Peter Menadue

Peter Menadue

Sydney, New South Wales

Peter Menadue was a non-award winning print journalist before studying law at Sydney University and Oxford University. For the last twenty years he has practised as a barrister in Sydney, Australia.

Crime, Legal, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

Not Dead Yet

Private investigator Gary Maddox scratches out a living doing personal injuries surveillance. A mother asks him to find out who killed her drug-dealer son. The son deserved to die. But the mother deserves justice and offers Gary a lot of money. Soon he's battling drug dealers, corrupt cops, hit-men and murderers. They try to rub him out. But he's well-armed, and not dead yet.

Crooked House (First in the Bush Capital Series Book 1)

Canberra political reporter Paul Ryder gets the sack again, this time for sleeping with the wrong woman. Jobs are scarce and he’s forced to become the national political correspondent for a tiny Tasmanian paper with a dwindling circulation. He needs a big story to save his career. Too bad he lives in the world’s most boring city. All seems lost, until murder comes to town and he plunges into a dark world where his press-pass won't protect him..

Paper Man (Second in the Bush Capital Series Book 2)

A Cabinet Minister is murdered, Parliament House is in uproar and political newshound Paul Ryder is busy trying to sleep with a sexy TV reporter. Soon he’s on the trail of the scoop of a lifetime. All he has to do is survive the media moguls, political fixers, spooks, cops and fellow reporters who stand in his way.

Spiked (Third in the Bush Capital Series Book 3)

Sacked Canberra political correspondent Paul Ryder is chasing a story that will blow the doors of a federal election campaign. Trained killers, spies, hardened political operators and his mother-in-law are trying to stop him. If he survives them, he might finally achieve the fame and fortune he craves.

Big Dirt (Bush Capital Series Book 4)

Vol 4 in Bush Capital Series. With his career in political journalism a smoking ruin, Paul Ryder becomes a ghost-writer. A legendary West Australian mining tycoon hires him to pen his autobiography. All Paul has to do is write a lot of lies and bank a fat cheque. However, he stumbles upon a dark family secret, gets mixed up in murder, is targeted by Chinese spies and has to flee for his life.

Overdue Item

Julia Schmidt reckons the suburban library where she works is the most boring place on earth. Then an old hobo dies in an armchair. Everyone thinks he died of natural causes. They are wrong, and Julia is soon playing cat-and-mouse with a killer while trying to recover a priceless library book. An Australian comic crime novel with an endearing amateur sleuth.

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