Joel Shepherd

Joel Shepherd

Adelaide, South Australia

oel Shepherd is the author of 14 Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, including 'The Cassandra Kresnov Series' and 'A Trial of Blood and Steel'. He lives in Australia, has a degree in International Relations, and is a keen cyclist and traveler.

His books have been published in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Poland and now Germany, where the Cassandra Kresnov series has been published by Fischer Tor as 'Die Androidin'.

Fantasy, Hard Science Fiction, Military, Science Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Space Opera

Drysine Legacy: (The Spiral Wars Book 2)

The legendary battle-carrier UFS Phoenix is on the run in Outer Neutral Space. Lieutenant Commander Erik Debogande and Major Trace Thakur are determined to use neutral territory to broker a peace between humanity’s warring factions, away from Fleet’s strong arm. But as machinations in Fleet Command send a legendary warrior from Trace’s past on a sworn path to kill her, there arises in the territory of an insectoid foe an ancient enemy from the nightmares of Spiral history, bent on Phoenix’s destruction…

Renegade: (The Spiral Wars Book 1)

AUREALIS AWARD FINALIST; Best SF Novel of 2015 One thousand years after Earth was destroyed in an unprovoked attack, humanity has emerged victorious from a series of terrible wars to assure its place in the galaxy. But during celebrations on humanity’s new Homeworld, the legendary Captain Pantillo of the battle carrier Phoenix is court-martialed then killed, and his deputy, Lieutenant Commander Erik Debogande, the heir to humanity’s most powerful industrial family, is framed with his murder. Assisted by Phoenix’s marine commander Trace Thakur, Erik and Phoenix are forced to go on the run, as they seek to unravel the conspiracy behind their Captain’s demise, pursued to the death by their own Fleet. What they discover, about the truth behind the wars and the nature of humanity’s ancient alien allies, will shake the sentient galaxy to its core.

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