Peter Mulraney

Peter Mulraney

Adelaide, South Australia

Hi. I’m a crime writing mystic sharing insights, knowledge and life skills.
As a crime writer, I’m writing the Inspector West and Stella Bruno Investigates series.
As a modern-day mystic, I share my insights in Sharing the Journey: Reflections of a Reluctant Mystic, A Question of Perspective and My Life is My Responsibility: Insights for Conscious Living.
In the Living Alone series, you can read my insights for meeting that challenge.
The Sharing The Journey Coloring Books and Journals give you an insight into my artistic side.
In the Everyday Business Skills books, I introduce you to the skills I’ve used throughout my working life.
The New Girlfriend, a romantic story of transition, is a story I wrote between crimes.
My insights come from being a parent, living in a relationship, working as a teacher, an insurance agent, a banker and a public servant, reading a lot of books, being curious and meditating.
Check out my blog at, where you can join my Crime Readers Group and download a free copy of Deadly Sands or subscribe to my insights from a crime writing reluctant mystic newsletter and download a free copy of A Question of Perspective.

Contemporary, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Police Procedurals, Romance

The New Girlfriend

For reasons known only to science, there are men who believe they can’t live without a woman in their lives. Dave Chambers is one of them. Unfortunately for Dave, the woman in his life dies on him. The New Girlfriend is Dave’s story of how he copes with that unexpected and poorly timed death, and meets ‘the new girlfriend’. As any man can tell you, finding a new girlfriend is not as easy as it sounds when his friends, usually in a pub somewhere, are encouraging him to get out and meet someone new. Like most love stories, Dave’s experience of ‘the new girlfriend’ is not all smooth sailing. It has some heartache, some funny moments, and a promising ending. If you enjoy a light hearted look at life, even at some of its darker moments, you’ll enjoy The New Girlfriend.

After (Inspector West)

Mysterious death reveals her secrets. Inspector West investigates the murder of school teacher, Josie Ford. Her husband faces impacts beyond grief as Josie’s secrets are revealed. If you like mystery mixed with suspense, you’ll probably love the intrigue and surprise in Peter Mulraney’s debut murder mystery: After. Grab a copy today.

Whistleblower (Inspector West Book 4)

A whistleblower exposes other people's secrets. Death exposes the secrets of all, including a whistleblower's. Inspector West investigates the death of a public service whistleblower, and discovers the whistleblower has a few secrets of his own. If you like murder mixed with mystery, and a story full of twists and surprises, you'll enjoy Peter Mulraney's Whistleblower, the fourth book in his Inspector West series.

Holy Death (Inspector West Book 3)

Murder. Arson. Revenge. Detective Inspector West investigates the grisly deaths of two elderly priests: one in a suspicious fire; the other obviously murdered. The inspector is not the only one hunting the priest killer. If you like murder mixed with mystery and conflict, you'll probably love the suspense and intrigue in Peter Mulraney's Holy Death, the third book in his Inspector West series.

The Holiday (Inspector West Book 2)

Murder. Kidnap. Redemption. Inspector Carl West investigates the murder of seventy-five year old Kieran Moore and the disappearance of his ten year old great-grandson, Toby, after the pair secretly steal away for a holiday weekend. If you like mystery mixed with intrigue, you'll probably love the twists and surprises in The Holiday, the second book in Peter Mulraney's Inspector West series. Grab a copy today.

The Identity Thief (Stella Bruno Investigates Book 1)

Murder, mystery, and a little intrigue. Detective Sergeant Stella Bruno investigates the murder of ‘nice guy’ Bob Cunningham and discovers he wasn’t who he claimed to be. To solve this one, Stella not only has to work out who the victim was, she also needs to find out why he was pretending to be someone else. And, there’s the distraction of Shaun Porter, the new man from Public Prosecutions, who walks into her life. If you enjoy a good murder mystery with a little intrigue, you’ll love this quick read from Peter Mulraney’s new series.

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