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Valerie Parv

Tamarama, New South Wales

Valerie Parv
About the Author

International best-selling author, Valerie Parv, has sold more than thirty-four million copies of her books. They have been widely translated, including into manga, and are now available as ebooks. You can join her exciting sci-fi journey with BEACON 1, 2 and 3 plus two related novellas out now from Momentum Books.

Valerie was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for significant service to the arts as a prolific author and mentor to new writers. She was awarded the Australian Society of Authors' ASA Medal for her contributions to Australian writing and literary culture, and is the only Australian author to receive a Pioneer Award from RT Book Reviews, New York. She also proudly serves as an Australia Day Ambassador on her country's national day.

Valerie loves stretching her writing wings and has written over 90 novels and non-fiction titles, dozens of short stories in major magazines, and has a movie script currently in preproduction.

She has set a number of books in her fictional island kingdom of Carramer, the backdrop for BEACON BIRTHRIGHT, featuring what fantasy author, Erica Hayes calls, "aliens and evil astronauts".

The State Library of New South Wales collects Valerie's literary papers, and she was
described by New Woman magazine as "One of the planet's most widely read romance fiction writers."

Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

Flight of Fancy

A romance novel.

Tall Dark Stranger

The fortune teller made a disturbing prediction for Lorinda. "You will meet a tall dark stranger who will take from you something you value"

Leopard Tree (Silhouette Romance)

STARMAN... A UFO! After years of being a member of the UFO Society, Tanith Page had finally sighted one for herself on a drive to her country property in North Queensland, Australia. But what really gave her a start was the mysterious man who'd appeared out of nowhere.... Decker--as he called himself--did have great knowledge of the stars--but he was far from alien. Tanith knew his kindness and gentle strength were purely human. She felt herself falling for Decker, but she needed some answers.... Who was he, really?

Sapphire Nights

The island provided much-needed solitude In their villa on the Great Barrier Reef, Belle worked to establish herself as a writer, determined to emerge from the shadow of her famous father. Then unexpectedly Rex Marron arrived. A protege of her father's, he expected to be alone there to lick his wounds following a costly palimony suit. But Belle saw his arrival as a chance for revenge against the handsome man who'd once humiliated her. Her plans went madly astray when she realized her teenage crush had developed into the full-fledged feelings of a woman. And according to Rex, he was now only interested in "one-night stands."

Tasmanian Devil

Evelyn was beginning to feel her life was useless, and trying to talk her father into giving her a proper job in the family company was a waste of effort. But she had to try once more, and was stunned when he offered a compromise. If Evelyn could fend for herself, without help, on Frere Island, off Tasmania, for one month, she could have a job. It came as a nasty shock that the only other cottage on the island was occupied - by Dane Balkan, penniless scientist. The disappointment was intense and Evelyn over-reacted - but Dane was one man she couldn't influence ...

Far From Over

Adrian Cole, her estranged husband, had been missing for six years. His reappearance had turned Jessie's world upside down. First she had to accept that Adrian was actually alive, then she had to deal with the realities of their former relationship. Jessie knew that there was no way she could keep him from coming back into her life-a life that now included her six-year old son, Sam.

Ask Me No Questions

Her husband had a lot to answer for. Adventurer Matt Holborn had been the most fascinating man Nikki had ever known. But he'd walked out on the eve of their honeymoon - or rather she'd ordered him out, never dreaming he'd take her at her word. Six years had passed. Nikki had found another man, a sensitive artist, who promised her security. Then Matt returned and ruined her plan to have their marriage dissolved. Their love was reawakened. Nikki felt it. But there were so many unanswered questions involving time and distance... and love.

Man Shy (Lythway Large Print Series)

It was to be the start of a new life. For alita, agreeing to her her friend Karen's farm secretarial agency in the Australian outback was the first step away from her past. She hoped to forget her regrettable marriage and perhaps find that not all men were brutish like her ex-husband, Steve. Yet at Karen's engagement party it was Alita's past experience that caused her to behave badly when she met Tagg Laskin. At least she'd never see him again, she told herself comfortingly. Then she learned that he owned the property, Mundoo Run, where she was to live and run the business!

Island of Dreams

Dream or deception? Men fall over themselves to be in Lisa Alexander's company. She can handle her boss, who clearly fancies her, but the persistent journalist who wants an exclusive on her famous relations is harder to deter. And then there is Harry Blake. She loved him five years ago, and now he is acting as her savior by offering her refuge on his private island. It's the island of her dreams, but is Harry after more from her than a rekindling of their past affair?

The Billionaire's Baby Chase (Mills & Boon M&B) (Fabulous Fathers, Book 50)

Billionaire James Langford had money, power, influence…but none of it mattered. Finding his missing child consumed his every waking thought. Because he needed to locate young Genevieve and claim her as his rightful heir…before time ran out. But when James finally found his precious daughter, she came with a strong-willed, beautiful guardian who proved to be a formidable rival. And with little time to spare, James knew that the alluring Zoe Holden would simply have to become his bride….

Boss Of Yarrakina

She should have told him the truth. Now it was too late. Joselin, for the sake of her aunt's health, had agreed to a fake engagement with Talan Devereaux. But there was no way she was going through with a wedding ceremony. Joselin's clever plan to avoid it, however, completely backfired when she belatedly discovered that a real marriage with Talan was exactly what she did want. For in spite of the mistrust and hostility between them, Talan made no secret that he wanted her. And Joselin couldn't deny that she was strangely attracted to him, too.

Snowy River Man

The High Country spelled danger Gemma Tate hired Robb Wetherill as her guide into the wild Australian bush. Despite the hardship he warned her to expect, she was determined to tackle the odds. Her search for a certain plane wreck was not only for her employer, Outback magazine. The real purpose was very personal -- and one that, if he knew it, would make her proud and rugged guide loathe her. As Robb watched Gemma suffer the arduous trek, he began to become suspicious-and more dangerous than the land .. . .

The Princess & The Masked Man: The Carramer Trust (Silhouette Romance)

SHE WAS A PRINCESS... And should get whatever she wanted, right? But Giselle de Marginy wanted to be Keeper of Merrisand Castle, and due to Carramer's laws, only marriage could earn her the title. Yet for the independent princess, wedded bliss held no appeal - until a masked ball brought her face-to-face with the most mesmerizing blue eyes she had ever seen... . IN SEARCH OF HER PRINCE Widowed single father Bryce Laws was surprised by Giselle's proposal. A marriage of convenience would secure her position and provide a mother for his young daughter. But could Bryce really wed the passionate princess in name only, when he wanted so much more?

The Art of Romance Writing: How to Create, Write, and Sell Your Contemporary Romance Novel

Romances account for almost half of the paperbacks sold in the world today and new writers are always needed to meet reader demand. Based on her ten years of experience and more than 30 novels, Valerie Parv has written a comprehensive guide for new writers contemplating reaching the lucrative romance market. Step-by-step, "The Art of Romance Writing" explains exactly what works, what doesn't and why. There are chapters on creating believable characters, writing dialogue, choosing settings, identifying workable conflicts and constructing effective plots. A plot chart is provided to show how to keep the story moving and there are detailed sections on marketing, including a directory of publishers and their requirements. And for anyone who has had a book rejected there is a checklist to help you pinpoint where you went wrong and how to get your book back on track.

Operation: Monarch (The Carramer Trust)

As security adviser to the monarch of Carramer, Serena Cordeaux was used to handling high-profile national threats. But after intercepting information that suggested Garth Remy--a sexy man from her past--was the true heir to the throne, she found herself guarding the one man who could rock the country's political foundation--and her own solitary, career-focused life. Former navy diver Garth Remy didn't need a baby-sitter, even if she was the model-stunning woman who'd haunted his dreams. He vowed to uncover the plot against the crown and prove once and for all he was no prince. But would spending so much time with Serena drive Garth toward the truth--or her bed?

Live to Tell (Code of the Outback)

Journalist Jo Francis suspected that someone was out to sabotage her survival assignment. She enlisted Blake Stirton's aid. She quickly tired of his me-Tarzan-you-Jo attitude, but she doubted she'd ever weary of the desire he stirred within her. Crocodile hunter Blake Stirton should have sent the sultry reporter back to the big city, yet one look at her and Blake knew he couldn't leave her to fend for herself, especially after he learned she was the key to finding his family's long-lost fortune.

Love Like Gold

Her past was about to catch up with her! The film industry had devastated Anne Fleming's life as a child. But she had come a long way since then, leaving her past well behind. Everything was threatened with exposure, though, when film director Tom Callander arrived on the scene. He was demanding her help, and she would have to give it—grudgingly—to keep her secret safe. She certainly didn't need to like the man, but the chemistry was hard to ignore….

Booties And The Beast (An Older Man)

"YOU'RE JOEL'S FATHER." For Sam Winton, Haley Glen's revelation was a sword through the heart. Sure, he and the pudgy bundle shared the same ebony hair, the same blue eyes, but Sam knew better than this mistress of deception that his bloodlines would course through no woman's baby…. Haley had infiltrated Sam's exclusive residence to make The Beast pay for rejecting her pregnant sister. She'd expected to meet a man of ice, but unexpectedly discovered a man of passion…and honor. Was it possible her sister had been mistaken, that Sam's denials were truth? Or had she not only fallen for the enemy, but for his lies…?

With a Little Help (Make Me a Match)

Raised in a family of physicians, chef Emma Jarrett has no interest in the long hours, large egos or constant on-call that come with a medical spouse. Thanks, but no thanks. Of course, that doesn't stop her matchmaking mother from parading a steady stream of eligible doctors in front of Emma. The latest is Nathan Hale—someone she shares a bit of history with. It was hard enough fighting temptation the first time. Does she really want a second dose of him? But when she needs his help…and he needs hers, can she really afford to turn him down? It may be that he's just what the doctor ordered!

Love Artist

SHE WOULD NEVER REPEAT HER MOTHER'S MISTAKE Her mother's life had been ruined by the irresponsible actions of her artist husband. Now Carrie faced a double threat --- the desire of her sister, Krys, to follow in their father's footsteps, and her own growing attraction to Roger Turkan, globe-trotting cartoonist. Roger was handsome, talented and adventurous, but he lived from hand-to-mouth. He didn't even have a home of his own. How could he give Carrie the love and security she so desperately needed?

Centrefold (Harlequin Romance, No. 2969)

It was all very well for Danni to help her twin Trina out of a tight spot, though blackmailed into it might have been a better word! But life became infinitely more complicated when she discovered she was meant to deceive Rowan Traynor - Trina's supposed boyfriend. It didn't take Rowan long to discover the switch. What surprised Danni was his reaction to the situation - not at all what she expected. Where would they go from here?

The Princess's Proposal

"My horse and my secret against your land." Princess Adrienne de Marigny had issued edicts before, but this one was different…and dangerous. Long before arrogant rancher Hugh Jordan had infiltrated her kingdom—and her fantasies—Adrienne had vowed to be a successful breeder of horses, using her prize stallion Carazzan. But Hugh desired to own Carazzan—and to bend the princess to his will. And the man had some bargaining power: her deeply held secret…and her soul-deep passion for him. Yet neither could foresee what events the princess's proposal would unleash…

How Do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways ... With these words from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's famous romantic sonnet to inspire them, twelve wonderful writers offer new and tantalising views on love and romance which will make your heart beat faster. This collection is like a box of chocolates - there's something delicious for everyone. From Valerie Parv's Never Too Late, featuring the gorgeously rugged Cade Thatcher, to Anita Bell's wickedly funny Killer Smile, and Anna Jacobs' poignant soldier-settler's tale A Much-Needed Wife, these stories and others by Anne-Maree Britton, Ann Charlton, Daphne Clair, Craig Cormick, Alexis Fleming, Alan Gold , AJ Macpherson, Judy Neumann and Sonny Whitelaw will engage your dreams and desires. Romance served with a twist of classic suspense or vampires, time-travelling or the erotic - this selection is a delight. These unique love stories are brought to you by some of Australia's top-selling and award-winning authors with international sales in the millions. How do I Love Thee appeals to that little bit of the romantic in us all.

A Royal Romance

Trapped—by a prince! Norah Kelsey had been duped. Duped into marrying a prince—His Royal Highness Prince Philippe Rasada, no less! There were, of course, worse things in life than marrying a prince—unless you didn't love him. And Norah was quite sure she didn't love Philippe—worse, she hardly knew him. So, how had Norah got herself into this mess? Well, that was a long story—but one thing was for sure: she had to get out of it, fast! Yet, escape from her "royal fiancé" wasn't going to be easy, because for some reason HRH Philippe was determined to keep her close….

Man Without A Past

Gaelle was the "victim" in a murder-mystery weekend at a hotel in Australia, just as the "crime" was about to be committed, she was rescued by a stranger, who hadn't realized it was a game

Birthright: Beacon 1

A threat beyond anything humanity has ever faced is racing toward our solar system. Will those who can stop it learn to work together before it's too late? Adam Desai is a self-made man. From humble and mysterious origins he has built a career as the director of a prestigious space center. He is also a man who knows right from wrong, and something about the impending launch of the shuttle Arrafin seems very wrong. Deputy Governor Shana Akers is used to handling high-stakes situations. But can she believe Adam's suspicions? The launch is worth millions to the local area, and she knows she's not always the most level-headed when it comes to Adam. On the day of the launch, Adam is confronted by a pair of mysterious visitors, and suddenly everything he has ever believed about himself must change. Faced with a danger that threatens the entire planet, Adam and Shana must find the strength to trust not only each other, but the visitors, whose unusual abilities defy explanation. Only united do they stand a chance of averting disaster, and their choices will set them on a path to reclaiming humanity's birthright. This thrilling story of aliens living among us is perfect for fans of A.G. Riddle, Rysa Walker and Linnea Sinclair.

Interrupted Lullaby (Intimate Moments, 1095)

A child taken from her loving arms too soon. So Tara McNiven swallowed her tears, bolstered her pride and vowed never to let Zeke Blaxland know about the family that might have been.... But when Zeke burst unexpectedly into her life once more, Tara could keep no secrets from this determined, mesmerizing man. For Zeke not only demanded her kiss, he demanded answers. And what he discovered filled Tara with a powerful hope. Zeke claimed their baby was still alive and only needed to be found. Now, as they searched side by side, she discovered the powerful truth: that she had never stopped loving Zeke, or dreaming of their future family....

Heir to Danger (Code of the Outback)

To escape an arranged marriage, princess Shara Najran fled the Australian Outback. Her plan: Expose her fiancé's plot against the king. But Shara hadn't counted on rugged ranger Tom McCullough. Tom knew he was no Prince Charming. Still, one taste of Shara's soft lips and he was in over his head. He could never let her marry a man who would hurt her. Yet the dark secrets in his past ensured she could never marry him....

Deadly Intent (Code of the Outback)

Fiery-tempered Ryan Smith had been the most difficult of Judy Logan's foster brothers--and the most riveting. Because with one heated glance, she'd known his interest in her was anything but brotherly. Then he ran away...leaving her adolescent heart shattered. Now all grown up and sexier than ever, Ryan was playing hero in Judy's hour of need. She knew he would help stop the men who wanted her farm foreclosed and her father dead--just as she knew he would leave once the situation was handled. So why were his strong arms and tantalizing kisses more tempting than ever?

The Princess and the Playboy

"Princess in Secret Love Tryst" Princess Talay Rasada's reputation was compromised the minute the newspapers carried the phoptograph of her kissing the rugged Australian, Jase Clendon. Outraged, he wondered if ithad been a desperate ploy to get him to leave her island. He wasn't about to let her intended husband's challenge drive him away—no matter what danger was involved. Talay feared what would happen if Jase won her heart. He couldn't want to marry such an inexperienced woman, and she shouldn't want to marry such a seductive playboy….

Prince's Bride-To-Be (The Carramer Crown) (Silhouette Romance, No. 1465)

She remembered vividly the day they were betrothed. Michael de Marigny had been a young version of the impressive prince he'd become. She'd listened raptly as the teenager enacted the ancient ceremony with her twin sister. Forever after, Caroline Temple had dreamed she was Michael's intended. And then she got her wish... — When Michael sent for his American "bride-to-be," her twin begged Caroline to assume her identity and end the engagement. But once Caroline encountered her dream man and his motherless child, she forgot why she'd come and why this man and baby weren't hers for the taking!

The Prince & The Marriage Pact (Silhouette Romance)

HE WAS A PRINCE Since Carramer law stated he must marry a princess or forfeit the throne, Prince Maxim de Marigny had avoided romantic entanglements. But then a chance encounter with a strikingly beautiful—and startlingly antiroyal—woman made him wonder if he was more man than monarch! WHO COULDN'T BE TEMPTED BY LOVE Annegret West was unimpressed with titled men and majestic trappings, but His Royal Heartthrob Prince Maxim made her jaded heart flutter! Yet despite her growing emotional attachment, marriage with Maxim wasn't in her future. How could Annegret expect Maxim to sacrifice his crown? If only she had been born royal….

Sister of the Bride

Deception…or desire? Terise O'Neill has a goal—revenge for her stepsister Clair's unhappy marriage. She needs to get close to Ryan Westmore, and a job in his home—as nanny to his and Clair's twin girls—provides her with the ideal opportunity. Close proximity to Ryan, however, reveals a very different man from the one Clair had portrayed. With thoughts of revenge fast receding, Terise is faced with a new challenge. How will Ryan react when he hears about her deception?

Flight of Fantasy

Dynamic, unfeeling and iron-willed… Slade Benedict was all those things—but given that he was also Eden Lyle's boss, she found it impossible to protest when he commandeered her holiday plans. But what she hadn't counted on was the disturbing attraction between them. Eden knew she must keep him at arm's length—not only to protect herself but also to keep him from discovering the secret of her past….

The Baron & The Bodyguard (Silhouette Romance)

Playing royal bodyguard to Mathiaz de Marigny, the seductive Baron Montravel, was a temptation few women could resist. But the moment he was out of harm's way, Jacinta Newnham had fled his chateau—and abandoned memories of moonlit nights that left them both weak with unfulfilled passion. Now stricken with amnesia and in danger once again, Mathiaz summoned Jacinta back to his side. Jacinta vowed to protect his life, but the greater peril was to her heart—and the haunting secret she could never reveal. When the truth surrounding Mathiaz's accident—and Jacinta's connection to it—surfaced, would he force her to leave, or refuse to let her go again…?

Outback Temptation

Wild at heart? "Don't even think about running away. We have an agreement and I intend to hold you to it." Stuck in the Australian outback, Jill knew that Bryan McKinley intended that she should pay for her mistake—in full! But how could she refuse him? If only for her brother's sake, she would have to go along with Bryan's plans and hope that she could keep her feelings for him strictly under control! After all, what other choice was there when he was already committed to someone else?

Royal Spy (Romancing the Crown)

PRINCESS'S SECRET PASSION REVEALED! Tamiri princess caught with a handsome commoner—or is he? Princess Nadia Kamal was preparing to marry the man her father had chosen. Then mysterious Gage Weston appeared. The bold so-called diplomat forced her to face her most secret passions and showed her that a woman must fulfill her heart's desires. Gage's smooth confidence hid the most important mission of his life: investigating Nadia's fiancé—and Nadia—as possible traitors. Then the spy's suspicion turned to blazing desire. The solution? Woo the princess without exposing his own royal roots…or losing his heart…

The Viscount & The Virgin (Silhouette Romance)

SHE WAS A VIRGIN Kirsten Bond was a mother by virtue of adopting her late sister's child. No one knew Jeffrey wasn't really hers and she vowed never to reveal that his father was actually Rowe Sevrin, Viscount Aragon. But then she was assigned to work with the handsome viscount and she found herself falling for the enemy…. AND A MOTHER Rowe was puzzled by the flame-haired beauty's mixture of innocence and passion. As a mother, how could she be as inexperienced as she seemed? Nor could he deny the bond that immediately formed between him and Jeffrey—or his striking resemblance to the boy. Still, Rowe knew he never could have forgotten a woman like Kirsten…or could he?

A Reluctant Attraction

"This is kidnapping. You won't get away with it!" Linden was outraged! Not only did Steed Dare believe her to be a heartless gold digger, he was convinced she planned to interfere with his favorite cousin's wedding—and was determined to stop her! But wasn't holding her captive on his island rather drastic? The trouble was, in the beautiful surroundings of a tropical paradise, Linden found herself growing increasingly aware of Steed's masterful, dauntingly masculine charm. He'd managed to abduct her—could he hijack her heart, as well…?

P.S. I Love You (Sealed with a Kiss)

It's Important You Read This Letter! Dear Mr. Branden, I'm sure you receive thousands of letters, but this one is different, so please, please read on…. How Penny wished her young niece had never written that desperate plea! For, with a cruel twist of fate, it brought Reid Branden back into her life… Years ago, the loss of his love and his trust had bruised her tender heart, but the memory of his kisses still lingered. Confronted with his powerful charisma a second time, could Pennny hold on to the lessons of the past?

Desert Justice (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

Businesswoman Simone Hayes traveled to the exotic land of Nazaar to search for family. But instead of having the idyllic vacation she'd hoped for, she witnessed a murder that had far-reaching political implications. To escape with her life, Simone needed the protection of Nazaar's most powerful man...the sheik. Accustomed to wielding his authority, Sheik Markaz al Nazaari had traits that clashed against Simone's Western independence. But while Simone and Markaz came from two different worlds, they shared one common passion: each other. And with an attraction this intense, would boundaries or borders keep them apart?

Code Name: Prince (Harlequin Treasury)

Innocent Meagan Moore had never intended to get caught up in her brother's plot to overthrow the Edenbourg throne, or fall for the man thought to be the enigmatic Prince Nicholas. But involved she was—in the plot and with gorgeous Benjamin Lockhart. Meagan admired the courageous lieutenant for going undercover to protect the royal family, but with the truth revealed, danger lurked wherever the pair went. Now, faced with the consequences of following her heart, Meagan was torn between devotion to her family and love for her very own Prince Charming….

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