Reece Pocock

Reece Pocock

Adelaide, South Australia

Reece Pocock is from Adelaide, South Australia. He writes crime/thrillers, historical fiction, children’s stories, short stories, personal development books, screenplays and stage plays.
After years in the Army, Reece enjoyed a business career in sales and management. He was instrumental in introducing the Bobcat skid steer loader to the South Australian market—this was one of the highlights of this career.
He studied from 2000 to 2003 to obtain his Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing). This experience had a profound influence on his life, opening up many opportunities and proved life changing.
History as a Writer
Reece had about sixty articles published in, TheCheers online magazine. This website also published twelve of Reece’s short stories.
Two short stories, The Girl in the Red Beret, and What a Dirty Little Town was included in an anthology—The Killing Words—published by Crime-writers SA.
Reece won the City of Burnside Library crime short story contest, with his story, The Girl in the Red Beret. His screenplay, The Soldiers, adapted from his novel of the same name, was highly commended in the Di Cranston award administered by the Fellowship of Australian Writers. The Ned Kelly writing award long listed, Murder on Display and The Politics of Murder.
Reece's first crime novel, Murder on Display, was published by Custom Book Publications in November 2012 and the same publisher published his second novel the Politics of Murder in September 2014. He has self-published Evil in the City, a book of crime short stories, Love and War, war-related short stories. Melissa Lane, girl detective a children’s story about missing lunch money, Sarah Loves ice cream a children’s story about a girl’s obsession with ice cream, How to achieve High Self-esteem, a self-improvement book. Refugee, a historical family Saga. He also writes articles, mainly for business.
Reece Pocock loves to read and after many years discovered he could write. He has published crime, children, history, short stories. He has also written screenplays and plays receiving an award for a screenplay. He lives with his wife and enjoys his family especially his three beautiful granddaughters.

Crime, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thriller & Suspense


The Politics of Murder is a story of the greed inherent in man and his disregard for the consequences. While scientists developed the nuclear fuel, they failed to produce a safe waste storage system. When a clandestine facility is built in Western Australia, an equally secret mercenary force is set up without the knowledge of the Government. Dan Brennan and Mac McLean are back again in this exciting yet challenging thriller of thrillers. Instead of a simple case of murder, the two detectives find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that extends up the line of command to the very top. When an assassination team is sent to execute them, it can only mean one thing… the Prime Minister himself has betrayed them.


As soon as the Flynn brothers lifted their Glocks, Dan was in trouble. Silence descended like a cloak of doom. No confusion crossed his mind... it was clear he would die in the next few seconds. In all his years of facing danger, he often wondered how he would react when faced with imminent death. He was about to find out. He hurled the contents of the pepper shaker into their eyes. The brothers grabbed at their faces. Dan lifted the table in front of him, and charged. Crockery, eating utensils, the bottle of wine, and a vase filled with flowers crashed onto the floor as Dan morphed into a one man wrecking crew. Gunshots... searing pain in Dan’s ribs stopped him, but only for a moment. One brother collapsed under the timber tabletop; the other fired. Dan heard a cry behind him as he whirled in a circle – his karate kick smashed into the gunman’s face and sent him flying across the floor. The gun slid out of reach. Stomach pain burned and registered in Dan’s brain, but somehow he pushed the hurt away. With one brother disarmed, he turned his attention to the one who fired into the obstruction on top of him. Bullets crashed through the timber. Dan wrenched the table away, and kicked the gunman in the face. They wrestled with the gun until turned, it fired into Flynn’s chest. Dan jumped up and held the smoking weapon in his hand. One down... the other gunman moved towards his weapon. Dan shot him. Blood saturated Dan’s shirt and dripped onto the floor. Now pain grabbed at his bloodied stomach. A fractured rib moved. Something warm and bubbly formed in his mouth and forced him to spit; a red glob broke up on the floor. His vision blurred, blood bubbled from his mouth making it difficult to breathe. He crawled to Diane, who lay on the floor in a pool of blood. He felt for her pulse. None... too late. He wiped at his lips, and pulled his wife to him and buried his face on her chest. Their blood mixed as if they were destined to be together, even in death.

Evil in the City: Engaging Set of Short Stories

Reece Pocock, crime writer, said Boris of Adelaide - has great insight into human affairs and a powerful imagination, and in this engaging set of short stories he turns his observant eye on many facets of human behaviour. A man attempts to escape from his paedophile father in the only way he knows how; the victim of a frame-up wreaks an Old Testament revenge; two cops make the mistake of their lives; a killer’s manic behaviour has consequences for an innocent youth; a woman is unexpectedly saved from sudden death; a young man finds a way back to his father after a period of alienation; a wronged man discovers that revenge has its own consequences; a private eye in the Sam Spade mode unsuccessfully tries to outsmart a wily client; a man loses self-control; true love succeeds in conquering all; a married couple finally share a guilty secret long unrevealed between them; children learn not to judge a book by its cover; one young man’s misinterpretation of a scenario has terrible consequences for another; a man finds himself outplayed by a woman with dreams of a happy marriage; two farmers drolly discover the unremitting cycle of country life. Pocock writes with wit and compassion and his stories flow effortlessly. Evil in the City, is made up of 14 short stories, most are about crime, but not all. The Girl in the Red Beret, won the Burnside short story contest, - a man is inadequate with women who can’t understand why the girls he admires end up dead. What a Dirty Little Town - conveys the story of Luke who returns after being jailed for 15 years for a crime he did not commit. He immediately sets out to clear his name. Disposable - is about a killer who must decide what to do with a dead body. Last number Redial - a child must save his mother after she has fallen and hit her head. My Father - a university student becomes embroiled in controversy and can’t find his way through until his father rescues him. The Classy Dame - the attractive woman asks private detective Spike Mallet to find her sister. But this classy dame is not telling the whole story. There are many more stories with twists to entertain the reader.

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