Shane Maloney

Shane Maloney

Melbourne, Victoria

Shane Maloney (born 1953) is one of Australia's most popular novelists. His award-winning Murray Whelan series is characterised by a strong sense of humour and an acute eye for Melbourne's political and cultural nuances. Telemovies of Stiff and The Brush-Off starring David Wenham were broadcast in 2004. The next Murray Whelan novel, Sucked In, is due for release mid 2007.
Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement Award, 2009.

Crime, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Spies & Politics, Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

Stiff (Murray Whelan Novels)

True believer Murray Whelan makes his debut in Shane Maloney's first thriller set among the ethnic feuds, union machinations and sexual politics of his city's working class heartland. The fiddle at the Pacific Pastoral meat-packing works was a nice little earner for all concerned until Herb Gardiner reported finding a body in number 3 chiller. Enter Murray Whelan, minder, fixer and general dogsbody for the Minister of Industry. Between playing off party factions and pursuing the kohl-eyed Ayisha, it's all in a day's work for Murray to hose down the situation at Pacific Pastoral. Then the lairy V8 turns up. And after that, it gets personal. Because don't you just hate it when somebody tries to kill you and you don't know who or why?

The Brush-Off (Murray Whelan Novels)

Winner of the Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction, this is the second Murray Whelan adventure. Murray Whelan, political minder, is world-weary, terminally horny and addicted to cigarettes. On a sultry Melbourne summer night, while Murray is in the Botanic Gardens tasting Salina Fleet's apricot lips, a dead artist is being fished from the ornamental moat outside the art gallery. Whelan goes looking for the big picture among the culture vultures of Melbourne's art world and quickly learns there is nothing abstract about a loaded gun.

Nice Try (Murray Whelan Novels)

The Third Murray Whelan Adventure When Murray Whelan, lovelorn political minder and part-time fitness fanatic, is recruited to massage Australia's bid for the Olympics he has no idea how tough the going will get. Not even the sight of the gorgeous Holly Deloite in her taut blue leotard at the City Club can stop him diving head first into trouble. And, when the death of the young Aboriginal athlete Darcy Anderson proves that murder is a contact sport, Murray is soon breaking all the rules. Mixing it with a savvy black activist, a body-building psychopath and the enigmatic Dr Phillipa Knox, Murray jumps the gun every time.

The Big Ask (Murray Whelan Novels)

The fourth Murray Whelan adventure. Murray is in serious trouble. With a disastrous election result looming, his days as a political minder seem numbered. But when his boss Angelo Agnelli picks a fight with the trucking industry and Murray finds himself on the receiving end of a fist at a city nightclub, his employment prospects are the least of his problems. And that's before he finds himself in the back of a truck at the fruit and vegetable market at five in the morning, sampling Heather Maitland's melons. With a runaway son on his hands, the police at his heels and a gun buried in the backyard, Murray faces his toughest test yet.

Something Fishy (Murray Whelan Novels)

The fifth Murray Whelan adventure. Even in the political wilderness, hope springs eternal for the Honourable Murray Whelan MP. He has found true love, with the salty-tongued Lyndal Luscombe, and there is a baby on the way. But dreams of domestic bliss are shattered when a jail fugitive kills his beloved, then eludes recapture. Obsessed and bitter, Murray refuses to let the matter lie. When a chance encounter at a beach resort sets him on the killer's trail, he finds himself in very deep water indeed. In a world of abalone poaching, shady restaurateurs, tree-hugging ferals and teenage romance, you can depend on Murray Whelan to stumble upon Something Fishy.

Sucked In (Murray Whelan Novels)

Murray Whelan's sixth adventure. Now pushing fifty, Murray is spinning his wheels in Parliament: a toothless cog in a stalled political machine. The millennium is coming but the prospect of Labor regaining power is utterly remote. But when the remains of a long-dead union official are found in dried-up Lake Nillahcootie, Murray soon gets sucked into murky waters. For a start, it seems that his old mate Charlie Talbot was implicated. But Charlie has just dropped dead of a coronary occlusion in the dining room of the Mildura Grand Hotel, leaving a grieving widow and a lot of unanswered questions. The press is sniffing around and Labor's enemies are lining up for a free kick. And then there's the blackmail attempt. And as if that wasn't enough there's an ALP preselection brawl arcing up.

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