S. A. Tawks

S. A. Tawks

Brisbane, Queensland

S. A. Tawks is a grandmother and retired teacher from Queensland, Australia. She enjoys gardening, travelling and anything creative. Her works include The Spirit Series and the crime novels Mule, Misadventurous & Hacks.

Action & Adventure, Adventure, Fantasy, Genetic Engineering, Magical Realism, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Spirit of Imagination (The Spirit Series Book 1)

What if you could bottle creative juices? Emily Rainn is seeking employment. A career would be ideal but any job will suffice. She desperately wants a position that can transform her unutilised time into currency. Progressing to the next stage of one of her many job applications, Emily meets bestselling author John Crawford and the bygone writer offers her an opportunity far greater than any ordinary job or career. Join Emily as she is introduced to the secret world of imagination and meet the men and women with differing ideas concerning the proper use of the spirit of imagination. Has Emily been introduced to a marvellous, magical world or has she entered into something that is beyond her wildest imaginings? Suspend disbelief and indulge yourself with a taste of The Spirit of Imagination.

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