Rosaleen Love

Rosaleen Love

Melbourne, Victoria

Rosaleen Love (born 1940) is an Australian science journalist and writer. She has a PhD in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Melbourne. She has written works on the Great Barrier Reef and other science or conservation topics. She has also written science fiction, which has been noted for her use of irony and feminism. She has been nominated for the Ditmar Award six times, and won the Chandler Award in 2009.

Anthologies, Fantasy, Hard Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Traveling Tide (Conversation Pieces Book 5)

An original collection of seven short stories. Rosaleen Love's stories fairly dance and sing their way along the page, whether the scene is music itself, as in the tale she tells of driving her cousin Bridie, an Australian musicologist and jazz pianist, on a pilgrimage to the source of her music in the US South, or the vast vistas of geological time, or even the arcane science of therolinguistics as it deconstructs the "c(h)oral songs" that are a "series of texts written by air in water." Carmel Bird writes of the final story in the volume, "Once Giants Roamed the Earth": "This story is informed with deep concern for beauty of the earth and speaks urgently for respect and dignity. There is an air of menace and yet a pervasive hum of hope. The writing is firm, confident, and compelling." "Once Giants Roamed the Earth" is a winner of the 2005 Aurealis Award.

The Total Devotion Machine and Other Stories (Twelfth Planet Press Classic Reprints)

Published in 1989 by the Women's Press, The Total Devotion Machine and Other Stories was Rosaleen Love's second short story collection. The title story was later reprinted in Gerrand's The Best Science Fiction Writing: A Fifty Year Collection. Aurealis Award winner, twice longlisted for the Tiptree Jr longlist and winner of the A Bertram Chandler Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in Australian SF, Love is one of Australia's masters of SF short story writing. The Total Devotion Machine and Other Stories is the first book in Twelfth Planet Press' new Classic Reprints ebooks line which brings back into print titles we believe deserve fresh life. Excerpts They will talk about us as once we talked about the dinosaurs. ‘Their brains were too small for their huge bodies,’ they will say, nodding wisely to each other. One day we shall be food for alien thought. - from "Tremendous Potential for Tourism" I heard a scientist on the radio, scoffing at the way the research grants went that year. ‘This bunch of sociologists!’ he said. ‘They get a grant for doing research on housework! While real science, physics and chemistry, is starved for funds. It’s outrageous!’ I bet he never does any housework. I feel it, in my bones. - from "The Children Don't Leave Home Any More" Miss Lovell imposed some conditions on her visitors. ‘It is a sea serpent of a gentle disposition. I do not wish it to be cut up for soup.’ ‘Of course not,’ said Ramsay. ‘It will be cut up for science.’ - from "The Sea Serpent Snake" The children don’t leave home any more. They stay on and expect to be loved, once they are well into the age of reason. They may make various attempts at escape, smiling and waving with joy the first time they take off, butterflies from the cocoon. Six months later back they come, bringing their live-in lovers and their dogs. I wake in the morning and I find strange bodies on the floor of my house, people I have yet to meet over morning coffee. They lie curled up in sleeping bags or on the couch, back to the womb, my womb, though I cannot recollect I ever gave them birth. They are warm and comfortable, and sheltered, and my children’s friends. - from "The Children Don't Leave Home Any More"

Evolution Annie and Other Stories

Call me Evolution Annie. Come listen to my tale. Let me tell you the story of our beginnings... "When we first fell out of the trees there was great consternation. 'This is it,' said Father. 'This is a sign from above that we must embark upon a long and dangerous journey.' 'That's a good idea,' Mother agreed. 'Why don't you and the boys go off and do all that, and we'll sit here...' While the boys battled, Mother just sat underneath a tree. She taught us all she knew...' A sparkling collection of humorous stories and subversive tales, Evolution Annie and Other Stories breaks the boundaries of realistic fiction, taking us on bizarre travels to strange new places and different times.

Secret Lives of Books

Secret lives, replete with possibilities. Elsewhere exists as a better place, in a better time, for a better life. The trick is how to get there from here. These stories give the answers. Share in the secret lives of books. Fly to Mars, the first stage, perhaps, in the onward journey to elsewhere. Hear the music of the heavenly spheres and be forever changed, providing the bad guys don’t hear it first. Discover Gaia may not be quite what we think she is. Discover the universe is a rather big place. Embrace Utopia for women too, if only …

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