Sage Nottley

Sage Nottley

Newcastle, New South Wales

I live in Newcastle, Australia and loves spending time in the Australian bushland. My stories are inspired by Australian legends and stories as well as by her own adventures.

My kids always want to hear what I am writing. They often come and find me late at night demanding to know more. I can't keep a straight face reading some parts to them - especially romance. So sometimes I leave bits out when I read it to them... they are the reason my stories are basically PG rated!

Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

In deep

A driller mysteriously drowns in the river at the sleepy town of Katari. Jessica O’Neill is called in to investigate, finding a town full of tension, superstition and mystery. Jessica's focus is soon diverted by the town’s mysterious yet alluring sheriff, Sam Worthing. Jessica also carries a dark secret and must face her own past before she can move forward.

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