a penchant for pyromania. An irksome pixie who sells intrigue and information. Three companions who find themselves trapped in a city filled with warring priestly factions, devious machinations, and an angry fiend. To save the city, they must find three weapons of power, which lie in the most trap-laden, monster-infested place this side of Acererak's tomb: White Plume Mountain.

Mus of Kerbridge

Enter a world of romance and adventure! A world where Centaur ladies flirt with Satyr Musketeers - where rapier and pistol match their powers against ancient sorceries. Where a small brown house-mouse becomes the King's most astonishing new cavalier! Accidentally sprung into intelligence by a brutal spell, Mus the mouse finds himself cast adrift in an astonishing new world. As companion to Miriam, a Half-Horse damsel in distress, Mus must protect his lady fair from sorcery and battle, facing sinister intrigues that seek to overthrow the very throne. When the world seems all but over run by war, Mus proves that a tiny body can hold a lion's heart…


Lilith They have always been with us: the children of the Wastelands. The spawn of human dreams. Born of human yearning – born from dreams of lust. Intellects created out of unbridled hunger… The Succubi. Feeding from our love, they walk amongst us, wearing the bodies of our dead. And their love kills as surely as a severed vein… Lilith: Be careful what you wish for…

A Whisper of Wings (Volume 1) (Kashran Cycle)

"A Whisper of Wings" chronicles a time of spiritual crisis in the lives of a non-human race of hunter/gatherers known as the Kashra. As disaster looms over their stagnant and calcified culture, two Messiahs arise -- each one pure in their vision, yet tragically opposed. War and terror, hope and love, power and majesty vie in a conflict that will tear a people asunder and remake them again in the fires of conflict.

Fangs of K'aath

A story of stories that inspired a generation of artists and writers. An enthralling fairytale in the "Arabain Nights" tradition - a tale for adults and the young at heart - a tale filled with sinister powers, disguised princes, harem girls and scimitars. In the Kingdom of Osra, on the shores of the Amu Daya, there is a city of ancient mystery. Here in the dusty markets, dwells a little storyteller: Sandhri, mistress of a thousand fleas and teller of ten thousand tales. Bewitching, gossiping, loveable, infuriating... But when the beggar girl falls in love with a handsome prince, an ancient evil is awakened, a savage power that threatens to tear their worlds apart... ------ "Charming. Enthralling. First class storyteller" -- Mercedes Lackey

The Council of Blades: Forgotten Realms (The Nobles)

War cares little for the troubles of the aristocracy. As a terrible new weapon obliterates the age of courtly battle, an intelligent but plain princess and her companions--an addled young inventor and a kleptomaniac firebird--find themselves forced into a battle for survival in a suddenly very deadly world.

Queen of the Demonweb Pits (Greyhawk)

Queen of the Demonweb Pits was one of the most popular adventures ever created for the Dungeons & Dragons game. This novelization appeals to those who have played through the adventure, as well as to those who have an interest in drow elves--one of the most popular races in the game.

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